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Matching Pairs

Here is a new short Dementia Cafe style activity. Ask members to simply match the A pictures with the B pictures. You can either do this by way of taking screenshots of the sets of images and printing them out for the tables, or you could print all the photos off for members to pair up one at a time.

Before that, however, here are some idioms to complete together ...

Extra pair of HANDS

Two shakes of a lamb's TAIL

It cuts both WAYS

Like two peas in a POD

I couldn't care two HOOTS

Add your two penneth WORTH

As thick as two short PLANKS

Two heads are better than ONE

He's not short of a bob or TWO

Two sides of the same COIN

Fall between two STOOLS

Two can play at that GAME

Like a dog with two TAILS

Meat and two VEG

One step forwards two steps BACK

Put two and two TOGETHER

There are two sides to every STORY

Two's company, three's a CROWD

Two left FEET

Two sheets to the WIND

A bird in the hand is worth two in the BUSH

A double edged SWORD

A two horse RACE

A game of two HALVES

He could teach you a thing or TWO

It cuts both WAYS

Goody two SHOES

Kill two birds with one STONE

Lesser of two EVILS

It takes two to TANGO

A Pictures 1

A Pictures 2

A Pictures 3

Make your match ...

B Pictures 1

B Pictures 2

B Pictures 3

Here are some songs to finish with ...

Dog & Bone

Sun & Moon

Salt & Vinegar

Orange & Lemon

Lock & Key

Cheese & Wine

Fever & Sneeze

Fish & Chips

Chicken & Egg

Cat & Mouse

Bee & Honey

Stamp & Birthday Card

Tea & Biscuits

Rain & Rainbow

Rabbit & Carrots

Strawberry & Cream

Witch & Black Cat ('Wizard Of Oz')

Cop & Robber ("Dixon Of Dock Green')

Newspaper & Spectacles

Bread & Butter

Paddington & Marmalade

Swings & Roundabouts

Sweet & Sour

Sugar & Spice

James Bond & Martini, "shaken not stirred"

Sausage & Mash

Sherry & Trifle

Batman & Robin ('Only Fools And Horses')

Popcorn & Cinema

Song & Dance ('Evita' & Anne Widdecombe)

Koala & Eucalyptus

Dame Edna Everage & Gladioli

Caterpillar & Butterfly

Kiwi & All Blacks

Phone & Call

Nettle & Dock Leaf

PS. Happy to make some more of these if you let me have your matching pairs.


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