The Name Of The Game

Here is a summer based CST activities page, based on children's toys and games.

Start the session by asking what are members favourite or most remembered toys or games. Ask members to tell a story about their childhood involving play time.

Ask people to bring a piece of A4 paper to the session. During the group, ask members to make a paper aeroplane, which flies more than say 5 feet.

Also, ask members to bring a piece of string and together make a Cat's Cradle. Here is an instructive video -

Then complete the picture and music quiz together. Here goes ...

(There is a lot of content here, so it might be wise to be selective with the questions or split the activity, depending on time available and concentration of members.)

ROUND 1. Name These Ten Toys

For each of these ten photos, ask members to write down the names of the toys.

Also ask them to note down which of them they actually owned.

For the less easily identifiable toys, ask members how they would be used.


11. SONG. 'The Name Of The Game', ABBA. YouTube link here -

What are the four members' names?

ROUND 2. Creative Games

12. What is the biggest jigsaw, in terms of pieces, available today? (Nearest guess)

13. What type of paints are used in 'Painting By Numbers' - oils, watercolours or acrylics?

14. How would you erase an 'Etch A Sketch'?

15. What two ice cream flavours (fragrances) can you smell in 'Play Doh'?

16. Which country was 'Lego' invented in? (The name comes from 'Leg Godt' / 'Play Well'.)

17. In a game of 'Spirograph', can you draw any straight lines? Yes or No

18. Invented by Frank Hornby in Liverpool in the 1890s, 'Meccano' is a metal construction set. What other two popular metal based toys/games did he invent?

19. SONG. 'Windmills Of Your Mind', Noel Harrison -

Which 1968 movie starring Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway used this song as its theme title?

ROUND 3. Board Games

20. What were the original classic pieces in a game of 'Monopoly'?

An alternative question is how much do you get for passing 'Go'?

21. Who are the suspects in a game of 'Cluedo'?

22. What are the two most valuable tiles in a game of 'Scrabble'?

23. In a game of 'Subbuteo', how do you score a goal?

24. In a game of 'Snakes And Ladders', what do you go up and down?

25. What are the six categories in a game of 'Trivial Pursuit'?

26. What are the names of the pieces in a game of 'Chess'?

27. SONG. 'I Know Him So Well', sung by Elaine Paige and Barbara Dickson -

Who wrote and composed the musical 'Chess', from which this song comes?

ROUND 4. Electronic Games

28. How do you play a game of 'Simon'?

29. How old is the game 'Scalextric'? (Nearest guess)

30. Which celebrity lent his name to the 'Stylophone'?

31. Which rock star recently revealed he is a model railway enthusiast?

32. What chases you in a game of 'Pac-Man'?

33. What is the aim of a game of 'Space Invaders'?

34. Name (some of) the thirteen body parts in a game of 'Operation'?

35. SONG. 'Video Killed The Radio Star', by The Buggles -

What year was the last ever VCR (Video Cassette Recorder) made in Japan?


36. Name the ships in a game of 'Battleships'?

37. What do Americans call a game of 'Draughts'?

38. How do you play a game of 'Hopscotch'?

39. In a game of 'Bingo', what are the numbers associated with the phrases 'Clickety Click, 'Two Fat Ladies', 'Key To The Door' and 'Kelly's Eye'?

40. What do Americans call a game of 'Noughts And Crosses'?

41. The opposite sides of a dice always add up to which number?

42. What are the four suits in a deck of cards?

43. SONG. 'Solitaire', by The Carpenters -

What is the other name for a game of 'Solitaire'?

FINAL ROUND. School Games

Identify the ten games being played by schoolchildren in the following photographs?

(Encourage reminiscences.)


55. SONG. 'Games Without Frontiers', Peter Gabriel -

Who presented 'It's A Knockout" (two men)?

56. LAST SONG. 'Teddy Bear', sung by Elvis Presley -

True or False. The name 'Teddy Bear' was used to honour President Theodore Roosevelt?


1. Space Hopper

2. Slinky

3. Chopper Bike

4. Trolls

5. Kaleidoscope

6. Rubik's Cube

7. View Master

8. Ken & Barbie

9. Yo Yo

10. Roller Skates

11. Agnetha Fältskog, Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, and Anni-Frid Lyngstad

12. 42,000 pieces to make a 24.57x5.15ft picture 'Around The World', by Educa

13. Acrylic paints

14. Shake it upside down

15. Cherry & Vanilla

16. Denmark

17. Train Sets & Dinky Toys

18. Yes. There were two rulers included

19. 'The Thomas Crown Affair'

20. Thimble, Boot, Wheelbarrow, Racing Car, Top Hat, Battleship, Cat & Dog

21. Miss Scarlet, Mrs White, Mrs Peacock, Reverend Green, Professor Plum & Colonel Mustard

22. Q & Z are both worth 10 points

23. Flick the player to hit the ball into the net

24. Up Ladders, Down Snakes

25. Orange - Sport, Blue - Geography, Yellow - History, Green - Science and Nature, Pink - Entertainment & Brown - Art and Literature

26. King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook & Pawn

27. Tim Rice lyrics & Benny Anderson and Bjorn Alveus music

28. Memorise colours and notes pattern

29. Launched at Harrogate International Toy Fair in 1957

30. Rolf Harris

31. Rod Stewart

32. Coloured Ghosts

33. Avoid Aliens Reaching the Ground

34. Adam's apple, Broken Heart, Wrenched Ankle, Butterflies In Stomach, Spare Ribs, Water On Knee, Funny Bone, Charlie Horse, Writer's Cramp, Ankle Bone Connected To The Knee Bone, Wish Bone, Bread Basket & Brain Freeze

35. July 2016

36. Carrier, Battleship, Cruiser, Submarine & Destroyer

37. Checkers

38. The player hops through the course, skipping the marker's square, which is identified by a stone. Single squares must be hopped on one foot, except for the first single square, where either foot may be used.

39. 66, 88, 21 & 1

40. Tic Tac Toe

41. 7

42. Hearts, Diamonds, Spades & Clubs

43. Patience

44. Sack Race

45. Wheelbarrow Race

46. Egg And Spoon Race

47. Leap Frog

48. Hide And Seek

49. Conkers

50. Skipping

51. Marbles

52. Musical Chairs

53. Playground Rides

54. Stuart Hall & Eddie Wareing

55. True

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