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This week's CST virtual 'Zoom Dementia Cafe' had an art appreciation theme. Members brought a photo of their favourite painting to the session, or something they themselves had created. This was a lovely way to introduce the session.

As usual, we used the 'screen share' feature to share photographs and music videos. Some quiz questions brought the session to life and made it more fun. Our 'virtual prize' was a 'Painting By Numbers' kit. (We also recommended the 'ColorPlanet: Oil Painting Game' app, which is available on both Android and ioS play stores.)


1. Identify the painting? - 'The Birth Of .....'

Which artist painted it? - Sandro B........

Which 1980s girl group had a hit record with a song named after this goddess? - B.......

2. Identify the painting? - 'O.....'

Which artist painted it? - John Everett M......

Which Shakespeare play featured this character? - H.....

3. Identify the painting? - 'The H......'

Which artist painted it? - John C........

Where is it set? - River S....

4. Identify the painting? - 'Le R...'

Which artist painted it? - Pablo P......

Which early style of painting is it? - C.....

5. Identify the painting? - 'Girl With The P.... E......'

Which artist painted it? - Johannes V......

What nationality is the person and artist? - D....

6. Identify the painting? - 'The S..... N....'

Which artist painted it? - Vincent V.. G...

Who sang a song about this painting? - D.. Mc....

SONG. Here is the song. The YouTube link includes lyrics, to enable a singalong -

7. Identify the painting? - 'The S.....'

Which artist painted it? - Edvard M....

Which city museum was it stolen from in 1994 and 2004? - O...

8. Identify the painting? - 'The F....... T........'

Which artist painted it? - JMW T.....

Which polymer bank note includes this painting on its reverse side? - £..

9. Identify the painting? - 'The W.... L... P...'

Which artist painted it? - Claude M....

Where did he paint all of the paintings in this series? - G......

10. Identify the painting? - 'The L... S.....'

Which artist painted it? - Leonardo D. V....

Who betrayed Jesus just after this meal? - J....

11. Identify the painting? - 'S...... M....'

Which artist painted it? - Leonardo D. V....

(Nearest guess) How much did it sell for in 2017 (making it the most valuable painting in the world)? - $

12. Identify the painting? - 'Going To T... M....'

Which artist painted it? - LS L....

Where did he paint all his paintings (the county)? - L.........

SONG. Here is a song about this artist. The YouTube link includes lyrics, to enable a singalong -

13. Identify the painting? - 'The C....... Of A...'

Which artist painted it? - M...........

Where would you find this painting? - The S...... C.....

Which TV arts show used this painting in its opening titles? - 'The S.... B... S...'

14. Identify the painting? - 'V........ M..'

Which artist painted it? - Leonardo D. V....

Which TV current affairs programme used this painting in its opening titles? - 'W.... I. A.....'

15. Identify the painting? - 'W.......'s M.....'

Which artist painted it? - James McNeil W.......

Who did this to the painting (see below) in a 1997 movie? - Mr B...

16. Identify the painting? - 'The P......... Of M.....'

Which artist painted it? - Salvador D...

Which director commissioned this artist to create imagery for the psychedelic dream sequence in the 1958 film 'Vertigo'? - A..... H.......

17. Identify the painting? - 'The M... L...'

Which artist painted it? - Leonardo D. V....

Which 2003 thriller by Dan Brown featured this painting and artist? - 'The D. V.... C...'

18. Identify the painting? - 'The B....'

Which artist painted it? - Marc C......

Which 1999 film had Julia Roberts' character give this painting to Hugh Grant's character? - 'N..... H...'

SONG. Here is a song from the film. The YouTube link includes lyrics, to enable a singalong -

19. Identify the artwork? - 'B...... G...'

Which artist painted it? - B.....

Where is he thought to live? - B......

20. Identify the painting? - 'B.....'

Which artist painted it? - Andy W.....

Which 1967 album featured this image on its cover? - 'The V..... U.......... & N...'

21. Identify the artwork? - 'M. B..'

Which artist created it? - Tracey E...

(Nearest guess) How much did it sell for in 2014? - £

22. Identify the artist and his little friend? - T... H... & M....

What was the name of the TV show? - 'T... H...'

'Aardman Animations' went on to create which series of movies? - 'W...... And G.....'

23. Identify the artists? - R... H......

What was his catchphrase? - 'Can ... ... .... .. .. ...?'

Which musical instrument did he advertise in the 1980s? - S........

24. Identify the artwork? - 'The Physical Impossibility Of Death In T.. M... O. S...... L.....'

Which artist created it? - Damien H....

What does he preserve his subjects in? - F...........

25. Identify the painting? - 'Luncheon Of The B...... P....''

Which artist painted it? - Pierre-Auguste R.....

What style is the painting in? - I............

SONG. Here is another song about painting. The YouTube link includes lyrics, to enable a singalong -

After this song, with bumping up scores in mind, we asked members to list as many different types of bread as they could.

SONG. We finished with this song, in the hope of some good weather -


1. 'The Birth Of Venus'

Sandro Boticelli


2. 'Ophelia'

John Everett Millais


3. 'The Haywain'

John Constable

River Stour, Essex & Suffolk border

4. 'Le Reve'

Pablo Picasso


5. 'Girl With The Pearl Earring'

Johannes Vermeer


6. 'The Starry Night'

Vincent Van Goch

Don McLean

7. 'The Scream'

Edvard Munch


8. 'The Fighting Temeraire'

JMW Turner


9. 'The Water Lily Pond'

Claude Monet

Giverny, France

10. 'The Last Supper'

Leonardo Da Vinci


11. 'Salvator Mundi' ('Saviour Of The World')

Leonardo Da Vinci


12. 'Going To The Match'

LS Lowry


13. 'The Creation Of Adam'


Sistine Chapel, Vatican City

'South Bank Show'

14. 'Vetruvian Man'

Leonardo Da Vinci

'World In Action'

15. 'Whistler's Mother'

James McNeil Whistler

'Mr Bean's Holiday' (Rowan Atkinson)

16. 'The Persistence Of Memory'

Salvador Dali

Alfred Hitchcock

17. 'Mona Lisa'

Leonardo Da Vinci

'The Da Vinci Code'

18. 'The Bride'

Marc Chagall

'Notting Hill'

19. 'Balloon Girl'



20. 'Banana'

Andy Warhol

'Velvet Underground & Nico'

21. 'My Bed'

Tracey Emin


22. Tony Hart & Morph

'Take Hart'

'Wallace And Gromit'

23. Rolf Harris

'Can you tell what it is yet?'


24. 'The Physical Impossibility Of Death In The Mind Of Someone Living'

Damien Hirst


25. 'Luncheon Of The Boating Party'

Pierre-Auguste Renoir


26. Breads include:


Whole wheat















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