Trains And Boats And Planes. Oh And Automobiles! 🚂 ⛴ ✈️ 🚘

This music and picture quiz is an 'any time' filler.

Its aim is to engage members in reminiscence and story telling. Don't forget to make time for that!

As usual, simplify and reduce content as necessary.

Ask members to state their preferred mode of transport or favourite journey?

Some reminiscence questions:

- Are people more happy at home or on holiday? Who would describe themselves as an adventurer or explorer, as opposed to a home bird?

- Do people remember their first car? How much did it cost?

- Do people remember what it was like to take a steam train journey?

- Has anyone ever sailed on a paddle steamer or cruise ship? Would they recommend it?

- HaS everyone flown on an aeroplane? Did everybody enjoy that experience?

- What is the furthest people have travelled?

- Has anyone made any plans for future travel?


1. Do people remember the 1968 movie 'The Love Bug'?

What type of car is this and what was its name in the film?

2. Who plays Mr Bean?

What type of car is this?

3. In the 1985 movie 'Back To The Future', who played Marty McFly?

What car took him into the future?

4. Did anyone have one of these James Bond dinky toys?

What type of car is this?

Name as many James Bond actors as you can?

5. Who broke the world land speed record in 1924 on Pendine Sands in West Wales?

How fast did he go (nearest guess)?

What was the name of the car?

6. What was the name of the car in 'Knightrider'?

Which actor played Michael Knight?

What type of car is this?

7. Who drove in this car?

Which city did they protect?

8. Name the car?

Name the TV sitcom?

9. Name the children's TV show?

What breed of dog was he?

10. Our first song is from the 1968 movie 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'. YouTube link -

What was the name of the inventor and who played him?


Remember Maureen from 'Driving School'? Here's a clip -


11. Who wrote the 'Thomas The Tank Engine' books?

Have a guess at when the first one was published?

12. Which Agatha Christie thriller was set on a train?

Which detective did the story feature and who is playing him here?

13. The 'Flying Scotsman' gave its first service on the Edinburgh to London east coast line in which year?

What was its top operating speed (nearest guess)?

14. In which country does the 'Bullet Train' operate?

How fast can it travel (nearest guess)?

15. Who wrote the 'Ivor The Engine' books, first published in 1959?

Who drove the train?

What does 'M&LRTCL' stand for (a point for each right word)?

16. Who had or has a model railway?

Frank Hornby also invented which children's construction set?

Which pop star legend revealed this is his passion recently?

17. Name this train?

Which platform and station did it leave from in the books?