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ABBA Quiz 💿🎧

Here is an ABBA Quiz to celebrate their return to the stage with the 'Voyage' tour in May 2022. The quiz is a straightforward multi choice question format, with video and song links included to break it up a bit.

Hope you enjoy it. Please do let me know.

Si O'Donovan

Question 1

Why are they called ABBA?

a. It is an acronym of their names

b. They are named after a biblical character

c. It was the first word one of their babies said

Bonus points if you can name them?

Question 2

What country do they come from?

a. Denmark

b. Sweden

c. Switzerland

Question 3

What was their first hit single?

a. 'Waterloo'

b. 'Ring Ring'

c. 'SOS'

Bonus points if you can name the event and date where they first performed it?

Question 4

At the 'above mentioned contest, how many points did the UK award ABBA (the maximum was 10 points distributed between the jury's favourite songs)?

a. 5 points

b. 3 points

c. 0 points

Question 5

What is their net worth, each ?

a. Between $2-3m

b. Between $20-30m

c. Between $200-300m

Question 6

Who was married to who?

a. Agnetha was married to Benny & Anna-Frid was married to Bjorn

b. Agnetha was married to Bjorn & Anna-Frid was married to Benny

c. Agnetha was married to Anna-Frid & Benny was married to Bjorn

Question 7

Name the album?

a. 'Departure'

b. 'Arrival'

c. 'Journey'

Question 8

Name the album?

a. 'The Movie'

b. 'The Tour'

c. 'The Album'

Question 9

A TV comedy series was named after one of their singles. What was it?

a. 'Gimme Gimme Gimme'

b. 'Chiquitita' (aka 'Shake Your Teeth Out' or 'Chicken Tikka')

c. 'Fernando'

Question 10

In which 1994 Australian comedy movie did Toni Collette and Rachel Griffiths perform 'Waterloo' in a talent contest?

a. 'Strictly Ballroom'

b. 'Muriel's Wedding'

c. 'Prescilla Queen Of The Desert'

Question 11

Comedian Alan Partridge's catchphrase in his TV comedy chat show was 'Aha!'. The sitcom was named after which single?

a. 'Take A Chance On Me'

b. 'The Winner Takes It All'

c. 'Knowing Me Knowing You'

Question 12

Bjorn and Benny wrote a musical with Tim Rice in 1984. What was it called?

a. 'Monopoly'

b. 'Chess'

c. ''Cluedo'

Question 13

In younger days, it was revealed that HM Queen Elizabeth 11 would always get up and dance when the song 'Dancing Queen' was played?

a. True

b. False

Question 14

With which (made up) song did comedy duo French & Saunders parody ABBA in 2016?

a. 'C'est La Vie'

b. 'I'm Bored Being Swedish'

c. 'Where Did Our Husbands Go'

Question 15

In 2008 a movie and stage show was produced based on ABBA songs. What was it called?

a. 'Head Over Heels'

b. 'Thank You For The Music'

c. 'Mamma Mia'

Question 16

In 1980 ABBA had a minor hit with the song 'Happy New Year'. What was its working title before appearing on the album 'Super Trouper'?

a. 'Daddy Don't Get Drunk on Christmas Day'

b. 'Hopefully Next Year Will Be Better Than This One Was'

c. 'Santa Clause Doesn't Exist'

Question 17

As of 30 January 2020, how many consecutive weeks had their 'Gold: Greatest Hits' album been in the Top 100 of the album charts?

a. 92

b. 595

c. 925

Question 18

In their new stage show 'Voyage', how do they appear?

a. As avatars

b. Via video link

c. Live on stage

Question 19

Who recently got into 'trouble' for hosting an ABBA party?

a. Carrie Johnson (Mrs Boris)

b. Camilla Parker-Bowles (Mrs Prince Charles)

c. Meghan Markle (Mrs Prince Harry)

Question 20

The first line in the single 'Thank You For The Music' is what?

a. "I write the songs that make the whole world sing"

b. "I'm nothing special, in fact I'm a bit of a bore"

c. "Music was my first love and it will be my last"


'Mamma Mia' Red Nose Day Part 1 -

'Mamma Mia' Red Nose Day Part 2 -

(If you just want a short clip, go from 5.30 on the second video)


Play a few of these, as members choose ... (original videos)

'Knowing Me, Knowing You' -

'The Winner Takes It All' -

Finally, ask members what they think of their new singles ...

'I Still Have Faith In You' -

1 - A / Agnetha Fältskog, Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson & Anni-Frid Lyngstad

2 - B

3 - A / 'Eurovision Song Contest', 1974

4 - C

5 - C

6 - B

7 - B

8 - C

9 - A

10 - B

11 - C

12 - B

13 - A

14 - A

15 - C

16 - A

17 - C

18 - A

19 - A

20 - B


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