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Black & White 🐼

Here's a new CST activities page, to celebrate the colours black and white.

Introductory discussion questions could include:

- What are member's favourite colours and why?

- Think of things that are 'White' - snow, fog, rabbit, daisy, lily, toilet paper

- Think of things that are 'Black' - nighttime, sunglasses, grapes, olives, crow

- Who likes wearing 'Black Tie'? What does it entail? For what occasions might you wear it?

- What about wearing white? Think about wedding days and dresses (take care with this one!)

You could also ask members to bring along a black & white photograph which is meaningful to them and then show it to the group explaining why.


Baa baa black SHEEP

Black sheep of the FAMILY

Be in someone’s black BOOKS

Beaten black and BLUE

Black GOLD (Guinness)

On the black MARKET (knock off goods)

As black as the ace of SPADES

Get something down in black and WHITE

Pot calling the kettle BLACK

Black DOG (depression)

I bet he drinks Carling Black LABEL

Black Lives MATTER

As white as a SHEET / GHOST

A white ELEPHANT (useless)

Wave the white FLAG

Men in white COATS

Pearly WHITES (teeth)

Little white LIE (untruth)

White HOUSE (where the US President lives)

White knuckle RIDE (fairground)

White water RAFTING

White van MAN

Mary had a little LAMB

Ride a cock horse to Banbury CROSS

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Doc, Bashful, Happy, Grumpy, Sleepy, Sneezy & Dopey)

The Milky Bars Are On ME (white chocolate)

50 Shades Of GREY

Greyhound BUS (US transport)

Silver FOX (handsome middle aged man)

The Picture Of Dorian GRAY (Oscar Wilde)


Say this together ...

Ring-a-ring o' roses,

A pocket full of posies,

A-tishoo! A-tishoo!

We all fall down.

What is it all about?

Well, it is about the 'Black Death' or Bubonic Plague which hit London in 1665. Roses and posies were carried to hide the stench of the malodorous pustules. 'Fall down' relates to people dropping to the floor when sick.

75,000 people died.

You could leave this out. It's a bit grim!

Or you could use it as the basis for a discussion about epidemics and COVID-19, precautions and lockdown and vaccination.

FIRST SONG. 'Shine On Harvest Moon', Laurel & Hardy -

Included because it was 'Harvest Moon' this week and well, because this is a classic black and white clip.



1. A single colour picture or film is called what?

Which building is pictured?

2. An old black and white photograph with an orange hint is called what colour?

Who is pictured here?

3. List as many newspapers available in the UK as you can?

4. What puzzle is this?

Which two types can you complete?

5. What game is this?

Who knows how to play?

6. What game is this?

Who knows how to play?

7. What flag is this?

Which sport is it used in?

8. Name the game?

Name the pieces?

9. What is this symbol called?

What does it mean?

10. Is seeing a black cat good or bad luck?

Think of other good and bad luck symbols?

11. SONG BREAK. 'A Whiter Shade Of Pale', Procol Harem -

Which dance was mentioned in the first line?


12. Name the animal?

Which continent are they native to?

13. Name the animal?

What is their home called?

14. Name the animal?

How do they defend themselves?

15. Name the bird?

Say the rhyme together. "One for ..."

16. Name the animal?

What do they eat?

17. Name the breed of dog?

What percentage of them are deaf?

18. Name the bird?

Are they native to the North or South Pole?

19. Name the animal?

What is it's proper name?

20. Name this famous TV horse?

Which UK bank uses this animal in it's advertising?

21. Name the animal?

And the breed?

22. SONG BREAK. 'Nights In White Satin' -

Who was their lead singer?


23. Name the movie?

And the actress?

24. Name the movie?

And the actor and actress?

25. Name the movie?

Name the actor?

26. Name the movie?

Which actress is he holding?

27. Name the movie?

And the actress?

28. Name the movie?

Name the actress second from the left?

29. Name the movie?

And the actor?

30. Name the movie?

Name the actors?

31. Name the movie?

And the actresses?

32. Name the movie?

And the silent movie star?

33. SONG BREAK. 'Over The Rainbow', Judy Garland -

Name the dog?


34. Which football club shirt is this?

Who is wearing it?

35. Name the TV vicar?

Which pop group was he in with Jimmy Somerville?

36. Name the TV show?

And the characters and actors?

37. Name the movie?

And the actress?

38. Name the TV show?

And the character and actress?

39. Name the guard?

Where is he?

Which bird protects the Tower?

40. Name the movie?

And the actor?

And the owl?

41. Name the TV chef?

What nationality is he?

42. Name this 'Golden Girl'?

What was her character's name in the TV comedy?

43. Name the first black US President?

Where is the 'Oval Office'?

44. SONG BREAK. 'Ebony And Ivory', Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder -

Nearest guess. How many keys (black & white) are there on a standard piano?



'Superman' - with all the moves -


You could enjoy some old fashioned sweets. Liquorice Allsorts & Black Jacks & Fruit Salad.

Yum 😛


You could draw Polar Bears together -

Or you could be more adventurous and try drawing a Black Horse, using charcoal -

Or if members don't feel confident to draw, they could paint an Orca by numbers, using the 'Colour Planet Oil Painting' app on an iPad, or any other animal of their choice.

1. Monochrome

Eiffel Tower, Paris

2. Sepia

Shirley Temple

3. 'The Sun', 'The Mirror', 'The Times', 'The Telegraph', 'The Daily Mail', 'The Express', 'The Guardian' etc

4. Cryptic & General Knowledge

5. Dominoes

6. Pool

7. Chequered Flag

Formula 1 Racing

8. Chess

King, Queen, Rook, Knight, Bishop & Pawn

9. Yin Yang

Opposite forces are complimentary. In balance

10. Bad luck if it crosses your path (some variations)

Good luck - Four leaf clover, Horseshoe, Rabbit's foot, Finding a penny etc

Bad luck - Walking under a ladder, Number 13, Breaking a mirror (7 years bad luck) etc

11. Fandango

12. Zebra


13. Badger


14. Skunk

It sprays foul smelling liquid from glands near it's anus

15. Magpie

1 - Sorrow, 2 - Joy, 3 - Girl, 4 - Boy, 5 - Silver, 6 - Gold, 7 - Secret never to be told, 8 - Wish, 9 - Kiss & 10 - A bird you must not miss

(Some people salute one Magpie!)

16. Panda


17. Dalmatian


18. Penguin

South Pole

19. Killer Whale


20. Black Beauty


21. Cow


22. Justin Haywood

23. 'Psycho', 1960

Janet Leigh

24. 'Casablanca', 1942

Humphrey Bogart & Ingrid Bergman

25. 'The Elephant Man', 1980

John Hurt

26. 'King Kong', 1933

Fay Wray

27. 'Some Like It Hot', 1959

Marilyn Monroe

28. 'All About Eve', 1950

Bette Davies

29. 'To Kill A Mockingbird', 1962

Gregory Peck

30. 'Rebecca', 1940

Joan Fontaine, Laurence Olivier & Judith Anderson

31. 'The Great Dictator',

Charlie Chaplin, 1940

32. Toto

33. Newcastle United

Kevin Keegan

34. Rev. Richard Coles

'The Communards'

35. 'Blackadder'

Baldrick (Tony Robinson) & Edmund Blackadder (Rowan Atkinson)

36. 'Sister Act', 1992

Whoopi Goldberg

37. 'Vicar Of Dibley'

Geraldine Grainger (Dawn French)

38. 'Beefeater'

'Tower Of London'


39. 'Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone', 2001

Daniel Radcliffe


40. Raymond Blanc


41. Betty White

Rose Nyland

42. Barack Obama

'The White House'

43. 88


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