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'International Children's Day' ๐Ÿ‘ถ 1st June

Here is a summer based CST activities page, based on children's toys and games. It can be used to help celebrate 'International Children's Day' on 1st June.

Start the session by asking what are members favourite or most remembered toys or games. Ask members to tell a story about their childhood involving play time.

Ask people to bring a piece of A4 paper to the session. During the group, ask members to make a paper aeroplane, which flies more than say 5 feet.

Also, ask members to bring a piece of string and together make a Cat's Cradle. Here is an instructive video -

Then complete the picture and music quiz together together. Here goes ...

(There is a lot of content here, so it might be wise to be selective with the questions or split the activity, depending on time available and concentration of members.)

(Yo could either print off screen shots for the tables, or if broadcasting click on the first picture to open a slide show.)


Ask members to complete these well known phrases, by way of a shout out ...

Out of the mouths of BABES

Babe in the WOODS

Born with a silver spoon in your MOUTH

Blue eyed BOY

It's child's PLAY

Mummy's BOY

Daddy's GIRL

New kid on theBLOCK

All work and no play makes Jack A DULL BOY

Children should be seen AND NOT HEARD

Don't throw the baby out with THE BATHWATER

Like father, LIKE SON

The apple doesn't fall far from the TREE

Never tell tales OUT OF SCHOOL

Spare the rod and spoil the CHILD

Like a kid in a candy SHOP

Wet behind the EARS


Ask members what would they take with them if they were having a picnic? Where would they like to go?

ROUND 1. Outdoor Games

Ask members to name the game.

For bonus points, ask members to describe how the game was played.


Do members remember old parks?

What were these rides called?

ROUND 2. Name These Top Ten Toys

For each of these ten photos, ask members to write down (or shout out) the names of the toys.

Also which of them they actually owned.

Ask members how they would be used.

Comedy sketch

Before watching, which of the above toys was involved?

REMINISCENCE. Who still has their childhood Teddy? What is/was their name?

ROUND 3. Creative Games

Name the game +

How would you change the image?

How do YOU start?

In which country was it invented?

What type of paints were used?

How would you erase it?

What was it fragranced with?

Could you draw any straight lines?

Who invented the game (he also invented trainsets)?

ROUND 4. Board Games

Name the board game +

How much do you get for passing 'Go'?

Name the six character suspects?

What are the two most valuable tiles?

How do you score a goal?

What do you go up and down?

What are the six categories and colours?

Name the five different ships?

What are the names of the six different pieces?

What do Americans call it?

What happens at the end?


Does anyone remember this TV game show?

Who were the two presenters?

Who is singing backing vocals? (Kate Bush of course!)

ROUND 5. Electronic Games

What game is being played here? What do Americans call it?

What game is being played here?

Name (some of) the thirteen body parts in a game of 'Operation'?

Name the game? How old is it? (Nearest guess)

Name the toy? Which disgraced ex celebrity was associated with it?

Name the biggest maker of model railways? Which rock star recently revealed he is a model railway enthusiast? (see below)

Name the game? What chases you?

Name the game? What is the aim?

How do you play a game of 'Simon'?

What was Mario's job?

Maybe ask members to stand up and do the moves?

Maybe have some prizes on hand to share around. Or, you could play a game of 'Pass The Parcel'?


Play a game of ...

Or make an origami fortune teller. There are lots of templates on line ...


Leap Frog

Hide & Seek

Conkers (How would members have made them winning conkers?)




Sack Race

Wheelbarrow Race

Egg & Spoon Race

Musical Chairs


Witches hat




Climbing frame


Go cart

Roller Skates

Hula Hoop

Pogo Stick

Space Hopper


Yo Yo

Ken & Barbie Dolls

Action Man

Dinky Toy



Rubik's Cube

Kaleidoscope / Turn the view finder

Jigsaw / Start with the edges or group colours

Lego / Denmark

Acrylic paints

Etch A Sketch / Shake it upside down

Play Doh / Cherry & Vanilla

Spirograph / Yes. There were two rulers included

Meccanno / Trevor Hornby

Monopoly / ยฃ200

Cluedo / Miss Scarlet, Mrs White, Mrs Peacock, Reverend Green, Professor Plum & Colonel Mustard

Scrabble / Q & Z are both worth 10 points

Subbutteo / Flick the player to hit the ball into the net

Snakes & Ladders / Up Ladders, Down Snakes

Trivial Pursuit / Orange - Sport, Blue - Geography, Yellow - History, Green - Science and Nature, Pink - Entertainment & Brown - Art and Literature

Battleships / Carrier, Battleship, Cruiser, Submarine & Destroyer

Chess / King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook & Pawn

Draughts / Checkers

Mousetrap / The man dives into the pool and the trap falls onto the mouse

BBC Testcard / Noughts & Crosses (Americans call it 'Tic Tac Toe')

Ping Pong or Table Tennis

Operation / Adam's apple, Broken Heart, Wrenched Ankle, Butterflies In Stomach, Spare Ribs, Water On Knee, Funny Bone, Charlie Horse, Writer's Cramp, Ankle Bone Connected To The Knee Bone, Wish Bone, Bread Basket & Brain Freeze

Scalextric / 1957

Stlyophone / Rolf Harris

Hornby Train Set / Rod Stewart

Pac Man / Coloured ghosts

Space Invaders / Prevent aliens reaching the earth

Simon / Memorise colours and notes sequence

Super Mario / Plumber


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