'World Music Day', June 21st

During lockdown, 'Desert Island Discs' was trending on social media and people were asked to share their music choices. So we chose this as a theme for one of our virtual reality 'CST Friendship Groups'. Also, it is 'World Music Day' on 21st June, which makes this even more apt.

Prior to the session, we asked members to think about their favourite tracks and the one they would rescue from the waves if they had to. We also asked about the luxury item they would take with them to their desert island.

Members brought their ideas to the session and we spent some time noting down their choices. As we went through the quiz we paused to play some of their songs. It turned out to be a very person-centred session and it was so lovely to see people singing along with their chosen music.

Here's the graphic we sent around ...

ROUND 1 - Desert Island Discs

1. Which radio station is 'Desert Island Discs' broadcast on?

2. Who developed the show and first hosted it, for 43 years?

3. Other longstanding hosts have included?

4. Who hosts it now?

5. Which two books are 'Castaways' allowed to take to the desert island, in addition to their favourite book?

6. Go around the room and ask members to say what luxury item they would take to the island?

ROUND 2 - Album Covers

Name the albums and artists/groups?






12. Of all the above albums, which spent the longest in the 'US Billboard 200 Chart' - 942 weeks?

ROUND 3 - Records

13. What speed are singles and albums played at on a record player or gramophone?

14. What do the initials 'H.M.V.' stand for?

15. What breed of dog was associated with this record label?

16. Which artist and album launched the 'Virgin Music' record label?

17. Which group published their music under the 'Apple' record label?

18. Who was the first UK female artist to have a number 1 with a self written song, and what was it?

ROUND 4 - Album Covers

Name the albums and artists/groups?






24. Which of these is the best selling album ever, with 66m worldwide sales?

ROUND 5 - Disc Jockeys

25. What year did 'Top Of The Pops' start?

26. Which DJ launched Radio 1 in 1967?

27. What was the first song played?

28. Which DJ had a feature on his show called 'Our Song'?

29. Which DJ went on to have a hit TV comedy series?

30. Which DJ's nickname was 'Diddy'?

ROUND 6 - Album Covers

Name the albums and artists/groups?






36. Which of these albums contained the UK's best selling single of all time, after 'Candle In The Wind' (Diana's funeral) and 'Do They Know It's Christmas' (Band Aid)?

ROUND 7 - Lyrics

I've included links to the following songs for a good old fashioned singalong ...

Before playing the song ...

37. Who wrote 'The songs that make the whole world sing'?


38. Who sang 'Music was my first love'?


39. Which group sang that 'Video killed the radio star'?


40. Which group sang that they would 'Like to teach the world to sing'?


41. Who sang about 'The day the music died'?


42. Which group sang 'Thank you for the music'?


ROUND 8 - Album Covers

Name the albums and artists/groups?