"I Am The Greatest" (Authors, Artists, Explorers, Scientists & Sporting Heroes)

This CST activities page is about people who stand out in their field of endeavour. It is arranged in five parts

- Great works of art

- Great authors

- Groundbreaking scientific discoveries

- Great explorers

- & Sporting heroes.

Your group may have other nominations. Please let me know and I'll add to the list.

As usual, take your time. Spread over a couple of sessions if you need or want to.

Allow time for discussion and reminiscence.

Help members get answers right by giving loads of clues, for example first names. This REALLY helps with recall.

These CST activities pages should be all about inclusion and enjoyment, NOT competition.

Focus on the music. Have members choose which songs to play. There's an eclectic mix here.

Please do let me know how the materials work in practice. This blog thrives on feedback!


Begin by asking members if they have a favourite artist, author, scientist, explorer or sporting hero.

Try and get a list of several in each category.

Ask what in the house, or out and about, is the most important discovery or development that members use daily and couldn't be without. It could be the TV, radio, phone or camera. Or something more fundamental, like the wheel, electricity, tea or running water,

Do members remember the children's TV show 'The Record Breakers'?

Who was it presented by? He is pictured below ...

Roy Castle (lived 1932-1994)

What instrument did he play?

What did he die of?

He was an accomplished trumpet player.

He died of lung cancer, from passive smoking.

Did people used to get given 'The Guinness Book Of Records' every Christmas?

What were these twins, who wrote the book and appeared on the TV show with their stopwatches called?

Ross & Norris McWhirter

Here's the TV theme - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QFt1ZeDftk


Idioms about books, art, exploring, science and sports (5 each)

The oldest trick in the BOOK

You can't judge a book by it's COVER

Read between the LINES

Take a leaf out of someone's BOOK

Take something as READ

Work of ART


He's no oil PAINTING

Back to the drawing BOARD

A picture paints a thousand WORDS

It's not rocket SCIENCE

Be on the same waveLENGTH

Blow a FUSE

A small cog in a big MACHINE

Reinvent the WHEEL

Brave new WORLD

Reach for the STARS

Climb every MOUNTAIN

First man on the MOON

There's a first time for EVERYTHING

Get the ball ROLLING

Ready set GO

Four minute MILE

Hit your TARGET

Win something by a hair's BREADTH


Round 1. Name The Great Artists

'The Creation Of Adam', 1512

'Mona Lisa', 1506

'The Fighting Temeraire', 1839

'Water Lily Pond', 1899

'The Starry Night', 1889

'The Hay Wain', 1821

'Persistence Of Memory', 1931

'Snow', 2018