'Maybe It's Because I'm A Londoner'

“In London, everyone is different, and that means anyone can fit in.” – Paddington Bear

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” – Samuel Johnson

I thought it was high time we had a CST activities page themed on our capital city, London.

After introductions and orientation, ask members:

- Has anybody lived in or near to London?

- Has anybody visited London? What was the purpose of their visit?

- What are the best things about London?

It is such a beautiful and cosmopolitan city.

Some of the best landmarks and tourist attractions in the UK.

The theatres and hotels.

- And the worst things?

The crowds.

Public transport during rush hour.

Getting lost!


'Maybe It's Because I'm A Londoner' - Singalong Lyric Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiALqr2Vhfo


To be called 'Cockney', where do you have to be born? - WITHIN EARSHOT OF THE BOW BELLS (Mary-Le-Bow Church in Cheapside)

Say, or sing, this rhyme together ...

Oranges and lemons,

Say the bells of St. Clement's.

You owe me five farthings,

Say the bells of St. Martin's.

When will you pay me?

Say the bells at Old Bailey.

When I grow rich,

Say the bells at Shoreditch.

When will that be?

Say the bells of Stepney.

I do not know,

Says the great bell at Bow.

Here comes a candle to light you to bed,

And here comes a chopper to chop off your head!

Chip chop chip chop the last man is dead.

Name the famous people in this 'Eastenders' picture, and what are they dressed as?


NORMAN SIMMONDS (GEORGE LAYTON) * Starred in 'It Ain't 'Alf Hot Mum' and 'Doctor In Charge'



Have a go at guessing some of the meanings of these 'Top 100 Cockney Rhyming Slang Words and Phrases' (Londontopia.net):

(Take care. A few of these are a bit on the rude side. Maybe just choose a few?)

1. Adam and Eve – believe

2. Alan Whickers – knickers

3. Apples and pears – stairs

4. Artful Dodger – lodger

5. Ascot Races – braces

6. Aunt Joanna – piano

7. Baked Bean – queen

8. Baker’s Dozen – cousin

9. Ball and Chalk – walk

10. Barnaby Rudge – judge

11. Barnet Fair – hair

12. Barney Rubble – trouble

13. Battlecruiser – boozer

14. Bees and honey – money

15. Bird lime – time (in prison)

16. Boat Race – face

17. Bob Hope – soap

18. Bottle and glass – arse

19. Brahms and Liszt – pissed (drunk)

20. Brass tacks – facts

21. Bread and cheese – sneeze

22. Bread and honey – money

23. Bricks and mortar – daughter

24. Bristol City – breasts

25. Brown bread – dead

26. Bubble and squeak – Greek

27. Bubble bath – laugh

28. Butcher’s hook – a look

29. Chalfont St. Giles – piles

30. Chalk Farm – arm

31. China plate – mate (friend)

32. Cock and hen – ten

33. Cows and kisses – missus (wife)

34. Currant bun – sun (also The Sun, a British newspaper)

35. Custard and jelly – telly (television)

36. Daisy Roots – boots

37. Darby and Joan – moan

38. Dicky bird – word

39. Dicky dirt – shirt

40. Dinky doos – shoes

41. Dog and bone – phone

42. Dog’s meat – feet

43. Duck and dive – skive

44. Duke of Kent – rent

45. Dustbin lid – kid

46. Elephant’s trunk – drunk

47. Fireman’s hose – nose

48. Flowery dell – cell

49. Frog and toad – road

50. Gypsy’s kiss – piss

51. Half-inch – pinch (to steal)

52. Hampton wick – prick

53. Hank Marvin – starving

54. Irish pig – wig

55. Isle of Wight – tights

56. Jam-jar – car

57. Jimmy Riddle – piddle

58. Joanna – piano (pronounced ‘pianna’ in Cockney)

59. Khyber Pass – arse

60. Kick and prance – dance

61. Lady Godiva – fiver

62. Laugh n a joke – smoke

63. Lionel Blairs – flares

64. Loaf of bread – head

65. Loop the loop – soup

66. Mickey Bliss – piss

67. Mince pies – eyes

68. Mork and Mindy – windy

69. North and south – mouth

70. Orchestra stalls – balls

71. Pat and Mick – sick

72. Peckham rye – tie

73. Plates of meat – feet

74. Pony and trap – crap

75. Raspberry ripple – nipple

76. Raspberry tart – fart

77. Roast pork – fork

78. Rosy Lee – tea (drink)

79. Round the houses – trousers

80. Rub-a-dub – pub

81. Ruby Murray – curry

82. Sausage roll – goal

83. Septic tank – Yank

84. Sherbert (short for sherbert dab) – cab (taxi)

85. Skin and blister – sister

86. Sky rocket – pocket

87. Sweeney Todd – flying squad

88. Syrup of figs – wig (sic)

89. Tables and chairs – stairs

90. Tea leaf – thief

91. Tom and Dick – sick

92. Tom tit – shit

93. Tomfoolery – jewellery

94. Tommy Trinder – window

95. Trouble and strife – wife

96. Two and eight – state (of upset)

97. Vera Lynn – gin

98. Whistle and flute – suit (of clothes)

99. Wonga – cash

100. And of course, Rabbit and pork - TALK


'Rabbit', Chas And Dave - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOSseI1hao8

What shop is mentioned in the lyrics?


Round 1. History

1. William Shakespeare, 1564–1616

What is the name of his theatre on the banks of the Thames?

2. 'Gunpowder Plot', 1605

What was his name?

What was he trying to destroy?

3. 'Great Plague Of London', 1665-66

What was the name of the illness?

How did it spread?

4. 'Great Fire Of London', 2 September 1666

Where did the fire start?

How many people died?

5. 'Dick Whittington And His Cat', published 1711

Which high office did he achieve, according to the poem by Clara Doty Bates?

6. 'The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street', 1785

What was his name?

How many men did he murder during his 17 years reign of terror?

7. Sherlock Holmes, first appeared in publication in 1887

Who wrote the books?

Where did he live?

8. 'Jack the Ripper', terrorised London in 1888

How many murders were linked to the case?

9. The Kray Twins, Organised crime 1950s-1967

What were the twins' names?

What was the name of their gang?

10. 'Oliver', Charles Dickens 1837

SONG. 'I'd Do Anything', 'Oliver, 1968' - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ey0D53Dxl3M

Complete these Dickens book titles:

- 'A Christmas *****'

- 'Great *************'

- 'David ***********'

- 'The Pickwick ******'

- 'Nicholas ********'

Round 2. Landmarks

11. Name the landmark?

What flag is raised when she is in?

12. Name the landmark?

What is the name of the guards and the birds who protect it?

13. Name the landmark?

How many stories are there? (Nearest guess)

14. Name the landmark?

Which architect designed it?

15. Name the landmark (original name)?

Which phone network is it associated with now?

16. Name the landmark?

How many minutes does it take to go round?

17. Name the landmark?

Name the cat?

18. Name the landmark?

On average, how many times a year does the bridge open?

19. Name the landmark?

Who works here? (He is pictured below)

20. SONG. 'Feed The Birds', 'Mary Poppins - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHrRxQVUFN4

Who co-starred with Julie Andrews in this 1964 movie?

Round 3. Tourism

21. What examination do 'Black Cab' drivers in London have to take?

22. Name the 'London Underground' stations?











23. How much a week was promised by Boris Johnson for the NHS on the side of the 'Brexit Bus'?

24. What is the longest running play in the 'West End' (started in 1952)?

25. What ceremony involving the 'Queen's Guard' takes place several times a week?

26. Name the landmark?

What 'Last Night' takes place here every September?

27. Name the art gallery (it used to be a power station)?

28. Name the gardens?

29. The 'Prime Meridian Line' runs through here?

When do the clocks go back?

30. SONG. 'Penny Lane', The Beatles - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-rB0pHI9fU

Name the road in this picture?

Round 4. TV & Film

31. Name the children's TV show?

14 episodes were made. Can you remember any of the costumes?

32. Name the children's TV show?

What was the name of the headmistress?

33. Name the TV show?

What was the cook's name?

34. Name the TV show?

And the retail store?

35. Name the TV show?

And the characters?

36. Name the TV show?

And the characters?

37. What was the name of 'the boy who never grew up' in this 1953 movie?

What was the name of the fairy?

38. 'Hogwart's Express' in the Harry Potter series, left from which London station?

And which platform?

39. Name the bear?

Where was he from and which sandwiches did he like?

40. SONG. 'She', Elvis Costello - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWoJsiy26gc

Name the actor and actress?

Round 5. Name The Londoners

41. Name the Londoner?

What breed was his dog?

42. Name the Londoner?

Complete some of his film titles:

- 'Rear ******'

- North By *********'

- 'Strangers On A *****'

- 'The 39 *****'

- 'Dial M For ******'