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🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 How Cardiff Are You?

This is a Dementia Cafe Quiz for Cardiffians and South Walians. It could also serve as a tourist guide. Hope you like it. Please do let me know.

The idea is to call out the pictures and ask "Who has done this?" Members can either hands up or shout out and then mark their printouts with a point for each. The pictures included should hopefully promote reminiscence and stroy telling.

Some musical interludes are included.

So, how Cardiff are you?


0-10 = Toe dipper

11-20 = Day tripper

21-30 = Holiday maker

31-40 = Frequent visitor

41-50 = Thoroughbred

Have you ever ...

  1. Eaten curry and chips from 'Dorothy's' on Caroline Street or "Chippy Alley"?

  2. Brought an album from 'Spoilers Records' (The oldest record shop in the world)?

  3. Seen "Billy The Seal" at Victoria Park?

  4. Rowed a boat on Roath Park Lake?

  5. Fed the swans at Cosmeston Lakes?

  6. Patted the dog at Cardiff Bay?

  7. Counted the animals on "Animal Wall" outside Cardiff Castle?

  8. Watched a movie at 'Chapter Arts Centre'?

  9. Swam at 'Wales Empire Pool'?

  10. Seen the poppy wreaths on the 'Cardiff Merchant Seaman's Memorial'?

  11. Watched an opera or musical at 'Wales Millennium Centre'?

  12. Had a day trip on the 'Waverley' or 'Balmoral' from Penarth Pier?

  13. Caught a train from 'Cardiff Central Station'?

  14. Brought a bag of sweets from 'Gwalia Stores' in 'St Fagans National Museum Of History'?

  15. Drank a pint or two of 'Brains SA' in a Cardiff pub?

  16. Shopped in 'Cardiff Market'?

  17. Taken a flight from 'Cardiff International Airport' at Rhoose?

  18. Watched the 1959 movie 'Tiger Bay'?

  19. Seen 'Epstein's Christ' at 'Llandaff Cathedral'?

  20. Watched a rugby match at 'Cardiff Arms Park'?

  21. Watched the 'St Athan's Air Show'?

  22. Walked the canal at 'Forest Farm Country Park'?

  23. Said "Cheers Drive!" when getting off a Cardiff Bus?

  24. Watched a panto at the 'New Theatre'?

  25. Seen the dinosaurs at 'Wales National Museum'?

  26. Watched the fireworks in 'Sophia Gardens'?

  27. Stayed at 'Barry Butlins'?

  28. Climbed up the Norman Keep at 'Cardiff Castle'?

  29. Walked through the seven Cardiff Arcades?

  30. Crossed Cardiff Bay on a Water Taxi?

  31. Been inside 'Castell Coch'?

  32. Swam in the water at Barry Island?

  33. Been on the Ferris Wheel outside the 'Pierhead Building'?

  34. Watched every episode of 'Gavin and Stacey?

  35. Enjoyed a 'Thayer's Ice Cream'?

  36. Had a coffee inside the 'Norwegian Church'?

  37. Climbed up to the top of 'The Garth'?

  38. Been on funfair rides at Barry Island?

  39. Been ice skating at 'Winter Wonderland'?

  40. Walked through 'Cefn Onn Park'?

  41. Cheered on the runners at the 'Cardiff Half Marathon'?

  42. Joined in the 'Cardiff Pride' parade?

  43. Seen the statue dedicated to Betty Campbell?

  44. Been to the 'Cardiff Christmas Market'?

  45. Seen a show at 'St David's Hall'?

  46. Eaten Glamorgan Sausages?

  47. Seen the memorial to 'Scott Of The Antarctic'?

  48. Seen 'Ianto's Shrine' ('Torchwood')?

  49. Taken part in or watched the 'Taff Boat Race'?

  50. Visited the 'Heath Park Miniature Railway'?

  51. Smelled the hops from the 'Brains Brewery' on St Mary Street?

  52. Do you feel proud to live in our great City?

Time for some reminiscence ...

Who remembers ...

1970 - The last trolley bus carried passengers.

1979 - The Taff overflowed and Canton was flooded

1982 - Pope John Paul said mass in Llandaff Fields

1960s - Barry steam train graveyard

1981 - The last 'Geest' banana sailed into Barry dock

1982 - The great snow across South Wales, where it didn't stop snowing for 36 hours

1984-85 - The miner's strike hit the South Wales valleys hard

1987 - Michael Fish told us there wouldn't be a hurricane

Song break ...

Now let's add to that by seeing how Welsh you are ...


0-10 = Toe dipper

11-20 = Day tripper

21-30 = Holiday maker

31-40 = Frequent visitor

41-50 = Thoroughbred