Have A (Masked) Ball! 👺

As we have all been required to wear face masks over recent months, I thought it was high time I prepared a CST activities page with mask wearing as the theme.

To begin the session, ask members what are the ups and downs of having to wear a mask when in public places? Answers might include:

- Sometimes it's nice to go about your business without being recognised

- You don't have to worry about the garlic bread you ate last night

- Not having to shave

- Not having to wear lipstick

- People talk to you less ( this could be a positive for some)

- It's a pain having to remember to take one with you

- Face ID on your phone doesn't work

- Your glasses steam up.

Next, think about different types of masks:

- Gas mask (from WW2)

- Surgical mask

- Costume mask

- Balaclava (anyone have one of those to wear in the winter as a child)

- Drama masks (as above)


Next, complete these phrases together, by way of a group shout out ...

Angels with dirty FACES (1938 gangster movie)

Face the TRUTH / FACTS (time to get real)

As plain as the nose on your FACE (obvious)

A face like THUNDER (angry)

A face that only a mother could LOVE (ugly person)

His face was a PICTURE (he/she was surprised)

A face that launched a thousand SHIPS (Helen Of Troy)

Keep a straight FACE (trying not to laugh)

Barefaced LIE. (shameless untruth)

Laughing on the other side of your FACE (you won't be so happy when I've finished with you!)

Not seeing eye to EYE. (disagreeing)

Vanish from the face of the EARTH (disappear)

Cut your nose off to spite your FACE (harming yourself by your actions aimed at disadvantaging another)

Monday's child is fair of FACE

Tuesday's child is full of GRACE

Wednesday's child is full of WOE

Thursday's child has far to GO

Friday's child is loving and GIVING

Saturday's child works for its LIVING

And a child that's born on the Sabbath day Is fair and wise and good and GAY

Blessing in DISGUISE (hidden benefits)

Cloak and dagger (secretive)

Clothes maketh the man. (Mark Twain quotation)

Devil in Disguise (Elvis Presley song)

Draw a veil over SOMETHING. (bring matters to a close)

Play hide and seek (children's game)

Play hide the SAUSAGE (too rude?!?!)

Hide your light under a BUSHEL ('Sermon On The Mount')

Master of DISGUISE (someone good at keeping things hidden)


(Grateful thanks to Heather Manktelow)

Downloaded some templates from the internet, or people can draw their own masks free-hand. Have members draw designs and patterns on their masks and colour them in. Embellish masks with feathers, stickers etc. Thread them with members' choice of ribbon and enjoy wearing them for a group photo.

Dance to music from 'The Masquerade Ball' (from 'Phantom Of The Opera') (or just watch the video) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Bn4BAlp8NQ


Round 1. Goodies

1. Identify the masked man?

What was the name of his horse?

2. Name the masked men?

What was the name of the city they were protecting?

3. Name the 2002 movie?

Which US city did he protect?

4. Name the masked man?

Name the two actors from the 1998 movie of the same name?

5. Name the 2000 movie?

Name the actor?

6. Name the group?

Name the individual characters?

7. SONG. 'Music Of The Night', 'Phantom Of The Opera' - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNrkY8X8qyE

Name the singers?

What was his 1970s comedy series called?

Round 2. Baddies

8. Name the 1991 movie?

Name the actor & character?

9. What is the name of this 1893 painting?

Who painted it?

10. Name the 1996 movie?

True or False. The movie was inspired by a real-life killing spree that sent an idyllic Florida town into a panic.

11. Name the 1978 movie?

Name the character?

12. Name the character?

What date is he associated with?

13. Name the 1977 movie?

Name the character?

14. Musical Interlude - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXDnFYu91vY

Whilst listening to the theme tune, name the other main characters in this movie poster?

Round 3. Comedy

15. Name the 1994 movie?

Name the actor?

16. Name the TV comedy series?

Name the characters and actors?

17. Name the TV comedy series?

Name the character and actor?

18. Name the TV comedy series?

Name the character and actor?

19. Name the 1993 movie?

Name the actor?

20. Name the 1982 movie?

Name the actor?

21. SONG. 'Take That Look Off Your Face', Mart Webb - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtxPMvafqbE

Which musical is this song taken from?

Round 4. The Ridiculous

22. Name the TV music show that ran from 1958-78?

What was the name of the character on the back of Robertson's marmalade jars?

(Take care with this question. Skip it if you feel it will cause offence.

Alternatively, have a discussion about 'black face' make up and how it became offensive due to racism and discrimination in society.)

23. Name the TV character?

Which TV presenter is he associated with?

24. Name the character?

Name the 1865 book and author?

25. Name the band?

Complete their song title - 'God Gave Rock And ....'?

26. Name the band?

Complete their song title - 'Give Me All Your .......'?