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Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

This is a brief CST activities page to help celebrate the start of the 'Beijing Winter Olympics 2022', which runs from 4-20 February.

Ask who enjoys following the Winter Olympics? Who prefers the Summer Olympic Games?

Has anyone a favourite winter sport?

Has anyone ever tobogganed, skied or skated?

What about non Winter Olympic Games, e.g. snowball fight, snowman building, cold water swimming or making snow angels. Has anyone had fun recently with these?

What do people think of this years mascots, what do people think they represent?

Bing Dwen Dwen and Shuey Rhon Rhon

A Giant Panda and an anthropomorphic Chinese Lantern


Does anyone remember this TV theme?

Hopefully, it will help us get in a wintry mood for the forthcoming music and picture quiz -


ROUND 1. Identify These 10 Winter Olympic Sports











ROUND 2. Identify These 10 Host Nations











ROUND 3. Some Winter Sporting Memories

21. Name this British Olympian?

He was a British figure skater. and the 1976 European, Olympic and World Champion. He was noted for combining ballet and modern dance influences into his skating.

Here are his highlights (Spoiler alert) -

22. Name this British Olympian?

He is a British former competitive figure skater. He was the 1980 Olympic champion, the 1980 European champion and a three-time World medalist (1978–1980). He was head judge on ITV's 'Dancing On Ice' show from 2006 to 2014.

23. Name these British Olympians. They won gold at Sarajevo in 1984.

Here is their winning performance -

24. Name this British Olympian?

In 1988, he became the first competitor since 1928 to represent Great Britain in Olympic ski jumping.

Here are some of his best moments (Spoiler alert) -

25. What was the name of the 1993 movie about a Jamaican Bobsleigh team completing in the 1988 Winter Olympics?

26. Which ex 'Eastenders' star featured in ITV's 'Dancing On Ice' in 2009?

Here is his most memorable performance (Spoiler alert) -

27. Who is this famous cyclist that appeared on 2017's 'The Jump' ITV show? (He broke his leg!)

28. Which TV reality show celebrity 'went flying' on ITV's 'Dancing On Ice' in 2019?

Here is her infamous fall (Spoiler alert) -

29. Lizzy Yarnold is the most successful British Winter Olympian. She won consecutive gold medals in 2014 and 2018, but in which discipline?

Here is her most recent gold medal winning performance (Spoiler alert) -

30. Gus Kenworthy, the British-born American skier, failed to add to his silver from Sochi 2014, but a historic kiss with his boyfriend on USA primetime network TV may have made an even bigger impact back home.

This Winter Olympics he competes for the UK for the first time, but in what discipline?

Here is some of his best work (Spoiler alert) -

ROUND 4. Some Snowy Songs

31. What is social entertainment and drinks after winter sports called?

32. If freezing point is 0 degrees Celsius, what is it in Fahrenheit?

33. True or False. No country in the Southern Hemisphere has ever hosted the Winter Olympics?

34. True or False. The Winter Olympics were hosted in California?

35. When does Spring start? (First official day)

36. What substance is sprinkled on roads to help keep traffic moving in the snow? And what does it turn snow into?

37. How do you make a 'Snow Angel'?

38. The Met Office define a BLIZZARD as moderate or heavy snow falling with winds exceeding what speed?

39. Aside from love, how would YOU keep warm in the winter weather?

Indoors -

& Outdoors

40. To finish, here is 'Troika' by Prokofiev. The 'Troika' is a three horse sled in Russia. The music depicts a fast sleigh ride.

Perhaps finish by asking members what they would like to do on holiday if they went to a cold and snowy place?


You could help members to make an individual or group Winter Olympics collage by printing off some images, or bringing in some related magazines.

Or, thinking of members' lifetime sporting achievements or interests, you could make medals out of air drying clay and ribbon.


You could finish the session with some snowballs, or a fondue with some mulled wine.


1. Curling

2. Skeleton

3. Speed Skating

4. Bobsleigh

5. Slalom

6. Ice Dancing

7. Snowboarding

8. Ski Jumping

9. Ice Hockey

10. Luge


11. Austria

12. USA

13. Bosnia and Herzegovina

14. Canada

15. France

16. Norway

17. Japan

18. USA

19. Russia

20. South Korea


21. John Curry

22. Robin Cousins

23. Jayne Torvill & Christopher Dean

24. Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards

25. 'Cool Runnings'

26. Todd Carty

27. Bradley Wiggins

28. Gemma Collins

29. Skeleton

30. Freestyle Skier


31. Apres Ski

32. 32 degrees Farenheit

33. True

34. True. Squaw Valley Resort, 1960

35. 20th March - 21st June

36. Grit is actually Rock Salt / Slush

37. Like this ...

38. 30 MPH

39. Make a list ...

Coal fire, central heating, warm soup, thick socks, jumper, hat, double glazed windows, insulation in the roof

Thermal underwear, hat, gloves & scarf, boots, jacket, goggles etc



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