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"It's Party Time"

This CST activity page is a suggestion for use on a day of celebration, for example, somebody's birthday or anniversary. Hopefully, it's an opportunity for your group to be happy and enjoy each other's company, as well as providing time for reminiscence and reflection.


Begin by asking members to complete the following well known phrases together, by way of a shout out.



Celebrate good TIMES

Let your hair DOWN

Paint the town RED

The life and soul of the PARTY


GateCRASH a party

Dancing on the CEILING

Have a whale of a TIME


Billy no MATES

The more the MERRIER

Putting on your glad RAGS

Let's get this party STARTED

The drinks are on the HOUSE

Have the time of your LIFE

As happy as LARRY

Tickled PINK

On cloud NINE

Walking on AIR

In seventh HEAVEN

Over the MOON

On top of the WORLD

Trip the light FANTASTIC

Be a barrel of LAUGHS

Jump for JOY


Full of the joys of SPRING

Thrilled to BITS

Ask members what preparations they would make for a 'Garden Party'.

For what occasions might they have a garden party?

Who would they invite & why?

What is the ideal size of a garden party?

What is the ideal time and length for a garden party?

What party food would they serve? (Make it or buy it in?)

What drinks would they serve?

What would happen in the event of bad weather?

Ask members what preparations would they make for a 'House Party'?

For what occasions might they have a house party?

Who would they invite & why?

What meal would they serve (signature dish)?

What decorations would they put up?

What presents would they give?

What games would they play?

What music would they play?

If it was a fancy dress party, what theme would they choose?

Ask members what their favourite 'Night Out' would be?

Here are some different nights out to choose from:

- Nice meal out with a loved one

- Down the pub for a quiz or a game of bingo

- Going to the cinema to watch a favourite film

- Going to see a theatre show

- Going to see a band

- Going dancing at a club

Do members have any other suggestions?

Who are members' most favourite persons in the world (that they know) who they will ask to accompany them on their night out?

What about a favourite famous person, living or dead, that they would love to share an evening with?

What would members choose to wear on a 'Night Out'?

- Informal

- Smart casual

- Smart frock or party outfit

- Black tie

What is their best look?

Think about occasions when 'Black Tie' might be required?

Best Night Or Day Out

Members could complete this ahead of time with their care partner and bring in some photos to help them communicate their memories.

​What is your favourite pub or club?

​What is the best movie you ever saw at the cinema?

​What is the best play or musical you ever saw at the theatre?

​What is the best restaurant you ever ate at?

​What is the best band or live act you ever saw?

​What is the best sporting event you ever went to?

​What is your ideal day trip (in the UK)?

​What is the best tourist attraction you ever visited (in the world)?

​What is the best birthday present or surprise you ever got?

​What is the best holiday you ever had?

Some Party Songs

'I Wanna Dance With Somebody', Whitney Houston -

'Blame It On The Boogie', The Jacksons -

'All Night Long', Lionel Richie -

'Y.M.C.A.', Village People -

'Celebration', Kool & The Gang -

Practical Activity

You could play a game of 'Pass The Parcel' using the above music selection & add in members' favourite songs.


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