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World Circus Day 16th April 🤡 "The Greatest Show Of All"

This CST activities page celebrates 'World Circus Day', which is on 16th April each year. Essentially it is a reminiscence based music and picture quiz, based on the circuses which we may have visited in our childhoods. Just to note because of this animal circus performers are mentioned, though today the practice of training animals for the circus is thankfully a distant memory.

Ask members what circuses did they visit as children?

What was their favourite act?

What memories do they have about the noise, smell and images of the inside of the 'Big Top'?


Next ask members to complete these well known phrases together (by way of a shout out) ...



"I want to speak to the organ grinder, not the MONKEY!"


Tightrope WALKER


All the fun of the FAIR

"And now for something completely DIFFERENT!"

Balancing or juggling ACT


Tears of a CLOWN

Spit and SAWDUST

Crack the WHIP

Life is a juggling ACT

Keep all the plates SPINNING


Travelling CIRCUS


Grease PAINT


Circus RING

First song ...

'The Man On The Flying Trapeze'

Anyone fancy a go? With or without a net?

Has anyone done anything as or even more daring?


Round 1. Circus Acts

Name the circus act ...

SONG. 'Nellie The Elephant', Mandy Miller -

Do Indian elephants have smaller or larger ears?

What do members think about the removal of animal acts from circuses?

Round 2. Famous Performers

Name the famous performers (several are famous for other reasons that performing) ...

SONG. 'Tears Off A Clown', Smokey Robinson -

Which other song about crying (tears) did he have a hit with in 1975?

Round 3. TV & Movies

'At The Circus', 1939 - Name the Marx Brothers

'Dumbo', 1941 - What was the name of his mouse friend?

'The Greatest Show On Earth', 1952 - Who starred as the Circus Manager?

Which type of Circus featured on Michael Bentine's 'Potty Time'?

Name the members of TV's 'Monty Python's Flying Circus'?

'The Elephant Man', 1980 - Who starred as John Merrick?

'Poltergeist', 1982 - What was the name of his sister, who disappeared into the TV?

Who played the part of 'The Joker' in the 1989 movie 'Batman' and the original 1970s TV series?

'It', 1990 - What was the name of the clown?

'The Greatest Showman', 2017 - Who starred as P.T. Barnum?

'Moulin Rouge', 2001 - Which two actors sang their hearts out in this movie?

How many songs can you recognise in this 'Moulin Rouge' 'Love Song Medley'?

VIDEO BREAK - 'Official UK Tour Trailer' -

Who starred in the stage show and 1986 movie 'Barnum'?

Round 4. Master Of Disguise

Name these famous 'clowns' ...

SONG. 'Send In The Clowns', Judy Collins -

Which Joni Mitchell song did she have a hit with in 1967?

SONG. 'Cathy's Clown', The Everly Bros. -

What was their first UK number one in 1958?

- 'All I Have To Do Is ...' - Here it is -

SONG. 'Fool On The Hill', The Beatles -

Complete these other song titles from this album:

- 'Your Mother Should ...'

- 'Hello, ...'

- 'Penny ...'

- 'All You Need Is ...'

- 'I Am The ...'

- 'Strawberry Fields ...'

SONG. 'The Greatest Day', Take That -

Name the original members of 'Take That'?

- Gary ...

- Robbie ...

- Mark ...

- Howard ...

- Jason ...

For fans, here is their Greatest Hits 'Comic Relief Carpool Karaoke' -


SONG. 'This Is Me', Keala Settle - 


As this quiz has featured some elephants, I had to include this hilarious 'Blue Peter' clip to finish ..


Have some fun with a parachute and some soft balls or balloons. The last few tracks could be used as music to sing along and move the parachute with.

Perhaps members could wear a red nose?

Or you could try:

- Juggling Balls

- Hula Hoop

- Spinning (plastic) Plates

- or Walking The Tightrope (a chalk line on the floor).


Trapeze artist




Lion tamer

Fire eater

Sword swallower

Knife thrower

Horse acrobat

Tightrope walker

Elephant trainer


Indian elephants have smaller ears

Charlie Chaplin

Harry Houdini

Charlie Cairoli

Evil Knievel

Marcel Marceau

Debbie McGee & Paul Daniels

Penn & Teller

Ronald McDonald

Krusty The Clown ('The Simpsons')

Eddie Kidd

David Blaine

'Tracks Of My Tears'

Harpo, Groucho & Chico


Charlton Heston

Flea circus

Eric Idle, John Cleese, Michael Palin, Graham Chapman, Terry Jones & Terry Gilliam

John Hurt


Jack Nicholson & Cesar Romero


Hugh Jackman

Ewan McGregor & Nicole Kidman

'Your Song', Elton John, 'Heroes', David Bowie, 'Don't Leave Me This Way', Bronski Beat, 'I Was Made For Lovin' You', Kiss, 'One More Night', Phil Collins, 'Silly Love Songs', Wings, 'In The Name Of Love', U2, 'Up Where We Belong', Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes, 'All You Need Is Love', The Beatles & 'I Will Always Love You', Whitney Houston

Michael Crawford

Prince Harry

Morgan Freeman

Dustin Hoffman

George Clooney

Leonardo Di Caprio

Hugh Laurie

Rowan Atkinson

Robin Williams

Harrison Ford

Donald Trump

Boris Johnson

'Both Sides Now'

'All I Have To Do Is Dream'

- 'Your Mother Should KNOW'

- 'Hello, GOODBYE'

- 'Penny LANE'

- 'All You Need Is LOVE'

- 'I Am The WALRUS'

- 'Strawberry Fields FOREVER'



- Mark OWEN

- Howard DONALD

- Jason ORANGE


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