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Reminiscence 🍫 Chocolate "Helps you work, rest and play"

This is a straightforward reminiscence activity, based on old fashioned chocolate bars.

Ask members to look at the pictures and name the chocolate bar. As you work through them discuss:

- Which were members' favourites?

- Can you still get them?

- Has their name changed?

- Can anyone remember any advertising slogans?

- How much did they used to cost?

- What was the weekly pocket money rate when you were children?

- How about visiting the dentist? (Ouch!)

To make the session more engaging and multi-sensory, play the songs below while members guess at the answers and have some of the actual chocolate on hand for a tasting session.

Feedback as to how this works in practice would be lovely.

Also let me know about any obvious chocolates and songs missed 😃










































Some 'Hot Chocolate' songs to play while members have a go at this quiz ...


1. Toberlone ("Out on its own.")

2. M&Ms ("Melts in your mouth, not in your hand.") (Used to be 'Treats')

3. Double Decker ("Crispy, crunchy, chewy and nutty.")

4. Milky Way ("The sweet you can eat between meals.")

5. Bournville ("Not so sweet.")

6. Old Jamaica (Rum and raisin flavour)

7. Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate (Also known as a cup of cocoa)

8. Nutella (Hazelnut chocolate spread)

9. Topic ("A hazel nut in every bite.")

10. Mars ("Helps you work, rest and play.")

11. Roses ("They grow on you.")

12. Quality Street ("Made for sharing.")

13. Penguin ("When you feel a little p peckish, why not p pick up a ... .")

14. Club (They also came in orange and mint flavours)

15. Kit Kat ("Have a break, have a ... .")

16. Wagon Wheel (Burtons said that our hands had gotten smaller, the snack was the same size as it had ever been.)

17. Lion Bar ("Hear me roar.")

18. Crunchie ("Get that Friday feeling.")

19. Yorkie ("It's not for girls.")

20. Bounty ("The taste of paradise.")

21. Maltesers ("The lighter way to enjoy chocolate.")

22. After Eights ("The chocolate you can also enjoy before eight.")

23. Cadbury's Creme Egg ("How do you eat yours?")

24. Jaffa Cake ("Full moon, half moon, total eclipse.")

25. Walnut Whip (Nestle)

26. Toffee Crisp ("Nothing's as crammed as a ... ... .")

27. Curly Wurly ("Out chews everything for 3p.")

28. Caramel Chocolate Wafer Cream (Tunnock's)

29. Finger Of Fudge (A ... .. ... is just enough to give your kids a treat.")

30. Flake ("Only the crumbliest, flakiest chocolate, tastes like chocolate never tasted before.")

31. Turkish Delight ("Full of eastern promise.")

32. Cadbury's Buttons ("Deliciously simple and simply delicious!")

33. Mint Aero ("All bubble, no squeak.")

34. Raspberry Ruffles (Raspberry flavoured coconut.)

35. Eclairs ("There's no substitute.")

36. Wispa ("Bite it and believe it.")

37. Twix ("It's all in the mix.")

38. Marathon ("Comes up peanuts, bite after bite.")

39. Cadbury's Fruit And Nut ("Everyone's a ... and ... case.")

40. Milky Bars ("The ... ... are on me.")


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