'International Children's Day' 👶 1st June

Here is a summer based CST activities page, based on children's toys and games. It can be used to help celebrate 'International Children's Day' on 1st June.

Start the session by asking what are members favourite or most remembered toys or games. Ask members to tell a story about their childhood involving play time.

Ask people to bring a piece of A4 paper to the session. During the group, ask members to make a paper aeroplane, which flies more than say 5 feet.

Also, ask members to bring a piece of string and together make a Cat's Cradle. Here is an instructive video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZM53k3pKCqg

Then complete the picture and music quiz together together. Here goes ...

(There is a lot of content here, so it might be wise to be selective with the questions or split the activity, depending on time available and concentration of members.)


Ask members to complete these well known phrases, by way of a shout out ...

Babe in the WOODS

Born with a silver spoon in your MOUTH

Blue eyed BOY

Boys will be BOYS

It's child's PLAY

Mummy's BOY

Daddy's GIRL

Chip off the old BLOCK

All work and no play makes Jack A DULL BOY

Children should be seen AND NOT HEARD

Don't throw the baby out with THE BATHWATER

Like father, LIKE SON

The apple doesn't fall far from the TREE

Never tell tales OUT OF SCHOOL

Spare the rod and spilt the CHILD

Like a kid in a candy SHOP

Wet behind the EARS

Monday's child is fair of FACE

Tuesday's child is full of GRACE

Wednesday's child is full of WOE

Thursday's child has far TO GO

Friday's child is loving and GIVING

Saturday's child works hard for its LIVING

And a child that's born on the Sabbath day Is fair and wise and GOOD AND GAY.

ROUND 1. Outdoor Games

Ask members to name the game.

For bonus points, ask members to describe how the game was played.












Do members remember old parks?

Apart from these rides, what else might you have found there?

The swing is missing ...

SONG BREAK - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJ90ZqH0PWI

ROUND 2. Name These Top Ten Toys

For each of these ten photos, ask members to write down (or shout out) the names of the toys.

Also which of them they actually owned.

Ask members how they would be used.











SONG BREAK - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jf9Wg2OkSbE

REMINISCENCE. Who still has their childhood Teddy? What is/was their name?

ROUND 3. Creative Games

There are some questions to go with the remaining photos ...

21. What is the biggest jigsaw, in terms of pieces, available today?

a. 4,200 pieces

b. 14,200 pieces

c. 42,000 pieces

22. What type of paints are used in 'Painting By Numbers'?

a. Oils

b. Watercolours

c. Acrylics

23. How would you erase an 'Etch A Sketch'?

a. Rub the screen with your finger

b. Turn it upside down and shake it

c. Turn it off and back on

24. What two ice cream flavours (fragrances) can you smell in 'Play Doh'?

a. Cherry & Vanilla

b. Custard & Banana

c. Chocolate & Cream

25. Which country was 'Lego' invented in? (The name comes from 'Leg Godt' / 'Play Well'.)

a. Denmark

b. Germany

c. Iceland

26. In a game of 'Spirograph', can you draw any straight lines?

a. Yes

b. No

27. What was this origami toy used for?

a. Fortune Telling

b. Love Messaging

c. A Quiz

28. Invented by Frank Hornby in Liverpool in the 1890s, 'Meccano' is a metal construction set. What other very popular games did he invent?

a. Trainsets & Dinky Toys

b. Ludo & Tiddlywinks

c. Tiny Tears & Cabbage Patch Doll

29. How much is this toy (with box) worth now?

a. £37.50

b. £375

c. £3,750

30. What is this game called?

a. Matchsticks

b. We All Fall Down

c. Jenga

SONG BREAK - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gntArSV4SoU

ROUND 4. Board Games

31. How much do you get for passing 'Go'?

32. Name the six character suspects?

33. What are the two most valuable tiles in a game of 'Scrabble'?

34. In a game of 'Subbuteo', how do you score a goal?

35. In a game of 'Snakes And Ladders', what do you go up and down?

36. What are the six categories in a game of 'Trivial Pursuit'?

37. Name the five different ships in a game of 'Battleships'?

38. What are the names of the six different pieces in a game of 'Chess'?

39. What do Americans call a game of 'Draughts'?

40. What is this game called?


Does anyone remember this TV game show?

Who were the two presenters? (Eddie Wareing & Stuart Hall)

SONG BREAK - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xZmlUV8muY

ROUND 5. Electronic Games

41. What game is being played here?

42. What game is being played here?

43. Name (some of) the thirteen body parts in a game of 'Operation'?

44. How old is the game 'Scalextric'? (Nearest guess)

45. Which ex-celebrity lent his name to the 'Stylophone'?

46. Which rock star recently revealed he is a model railway enthusiast?

47. What chases you in a game of 'Pac-Man'?

48. What is the aim of a game of 'Space Invaders'?

49. What happened if you touched the wire?

50. How do you play a game of 'Simon'?

SONG BREAK - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaxSamtbnsg

Maybe ask members to stand up and do the moves?

CLOSING SONG - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92cwKCU8Z5c

Maybe have some prizes on hand to share around. Or, you could play a game of 'Pass The Parcel'?


Play a game of ...


1. Leap Frog

2. Hide & Seek

3. Conkers

4. Skipping

5. Marbles

6. Hopscotch

7. Sack Race

8. Wheelbarrow Race

9. Egg & Spoon Race

10. Musical Chairs

11. Roller Skates

12. Hula Hoop

13. Pogo Stick

14. Space Hopper

15. Yo Yo

16. Chopper Bike

17. Ken & Barbie Dolls

18. Slinky

19. Kaleidoscope

20. Rubik's Cube

21. 42,000 pieces to make a 24.57x5.15ft picture 'Around The World', by Educa

22. Acrylic paints

23. Shake it upside down

24. Cherry & Vanilla

25. Denmark

26. Yes. There were two rulers included

27. Fortune Telling

28. Trainset & Dinky Toys

29. £375

30. Jenga

31. £200

32. Miss Scarlet, Mrs White, Mrs Peacock, Reverend Green, Professor Plum & Colonel Mustard

33. Q & Z are both worth 10 points

34. Flick the player to hit the ball into the net

35. Up Ladders, Down Snakes

36. Orange - Sport, Blue - Geography, Yellow - History, Green - Science and Nature, Pink - Entertainment & Brown - Art and Literature

37. Carrier, Battleship, Cruiser, Submarine & Destroyer

38. King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook & Pawn

39. Checkers

40. Mousetrap

41. Noughts & Crosses (Americans call it 'Tic Tac Toe')

42. Ping Pong or Table Tennis

43. Adam's apple, Broken Heart, Wrenched Ankle, Butterflies In Stomach, Spare Ribs, Water On Knee, Funny Bone, Charlie Horse, Writer's Cramp, Ankle Bone Connected To The Knee Bone, Wish Bone, Bread Basket & Brain Freeze

44. Launched at Harrogate International Toy Fair in 1957

45. Rolf Harris

46. Rod Stewart

47. Coloured Ghosts

48. Avoid Aliens Reaching the Ground

49. It buzzed, loudly!

50. Memorise colours and notes sequence

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