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Person centred Snapshot Assessment

This page provides a Snapshot Assessment which is aimed to be completed by the person with dementia, with assistance from their supporter or friend as appropriate.

It is kept brief for ease of completion, but also to enable it to be printed off once completed and kept with the person. This will help inform cognitive stimulation therapy approaches, as well as inform care planning if the person is receiving support from services.

October 2023 Update 






















More detailed assessment - GETTING TO KNOW ME

Of course, some clients, carers and families may want to complete a more detailed person centred assessment, in the form of a Memory Diary or About Me Scrapbook, with lots of photos and mementos included. This should be encouraged, but perhaps suggest a master copy is kept safely at home.

Possible content of such a detailed assessment is as follows:



My parents 
My siblings
My childhood
My spouse/partner
My family including beloved pets
Good friends
Favourite places
Holidays enjoyed
Lifetime achievements

Hobbies and interests now

Unpleasant life events (so we know to avoid talking about them and how best to respond)



Where is home now
Who are you closest to now
Preferred foods
Preferred drinks
Luxury items - sweets, perfume/aftershave etc
How I like to dress/my style 
How I like to exercise/my activity level
Favourite music and artists
Favourite films or TV shows




Usual daytime routine (including time I like to get up and go to bed)
Things which help calm and reassure me
Things which can upset or anger me
Support I need with memory and orientation
Support I need with communication (including any communication aids)
Support I need with psychological or mental health issues
Support I need with behavioural issues
Support I need with self care (including any assistance required)
Support I need with eating and drinking (including any feeding aids)
Support I need with mobility (including any mobility aids)
Support I need with continence (including any continence aids)
Support I need with sleep or during the night-time 
Support I need with medical illness or disability issues

Signs that I may be in pain and how I like others to respond
Medication I take and support I need with taking it


Other support I need



Collection of favourite photos with captions (statement of meanings) and approx dates
Video clips


Collection of favourite music tracks that may help calm and reassure me
Collection of favourite music tracks that may energise and uplift me

Note here if you like to use an iPod or similar 
(Link to personalised Spotify and iTunes playlists)



Letters, cards and other mementos which have value or meaning to me

A Word copy of the 'Getting To Know Me: Personal Information Communication Form' is provided below, with the aim of it being amended and printed off for personal use.

If you need it another format, please drop me a line.


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