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Counting the days 📅

Here is a new CST activities page about days, months, weeks, years and time passing in general.


First, ask members to complete these well known sayings together ...

Pinch, punch, first of the MONTH

Another day, another DOLLAR

An apple a day keeps the doctor AWAY

He who fights and runs away, may live to fight another DAY

Not in a month of SUNDAYS

Seven year ITCH

Have a face like a wet WEEKEND

He's seen better DAYS

Man for all SEASONS

Full of the joys of SPRINGS

He's no spring CHICKEN

As mad as a March HARE

Beware the ides of MARCH

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a LAMB

April FOOL

April showers bring May FLOWERS

May the force (May 4th) be with YOU

The darling buds of MAY

June is busting out all OVER

One swallow does not make a SUMMER

Born on the fourth of JULY

The dog days of SUMMER

Remember remember the 5th of NOVEMBER

The dead of WINTER

Now is the winter of our DISCONTENT

Christmas comes but once a YEAR


Let's call it a DAY

Round 1. 'Days of the week'

Begin by saying this rhyme together ...

What day of the week is members' favourite day and why?

Some questions about days of the week ...

​What year did the 'Sunday Trading Act' pass into law? (From this date on we were able to shop on Sundays.)

Discuss in what other ways Sundays have changed over the years.

​Which group had a hit with 'I Don't Like Mondays' in 1979?

Here it is -

​Monday is the only day of the week with an anagram - what word is an anagram of Monday?

Which day of the week was 'The Mamas & the Papas' only number 1 hit in America?​

Here it is -

​Which American girl group's first hit in 1986 was 'Manic Monday'?

Here it is -

​Which group had a hit with 'Ruby Tuesday' in 1967?

Here it is -

​What is the proper name for 'Pancake Day'?

​What was the name of the girl in 'The Adams Family'?

How many more of them can you name?

​On which weekday are General Elections always held?

When was the last one and who was elected PM?

​True or False. McDonalds developed their 'Filet o' Fish' for Catholics who do not eat meat on a Friday during Lent?

​What is Triskaidekaphobia?

(Anyone a scaredy cat?)

​What was the name of Robinson Crusoe's friend?

Who wrote the book?

​At what time and on what day was the children's TV programme 'Crackerjack'?

​In the American restaurant chain 'TGI Friday's', what does the "T.G.I." stand for?

​What was the name of this 1977 John Travolta dance movie?

Which group sang all of the songs on the album?

Here is the title song -

​Which group had a 1964 hit with the song 'Saturday Night at the Movies'?

Here it is -

​Who had a 1973 hit with the song 'Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting'?

Here it is -

​What was this Saturday morning children's TV show called & who were the presenters?

​Which 'Motown' singer had a 1975 hit with 'One Day In Your Life'?

Here it is -

Song break/s (ask members to choose) ...

Round 2. 'The good old days'

It's time for some reminiscence ...

What was involved in "spring cleaning"?

Did people have a special day of the week for housework?

What day was "laundry day"?

What day was "baking day"?

What day was "shopping day"?

What was it like to look after a coal fire?

What night was "bath night"?

Did anyone make their own Christmas decorations & who is this? What was it like prepping for Christmas?

Who used to visit the local pub? Who used to smoke?

Have things have changed for the better or worse?

24/7 shopping

On line shopping

Central heating


More women going to work/ fewer housewives

Coal fires are no longer available

Most os us have showers now

Smoking is banned inside public buildings

Not many people bake these days

The high street has died and out of town shopping has proliferated

Meaning supermarkets with everything under one roof and specialist shops closing

Sunday is no longer special. Fewer people go to church

Round 3. 'High days and holidays'

Identify the high days and holidays and discuss associations and reminiscences ...

New Year's Eve (1st January) - What do Scots call New Years Eve?

St David's Day (1st March) - What is the name of the Welsh national anthem?

St Patrick's Day (17th March) - Which creature did St Patrick ban from Ireland?

Easter Sunday (varies) - Which Christian festival is celebrated on this day?

St George's Day (23rd April) - Which mythical creature did he slay?

May Day (1st May) - What are the dancers with bells on their feet called?

Halloween (31st October) - What do American children do in the evening?

Remembrance Sunday (nearest Sunday to 11th November) - Where did the queen lay a wreath on this day?

Thanksgiving (4th Thursday of November) - What is traditionally celebrated on this day?

St Andrew's Day (30th November) - What do Scots eat on this date or on 'Burn's Night' (25th January)?

Christmas Day (25th December) - What day comes next and which Saint is celebrated?

Song break/s (ask members to choose) ...

Round 4. 'Momentous days'

Some or all of these days will stand out in people's memories, so make time for discussion and reminiscence.

​When was MLK's "I have a dream" speech?

What was his full name?

​When did England win the 'FIFA World Cup' & who did they beat?

Who is holding the trophy?

​When & where was JFK assassinated?

Who shot him?

​When was the Prince Of Wales's Investiture & where did it take place?

What is the ball on top made of?

​When did man first walk son the moon & who was first to step onto the moon surface?

Name the landing craft?

​When was Margaret Thatcher elected as first female British PM?

What was her nickname?

​When was John Lennon shot dead & who killed him?

​When was 'Live Aid' & which two rock stars were behind it?

​When was the Berlin Wall torn down & which two countries reunited?

​When was Nelson Mandela elected first black President of South Africa?

Which island was he imprisoned on?

​When & where did Princess Diana die?

Who was she dating at the time (he also died)?

When were the attacks on the 'Twin Towers' 'World Trade Centre in New York?

Who was hunted down by George W Bush?

​When was the first iPhone launched & who launched it?

​When was Barack Obama elected first black US President?

Where was he born?

​When were the London 'Olympic Games'?

Can you names some gold medal winners?

​When did the UK vote to leave the EU (Brexit referendum)?

How much did the Brexit bus say we would get back for the NHS each week?

​When was Queen Elizabeth 11's 'Platinum Jubilee' weekend?

How long was her reign?

​​When did Rishi Sunak become first non white British PM?

What is his religion?

​When was King Charles's Coronation?

What do people think of Queen Camilla?

Say this rhyme together ...

Round 5. 'The Seasons'

Ask members to name the four seasons & say which is their favourite and why?

Ask members to list some seasonal weathers. Here is a start ...

Jack Frost, Snow (Blizzard), Fog

(Singing in the) Rain, (End of the) Rainbow, Thunder & Lightning

Mist, Sunshowers, Storm

Hail, Heatwave, Overcast

Song break/s (Ask members to choose) ...

'Turn, Turn, Turn', The Byrds -

'Can't Take My Eyes Off You' -

Round 6. 'Decades'

Ask members to reflect on what was their favourite decade and why?

It could be fashion, music, life events or whatever ...

Discuss the slides and see what you can identify from each decade ...

Song break/s (Ask members to choose) ...

'It Was A Very Good Year' -

Round 7. 'Star Signs'

Ask members is they believe in the horoscope?

What is their star sign?

What are the others?

See if members recognise any of their star signs characteristics in themselves?

Maybe, finally ask members if they want their horoscope read out from a newspaper?

Final songs ...