'International Children's Day' 1st June

Here is a summer based CST activities page, based on children's toys and games. It can be used to help celebrate 'International Children's Day' on 1st June.

Start the session by asking what are members favourite or most remembered toys or games. Ask members to tell a story about their childhood involving play time.

Ask people to bring a piece of A4 paper to the session. During the group, ask members to make a paper aeroplane, which flies more than say 5 feet.

Also, ask members to bring a piece of string and together make a Cat's Cradle. Here is an instructive video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZM53k3pKCqg

Then complete the picture and music quiz together together. Here goes ...

(There is a lot of content here, so it might be wise to be selective with the questions or split the activity, depending on time available and concentration of members.)

ROUND 1. Name These Ten Toys

For each of these ten photos, ask members to write down (or shout out) the names of the toys.

Also which of them they actually owned.

For the less easily identifiable toys, ask members how they would be used.


11. SONG. 'The Name Of The Game', ABBA. YouTube link here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJ90ZqH0PWI

What are the four members' names?

ROUND 2. Creative Games

12. What is the biggest jigsaw, in terms of pieces, available today? (Nearest guess)

13. What type of paints are used in 'Painting By Numbers' - oils, watercolours or acrylics?

14. How would you erase an 'Etch A Sketch'?

15. What two ice cream flavours (fragrances) can you smell in 'Play Doh'?

16. Which country was 'Lego' invented in? (The name comes from 'Leg Godt' / 'Play Well'.)

17. Invented by Frank Hornby in Liverpool in the 1890s, 'Meccano' is a metal construction set. What other two popular metal based toys/games did he invent? Yes or No

18. In a game of 'Spirograph', can you draw any straight lines? Yes or No

19. SONG. 'Windmills Of Your Mind', Noel Harrison - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEhS9Y9HYjU

Which 1968 movie starring Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway used this song as its theme title?

ROUND 3. Board Games

20. What were the original classic pieces in a game of 'Monopoly'?

An alternative question is how much do you get for passing 'Go'?

21. Who are the suspects in a game of 'Cluedo'?