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Dementia Cafe ☕️ Comic Strip Characters Quiz

Begin the session by discussing comics. Here are some questions to get members thinking and remembering ...

Who used to buy a weekly comic when they were children? Which one did you prefer?

How much were they? What was your pocket money then?

Did anyone get a Christmas annual of their favourite comic?

List some comics ... (see below)

Such was the popularity of British comic books, the Royal Mail issued this commemorative stamps set in 2012.

Quiz Part 1. Identify the celebrity

How many celebrities can you spot in this 'Beano' comic cover, which was designed (children selected the celebs to be on it) to celebrate its 85 years anniversary?

Quiz Part 2. Name the comic strip character

Song break. 'Rupert The Bear' TV theme -

Song break. 'Flash Gordon', Queen -

Can anyone think of any more?

Song break. 'I Tawt I Taw A Puddy Cat', Mel Blanc -

Final songs

'We All Stand Together', Paul McCartney -

'Snoopy And The Red Baron', The Royal Guardsmen -

Can anyone think of any more?

Finally, discuss how children's comics have held up against computer games?

In the "good old days" someone wrote a song called 'Video Killed The Radio Star' (The Buggles), but did mobile phones and iPads kill the comic (and the radio for that matter)?

Final song 'Video Killed The Radio Star', The Buggles -

Here's a link to the Beano 85th Anniversary cover story -

PS It's great to see Kate Bush there x

Popeye & Olive Oil (eats spinach for strength)

Desperate Dan (able to lift a cow with one hand)

Gnasher (Dennis the Menace's dog)

Minnie the Minx (real name Hermione Makepeace)

Dennis the Menace (aged 5 and a half years)

Billy Bunter (he went to Greyfriars School)

Korky the Cat (first appeared in 'The Dandy' in 1937)

The Numskulls (the little people who live inside your head)

Lord Snooty (his butler was Parkinson)

Rupert the Bear (comic strip in 'The Daily Express' from 1920)

Andy Capp (featured in 'The Daily Mirror' from 1957)

Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck (Donald was six years older than Mickey, first appearing in 1934)

Superman (his girlfriend was Lois Lane)

Batman & Robin (they protected Gotham City)

Bananaman (a schoolboy who transforms into a superhero when he eats a banana)

Spiderman (aka Peter Parker)

Wonderwoman (TV series starred Lynda Carter)

Incredible Hulk (aka David Banner)

Iron Man (aka Tony Stark)

Captain America (aka Steve Rogers)

Flash Gordon (his arch enemy was Ming the Merciless)

Dick Tracy (Warren Beatty starred in the 1990 movie)

Dan Dare (featured in 'The Eagle' from 1950)

Roy Of The Rovers (his name was Roy Race who played for Melchester Rovers)

Beryl The Peril (featured in 'The Topper' from 1953)

(Herges Adventures Of) Tintin & Snowy

Asterix The Gaul (a diminutive character who gains strength from drinking a magic potion)

Garfield (his human owner was Jon Arbuckle)

Charlie Brown ('Peanuts' created by Charles Schulz)

Sylvester & Tweety Pie ("I tawt I taw a puddy cat.")

Bugs Bunny & Elmer Fudd (cartoon voiced by Mel Blanc)

Snoopy & Woodstock (also from 'Peanuts')

Winnie the Pooh (A.A. Milne created him)

Tom & Jerry (created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera)

Bazooka Joe (Bubblegum)

Felix The Cat (created in 1919 in the silent movie era)


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