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Guest Blog - Cardboard Beaks

So the amazing Simon O´Donovan, who has been and is one of my greatest inspirations (aw thanks Malene x) asked me to make a quest-blog and share an activity where we had some fun with cardboard beaks this week in our CST group "De Modige" (The Brave).

We started out in warm up with these two questions:

1. Name a type of bird?

2. If you had a pet bird, what would you call it?

We sang a Danish song about a bird.

We finished 6 sayings that included birds.

We shared a short poem about birds (again a danish one).

We had a handout with 15 birds on it, and at the top of the page there was 15 birdnames with each their number. We then worked on matching numbers and birds together and had some good talks along the way.

Feather fun - half the participants sitting on each side of a table, were given a paper plate. Feathers were put in the centre of the tables and then members used the plates to waft the feathers to the other side. The other side of the tables had to catch the feathers. If we had more time we could have swapped over sides.

And then we used the cardboard beaks. My sister made them in advance - here is a step by step "How to" guide ...

We gave each participant a beak, helped where needed, and the we ran two rounds.

1.We had two bowls, one with 6 wine gum worms, one empty. The aim was to transport the worms from one bowl to the other (after we had fun taking pictures with worms hanging from the beaks).

2. Then members were given 4 coloured ping pong balls, and asked to move them from one bowl to the other.

So many giggles, so many comments and everyone took the beaks home.

After that we had coffee and some physical games.

Then we went home. Have fun ;)

Footnote. As Malone is Danish, her birds will be a little different. So here is a 'British Garden Birds Poster'. You could blank out the names and ask members to guess them?

Malene Søbygaard


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