'International Day Of Older People' - 1 October 🍃

"It's not how old you are. It's how you are old." - Jules Renard


Focus on positive aspects of growing older during this session.

Ask members what are the good things about ageing. Answers could include:

- The freedom of retirement

- The independence of adult children

- The joy of grandchildren

- Possibly fewer financial commitments, e.g. mortgage

- Free bus travel

- Increased opportunities for socialising and holidays.

The negative aspects could include:

- Bereavements

- Illnesses of older age

- Reduced mobility and independence

- Societal attitudes towards older age.


Ask members to complete the following phrases (as a group 'shout out'):

About childhood

- Out of the mouths of BABES

- Smooth as a baby's BOTTOM

- Child's PLAY

- New kid on the BLOCK

- Knee high to a GRASSHOPPER

- Coming of AGE

- Act your age not your SHOESIZE

- Youth is wasted on the YOUNG

About older age (negative)

- Past your PRIME

- He’s no spring CHICKEN

- Over the HILL

- Mutton dressed as LAMB

- One foot in the GRAVE (Victor Meldrew)

- You can’t teach an old dog NEW TRICKS

- Age before BEAUTY

About older age (positive)

- Older and WISER

- I wasn’t born YESTERDAY

- Don't teach your grandmother to suck EGGS

- Ripe old AGE

- Young at HEART

- Respect your ELDERS

- Silver SURFER

- Ageing like a fine WINE

- You're only as old as you FEEL


The idea for this picture quiz comes from an artist called Ard Gelinck (@ardgelinck), who has woven together images of celebrities as younger and older people (some feature below).

Ask members to identify each person in turn. A clue is provided for each picture. If members get stuck give first names.

As you work through the pictures, ask members to comment on who has aged well (or not so well), who might have had cosmetic surgery to keep their youthful looks and note who has sadly died.

1. CLUE. He sang a Christmas song called 'Walking in The Air'.

What was the name of that 1982 animated movie?

2. CLUE. He starred in a 1977 movie called 'Saturday Night Fever'.

Aside from being a great actor and dancer, what other enhanced skill does he have?

3. CLUE. He starred in a 1990 movie called 'Pretty Woman'.

Who was his co-star in this movie?

4. CLUE. He starred in a 1971 movie called 'Dirty Harry'.

What was the song that a psychotic stalker fan wanted him to play on his DJ radio show in the 1971 movie 'Play ***** For Me'?

5. CLUE. He starred in a 1988 movie about a boy who grew up too soon, called 'Big'.

What caused him to age rapidly in this movie?

6. CLUE. He starred in a TV sitcom called 'Friends'.

Which character did he play?

7. CLUE. He starred in a 1976 movie called 'Rocky'.

What was his surname in this movie?

8. CLUE. He starred in a 1999 movie called 'The Matrix'.

Which 1994 movie did he star in with Sandra Bullock, where he had to drive a bus at below 50mph?

9. CLUE. He starred in a 1993 movie called 'Mrs Doubtfire'.

What was the name of the TV sitcom he starred in which he wore these rainbow braces?

10. CLUE. He starred in a 1977 movie called 'Star Wars'.

What role did he play?

SONG. 'Big Yellow Taxi', **** ******* - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2595abcvh2M

11. CLUE. She starred in a 1990s TV drama called 'Prime Suspect'.

She won a 'Best Actress Oscar' for which royal themed 2007 movie?

12. CLUE. He starred in a 1976 movie called 'Taxi Driver'.

Which girl group had a 1984 hit single with this actor's name in the title?