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Are You A Baby Boomer?

A 'Baby Boomer' is someone born in the post war years between the end of WW11 and the mid-1960s, when there was a sharp increase in the population when soldiers returned home.

Because of their high numbers and the relative prosperity of the post-war economy during their careers, the 'Baby Boomers' were an economically influential generation.

Today, boomers are reaching retirement age and face some key challenges, including funding their older age. But the 'grey pound' still makes them a large and powerful consumer group.

Discuss the 1950s & 60s with members ...

What was life like then compared to now?

What were fashions like? What was your 'look'?

Were times better or worse than today and why?

Has anyone a story to tell about life in the 1950s or 60s?

Opening Song ...

Ask members to think of their favourite song or artist/group from the 1950s or 60s?

Make a note and play some of these later ...

Here is the Music & Picture Quiz.

If you answer most or all of these questions correctly, you are indeed a 'Baby Boomer'.

Scores 0-25 = You're unlikely to be a 'Baby Boomer'; you are more likely to be 'Gen X' (born between 1965-80)

Scores 26-50 = You might be a 'Baby Boomer', or at least a fan of elements of the culture and lifestyle

Scores 51-75 = You are most definitely a 'Baby Boomer', you are nostalgic for those days and remember them well

Scores 76-100 = You are a 'Master Baby Boomer' and have a lot to teach the younger generations about the 50s and 60s.

Round 1. Culture & History

Name the major event associated with the photo ... Relevant video clips and songs are linked

Song break ...

Round 2. Household Items

Some questions to answer with these pictures ...

​What was this image called?

​Which company made this item?

​What two radio frequencies were there?

​What was this for?

​At what speeds would you play a single and an album?

​Name the two types of tapes/machines?

​What was this called?

​What number would you dial for 'The Operator'?

​What is he delivering?

​Name the vehicle?

Song break ...

Round 3. Name The Game

Just name the game ... and describe how you would play it ...

Song break ...

Round 4. Guess The Advert

Song break ...

VIDEO BREAK. 'Monty Python SPAM' -

Round 5. Out & About

Some questions to answer in this round ...

​What high street store did this stamp book turn into?

​What was this for?

​What was the first burger chain in the UK?

In what was was the Corona company ahead of its time?

What does 'CFF' stand for? Anyone remember this?

​What percentage of men and women (two different figures) smoked in 1962 (nearest Guess)?

​If you wanted to ring home and had no change, what could you do?

​How much was a gallon of petrol in 1970 and how much is it now (nearest guess)?

​What type of wine was 'Blue Nun'?

​Name the coins?

Song break ...

How it's time to play members favourite 1960s songs. Here's mine ...

Round 1

1. The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth 11 on 2nd June 1953

2. The assassination of John F Kennedy on 22nd November 1963

3. The debut of Elvis Presley on the 'Ed Sullivan Show' 9th September 1956

4. Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech on 28th August 1963

5. The 'Apollo 11' moon landing on 20th July 1969

6. Rosa Parks / Montgomery Bus Protest 5th December 1955 - 20th December 1956

7. England winning the 'World Cup' against West Germany (4-2) on 30th July 1966

8. 'Beatlemania' 1963-66

9. 'Woodstock' 15-18th August 1969

10. 'Stonewall Riots' 28th June -3rd July 1969

Round 2

11. Testcard

12. Hoover

13. AM & FM

14. Mincer

15. 45 rpm & 33 rpm

16. VHS & Betamax

17. Twin Tub

18. 100

19. Coal

20. Milk Float

Round 3

21. Hula Hoop

22. Hop Scotch

23. Leap Frog

24. Snakes & Ladders

25. Spirograph

26. Meccano

27. Subbuteo

28. Scalextric

29. Cluedo

30. Space Invaders

Round 4

31. Smash

32. Hovis

33. Yellow Pages

34. Cinzano

35. Fairy Liquid

36. Shake n Vac

37. Milk Tray

38. Old Spice

39. "Charlie Says..." - Child Safety

40. "Oo Petunia, he's waving at us!" - Call The Coastguard

Round 5

41. Argos

42. Credit Card Swipe

43. Wimpy

44. Recycling (money back for empties)

45. 'Children's Film Foundation'

46. 70% of men & 40% of women

47. Reverse the charges

48. 6s 8p in 1975 (equivalent to £3.67 in todays money, with inflation); £7 a gallon now

49. Liebfraumilch

50. Farthing, half penny, penny, threepence (thru penny bit), sixpence (tanner), shilling (bob), florin, half crown and crown

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