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"Bready Steady Go" Quiz 🥐

Here is another short and sweet Dementia Cafe Quiz. Hope you like it? Some feedback would be great.

Begin by asking members who likes bread and which is their favourite type.

Next, here are some idioms to complete together ...

  • Bread always falls on the buttered SIDE (unlucky)

  • The best thing since sliced BREAD (really great)

  • Know which side one's bread is BUTTERED ON (choose the best option)

  • Man does not live by bread ALONE (variety is the spice of life)

  • Earn your CRUST (work hard)

  • BreadWINNER (make money)

  • Break bread with SOMEONE (make friends)

  • Brown BREAD (dead)

  • Upper CRUST (dead posh)

  • Baker's DOZEN (thirteen)

  • Half BAKED (under prepared)

  • Separate the wheat from the CHAFF (sort things out)

  • Use your LOAF (think things through)

  • Bread of HEAVEN (feed me 'til I want no more)

  • Oh CRUMBS (crikey)

Then ask members to identify the following breads (there is a Word Search below with the answers).

NB If you click on the first photo a slide show will open. Or you can take screenshots and print off handouts.

Download PDF • 23KB

Next, here are some vintage adverts ...

Then you could ask which members bake, or used to bake bread other other baked goods?

Ask members to talk the group through the making process ...

Flour, Yeast, Kneading

Resting & Rising, Baking, Slicing

Next you could ask members what their favourite sandwich fillings are? Below are the ratings across the decades ...

Then here is a funny sketch from the cast of 'Goodness Gracious Me' ...

'Going For An English' or 'Bread Rolls' sketch -

Finally, here are some bready songs ...

'Baker Street', Gerry Rafferty -

Which detective lived at 221b Baker Street?

'Mouldy Old Dough', Lieutenant Pigeon -

Who discovered Penicillin from mould in 1928?

'Make It With You', Bread -

Who was the lead singer-songwriter?

Including a singalong ...

'Bread Of Heaven' ('Cam Rhondda') -

Who is this Welsh singer?


Sherlock Holmes & Dr John Watson

Sir Alexander Fleming

David Gates

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Michael Ball



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