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✈️ Aircraft Quiz

“Sometimes you have to go up really high to understand how small you are.” Felix Baumgartner.

“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” Leonardo Da Vinci.

Discussion Points

Ask members who enjoys, or is afraid of, flying? What are the good and not so good things about it?

Has anyone ever flown a plane, glider or hot air balloon, or been in the cockpit for landing or take off?

Who has travelled the furthest by plane?

SONG BREAK. Take My Breath Away, Berlin -

Name the plane?

Name this US president?

Idioms About Flying

As high as a KITE

Come through with flying COLOURS

Fly by the seat of your PANTS

Fly off the HANDLE

Fly under the RADAR

Get off to a flying START

Straighten up and fly RIGHT

Fly too close to the SUN

Flight of FANCY

Be on automatic PILOT


Flight attendants, prepare for TAKE OFF or LANDING

Keep your seatbelts FASTENED

Bombs AWAY

Roger, over and OUT

ROUND 1. Famous Aircraft

1. Name the plane?

Who designed and built it?

2. Name the plane?

What was it infamous for?

3. Name these two aircraft, which are said to have won the 'Battle of Britain'?

4. Name this aircraft, that could take off and land vertically?

5. Name this aircraft?

How fast could it fly?

a. 1,354 mph

b. 534 mph

c. 354 mph

6. Name this aircraft?

7. Name this aircraft?

8. Name this flying team?

9. Name this aircraft?

Can you name any of the six that launched?

10. Name the aircraft?

How many passengers can it carry?

a. 453

b. 653

c. 853

Some Heathrow landings during 'Storm Eunice'

ROUND 2. People

11. Name the brothers?

Name their first viable plane, which flew for the first time in 1903?

12. Name the pilot?

He was the first man to fly solo from New York to where in 1927?

13. Name the pilot?

She was the first woman to fly solo from London to where in 1930?

14. Name the pilot?

She was the first woman to fly solo across which ocean in 1932?

15. Name the pilot?

He was a flying ace in the Second World War who flew with two artificial legs.

16. Name these three Apollo 11 astronauts?

What date was did 'The Eagle' land on the surface of the moon?

17. Name this pilot?

18. Name this pilot?

What did he pilot from 2015-17?

19. Name this skydiver, who jumped from 127,851 ft in 2012?

(Anyone fancy it?)

20. Name this 'Virgin' flyer?

Can he pilot a plane, yes or no?

ROUND 3. Movies

21. Name this 1955 movie?

Who invented the 'Bouncing Bomb'? Name the aircraft?

Whilst listening to this, ask members to make pilot goggles with their hands.

22. Name this 1959 movie?

Name the actor?

23. Name this 1965 movie?

Name the actors?

24. Name this 1975 movie?

Which gas was responsible for the disaster?

25. Name this 1980 movie?

Which actor played the doctor ("Don't call me Shirley!")?

26. Name this 1986 movie?

Can Tom Cruise fly a plane?

27. Name this 1987 movie?

What holiday were they heading home for?

28. Name this 2001 movie?

Which country launched the attack?

29. Name this 2002 movie?

Name the actor?

30. Name this 2016 movie?

On which river did he safely land the plane?

ROUND 4. Music

31. Name the two characters?

* A bonus point for anyone that can do the snigger *

32. Who created the character Snoopy?

33. What was his nickname?

34. True or False. John Denver died when he crashed his plane into Monterey Bay, California, in 1997?

35. What product did this song advertise?

36. Which ITV show did Mark Feehilly, in the middle, nearly win recently?

Here he is ...

37. What is her nickname?

38. What is Elton Hercules John's real name?

39. What was her other UK top 10 hit?

A couple of 'Wings' songs to finish ...

40. What products still carry his late wife Linda's name?


Make paper planes and see how far they can fly?

Have a prize on hand for the person's whose plane flies furthest.

Or you could buy some balsa wood plane making sets. Remember winding up the elastic band?


Song Question - 'Airforce One' / Barack Obama

1. 'Spruce Goose' / Howard Hughes

2. 'Enola Gay' / It carried the atomic bomb which destroyed Hiroshima on 6th August 1945

3. Spitfire & Hurricane

4. Harrier Jump Jet

5. Concord / A. 1,354 mph

6. Sea King Helicopter

7. 747

8. 'The Red Arrows'

9. Space Shuttle / 'Enterprise', 'Columbia', 'Challenger', 'Discovery', 'Atlantis' & 'Endeavour' ('Challenger' & 'Columbia' were destroyed in mission incidents in 1986 & 2003)

10. A380 / C. 853

11. The Wright Brothers / 'Kitty Hawk'

12. Charles Lindbergh / Paris, France

13. Amy Johnson / Darwin, Australia

14. Amelia Earhart / Atlantic

15. Douglas Bader

16. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin & Michael Collins / 20th July 1969

17. John Travolta

18. Prince William / East Anglian Air Ambulance

19. Felix Baumgartner

20. Richard Branson / No

21. 'The Dambusters' / Barnes Wallace / Lancaster Bomber

22. 'North By North West' / Cary Grant

23. 'Those Magnificent Men In Their Flaying Machines' / Terry Thomas & Eric Sykes

24. 'The Hindenburg' / Hydrogen

25. 'Airplane' / Lesley Nielsen

26. 'Top Gun' / Yes

27. 'Planes, Trains And Automobiles' / Thanksgiving

28. 'Pearl Harbour' / Japan

29. 'Catch Me If You Can' / Leonardo DiCaprio

30. 'Sully' / Hudson

31. Dick Dastardly & Muttley

32. Charles Schulz

33. 'Old Blue Eyes'

34. True

35. 'Nimble'

36. 'The Masked Singer'

37. 'The Divine Miss M'

38. Reginald Dwight

39. 'Almaz'

40. Vegetarian Meat Substitutes


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