World Tourism Day - 27 September ✈️

“Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta “When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money.” – Susan Heller INTRODUCTION This week's 'CST Friendship Group' was 'Travel Plans', as 'World Tourism Day' is on 27th September. We did a round of introductions, stating what our favourite 'Staycation' would be in the UK, given the current travel restrictions.

We also asked what is members' favourite mode of transport, or the best journey they have ever undertaken.

We asked members to come prepared with a favourite holiday photo, or indeed an old passport photograph, to show the group - just for fun!


As usual, we completed these phrases together ...

We are all of us in the same - BOAT

Let the train take the - STRAIN

Jump on the band - WAGON

Train of - THOUGHT

Put the brakes - ON

A bicycle built for - TWO

At a cross - ROADS

In the driver's - SEAT

Back seat - DRIVER

That ship has - SAILED

Travelling - LIGHT

Hit the road - JACK

Off the beaten - PATH

Get a move - ON

Whatever floats your - BOAT

All hands on - DECK

Put the cart before the - HORSE


Full steam - AHEAD

Like ships that pass in the - NIGHT

Middle of the -ROAD

My way or the - HIGHWAY

Fallen off the back of a - LORRY

Road - RAGE

These boots are make for - WALKING

King of the - ROAD

Planes, trains and - AUTOMOBILES


(Give lots of clues and first names to help members out if stuck!)

(Encourage story telling and reminiscences.)


What do these symbols signify?

1. You might look for one of these places to stay if backpacking?

2. You might look for one of these places if visiting a new town?

3. Think stately home

4. You might see this sign when visiting a Welsh castle

5. You might look for one of these signs if looking to have lunch

6. A sign you would look for if needing another kind of break

7. If you were sleeping under canvas, you might look for this sign

8. SONG. ‘Camp Granada’, Alan Sherman -

Name the holiday camp in the TV comedy series ‘Hi Di Hi’?


9. Whale Watching

What is the proper name for a killer whale?

10. Ice Hotel

Name some winter Olympic sports you might do on ice? 

11. Northern Lights

What is their proper name?

12. Great Barrier Reef

This is largely made of which substance?

13. Ayers Rock or Uluru

This is important to which native culture?

14. Grand Canyon

What is the name of the river which carved it?

15. Niagara Falls

What is the name of the boat that goes into the spray?

16. SONG. ‘Sailing’, Rod Stewart -

What do you call a two hulled yacht?


17. 'Death On The Nile'

Name the author?

Which actors are pictured here, from the 1978 film version?

18. 'Around The World In Eighty Days'

Name the author?

Name the main character?

19. 'Gulliver's Travels' (An abandoned Japanese tourist theme park is pictured here!)

Name the author?

What were the little people called?

20. 'The Time Machine' (Rod Taylor starred in the 1960 movie)

Name the author?

Name the futuristic civilisations at war?

21. Titanic

Where was it travelling to and from on its maiden and final voyage in April 1912?

22. Hindenburg Disaster 6th May 1937

Which gas resulted in the explosion?

23. 'Murder On The Orient Express'

Name the detective?

Who played him in the 2017 remake (on the left)?

24. SONG. 'Summer Holiday', Cliff Richard -

Complete these Cliff Richard song titles?

- 'Devil *****'

- 'Miss You ******'

- 'We Don't Talk *** ****'

- 'Living ****'

- 'Mistletoe And *****'


Award a bonus point for every place I've missed that members can think of

25. Name the place?

What is the name of the holy island just off the coast, and who lives there?

26. Name the place?

Which TV thriller was filmed here?

27. Name the place?

What was it built inside?

28. Name the place?

Nearest guess. How long does it take to go round?

29. Name the place?

What is the highest mountain in the UK?

30. Name the place?

How did they bring supplies and catches up into the village from the harbour?

31. Name the place?

What priceless items are kept here?

32. Name the place?

Where did the 'Blue Stones' come from? (They weigh between 2-5 tons each, so discuss how they got them here!)

33. Name the place?

Are the baths hot or cold?

34. Name the place?

Where is this place twinned with?

35. SONG. '500 Miles', The Proclaimers -

Nearest guess: How many miles are there between Land's End and John O'Groats?


Again, this round is a straightforward 'Name The Place'

Award a bonus point for every place I've missed that members can think of

36. Name the place?

Nearest guess. How long is it?

37. Name the place?

In which country is it?

38. Name the place?

Who used to fight here?

39. Name the place?

Who is sat on the bench?

40. Name the place?

In which city would you find it?

41. Name the place?

Why is she this colour?

42. Name the place?

Nearest guess. How many steps to the top?

43. Name the place?

What are the tourist boats called?

44. Name the place?

Who is the current Pope?

45. Name the place?

Which architect designed it?

46. SONG. 'Leaving On A Jet Plane', Peter, Paul & Mary -

Who wrote this song?


47. Name the TV presenter of 'The Cruise'?

48. Name the TV presenter of 'Wish You Were Here'?

49. Name these TV presenters of the 'Holiday' programme?

50. Name this TV presenter of 'Around The World In 80 Days'?

51. Name this TV presenter of 'Great British Railways Journeys'?