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☕️ Dementia Cafe 🍆 Purple Things Quiz

Here is a straightforward music and picture quiz about things that are purple and people who wear purple. It is designed for an hour or so long 'Dementia Cafe' session.

Begin by asking who likes the colour purple?

If not, what are members' favourite colours?

What colours are they wearing today?

You can either use this page as a print out and have members look at it individually, or you can click on the first photo and a slide show will open, which works well if you are broadcasting onto a large screen TV or similar.

As usual, focus on enjoyment and engagement by promoting discussion and story-telling, as well as spending time on the singalongs.

Help members have a sense of achievement by prompting recall with first letters or words when they get stuck.


Complete these well known phrases together, by way of a 'shout out' ...

Like a red rag to a BULL

Out of the BLUE

Green with ENVY

Caught red HANDED

Feeling off COLOUR

Beaten black and BLUE

'Red Red WINE' (UB40 single)

Tickled PINK

Roll out the red CARPET

Black sheep of the FAMILY

The pot calling the kettle BLACK

A bolt out of the BLUE

The grass is always greener on the other SIDE

Show your true COLOURS


Offer something on a silver PLATTER

Have a heart of GOLD

Born with a silver spoon in your MOUTH

Oranges and LEMONS


And here is a wonderful poem about older age and wearing purple ...

Round 1. Food

Name this vegetable (it is actually a fruit)?

What do Americans call it?

​Name this vegetable?

True or False. It was originally a purple vegetable?

​Name this vegetable?

In which season do you harvest this vegetable?

​Name this vegetable?

Name the two different varieties?

​Name this vegetable?

How do you prepare them for eating?

​Name this vegetable?

How do you force it to grow?

​Name these two berries?

Which do you prefer?

​Name the berry that flavours Gin?

What is the old English nickname for Gin?

​Name this berry?

Which famous purple squash drink is made from it?

​Name this fruit?

Name the pace where it grows?

SONG BREAK - 'Red, Red Wine', UB40 -

Name as many different varieties of red wine (which is mostly purple in colour) as you can?

Who prefers white or rosé?

Who prefers a pint?

Who is this, enjoying a nice big glass of red, red wine?

Round 2. Flowers

​Name this flower?

Which UK country is it the national flower of?

​Name this flower?

What fruit does it become? (Who likes it?)

​Name this flower?

What medicinal quality does it have?

​Name this flower?

What spice does it provide us with?

​Name this flower?

What is its other name?

​Name this flower?

Can you think of any other flowers which are also girls' names?

​Name this flower?

Which sweets did they flavour?

​Name this flower?

In what foods do we cut their stems up into?

​Name this flower?

Which type of soil gives it blue or purple flowers?

​Name this flower?

What medicinal quality does it have?

SONG BREAK - 'Lavender Blue', Cinderella -

What item of footwear did she lose?

Round 3. People

​Name the character?

Name the TV comedy series?

​Name the characters?

Name the TV comedy series?

​Name the character?

Name her creator?

​Name the 1985 movie?

Name the movie star?

​Name the character & 1989 movie?

Name the actor?

​Name the character?

Name the actor?

​Name the sports star?

What two colours are Wimbledon colours?

​Name the character?

Name the TV comedy series?

(She is included here because she had varicose veins, which are purplish blue.)

​Name these three royals?

​Name the 1971 movie?

Name the actor?

SONG BREAK - 'Pure Imagination', Gene Wilder -

Who wrote the book?

Round 4. Other Purple Things

​Name this bravery medal?

In which country is it awarded?

​Name this gemstone?

Which wedding anniversary is this stone associated with?

​Name this cat?

Name the book?

​Which nut is in this sweet?

What is the tin of sweets called?

​Name this fish?

Is it freshwater or seawater?

​Name this drink?

Which country is it drunk in?

​Name this dish?

When might it most often be eaten?

​Name this dried fruit?

What does it help with?

​What is this?

What something else is called this?

​What are the two purplish colours in a rainbow called?

What might you find at the end of a rainbow?

NB The following songs are a bit heavy. Only play short clips if members wish to hear them ..

Who is this?

Which 1967 song did he have a hit with, to do with the colour theme of this quiz?

Who is this?

Which 1983 song is he performing here, to do with the colour theme of this quiz?

Name this rock group, linked to the theme of this quiz?

What was their biggest hit, in 1970?

Here are a couple of softer alternatives ...

SONG - 'Lilac Wine', Ellie Brooks -

Which country is the rosé wine 'Mateus Rosé' from?

FINAL SONG - 'I Can Sing A Rainbow', Cilla Black -

Name any of her TV shows?

Finish by listing as many shades of purple as you can, by way of a reminder?

Round 1

Aubergine / Eggplant

Carrot / True, they were until the 17th century when the Dutch bred orange carrots

Purple sprouting broccoli / January - April, so Winter-Spring

Artichoke / Jerusalem & Globe

Beetroot / Boil & Pickle them

Rhubarb / Keep them in the dark

Blackberries & Raspberries

Juniper / 'Mother's Ruin'

Blackberries / 'Ribena'

Grapes / Vineyard

Red wines: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Malbec, Zinfandel, Grenache, Tempranillo and Sangiovese are the most common

Betty White, of 'Golden Girls' fame

Round 2

Thistle / Scotland

Passion / Passion Flower

Foxglove / Digitalis (for cardiac conditions)

Crocus / Saffron

Lilac / 'Butterfly Bush'

Heather / Rose, Lily, Iris, Veronica, Ivy, Violet & Daisy are common UK names

Violet / 'Palma Violets' (Yuck!)

Chives / Salads

Hydrangea / Acidic

Lavender / Promotes sleep

Glass slipper

Round 3

Mrs Slocombe (Molly Sugden) / 'Are You Being Served?'

Hyacinth & Richard Bucket (Patricia Routledge & Clive Swift) / 'Keeping Up Appearances'

Dame Edna Average / Barry Humphries

Whoopi Goldberg / 'The Color Purple'

The Joker - 'Batman' / Jack Nicholson

James Bond or 007 / Daniel Craig

Andy Murray / Purple & Green

Nora Batty (Kathy Staff) / 'Last Of The Summer Wine'

Queen Elizabeth 11 / Queen Mother - Elizabeth Bowes-Lyons & Princess Margaret Rose Of York

'Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory/ Gene Wilder

Roald Dahl

Round 4

'Purple Heart' / U.S.A.

Amethyst / 6th

Cheshire Cat / 'Alice In Wonderland'

Brazil nut / 'Quality Street'

Rainbow Trout / Freshwater

Sangria / Spain

Red cabbage / Christmas

Plum & Prune / Helps keep you regular

Iris / Iris flower

Indigo & Violet / Pot of gold & A Leprauchaun

Jimi Hendrix / 'Purple Have'

Prince / 'Purple Rain'

Deep Purple / 'Black Night'


'Bind Date', 'Cilla', 'Surprise, Surprise' & 'The Moment Of Truth'

  • Amethyst

  • Aubergine

  • Burgundy

  • Claret

  • Dubonnet

  • Fig

  • Grape

  • Heather

  • Heliotrope

  • Indigo Violet

  • Lavender

  • Lilac

  • Magenta

  • Mauve

  • Mulberry

  • Orchid

  • Pansy

  • Periwinkle

  • Plum

  • Puce

  • Red-Violet

  • Royal Purple

  • Thistle

  • Tyrian Purple

  • Veronica

  • Violet

  • Wine

  • Wisteria


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