World Beard Day - 4th September 🧔‍♀️

I hope your clients enjoy this facial recognition picture quiz of men with facial hair.

Full face photos follow in second half of page, together with a short descriptor and a couple of questions about each person.

Okay, here goes ...














































Before looking at the answers, ask members the following questions to get the discussion going.

(Men) Who likes wearing a beard or moustache? (Ladies) Who prefers clean shaven men versus bearded or moustached men?

What are the pros and cons? - Not having to shave versus the fuss of grooming and waxing.

What are the different types of facial hair called? - Goatee, Van Dyke, 5 o'clock shadow, Handlebar moustache, Sideburns, full Hipster beards etc.

What about a trip to the Barbers? Who likes a shave with a proper blade and a hot flannel?

What about hair fashions? How have they changed over the years? Think of a Kevin Keegan shaggy perm versus short back and sides. Did anyone use Brylcreem?

What about balding men? Who prefers a comb over to a closely shaved Kojak hair cut?

What about the ladies? Who likes having their hair done with curlers and tongs? Did anyone used to iron their hair to straighten it?

What about hair dyes and Toni perms? Does anyone still colour their hair? Who likes to sit under a hair dryer, reading a magazine?

Discuss how costs have changed over the years ...


1. Noel Edmonds. Born 1948. Complete the names of some of his shows - Multi-coloured SWAP SHOP, Noel's House PARTY, Deal or NO DEAL

2. Charles Darwin. Lived 1809-1882. Complete the names of his most important books - On The Origin Of SPECIES, The Voyage Of THE BEAGLE

3. Conchita Wurst. Born 1988. With what song and in what year did he/she win Eurovision? - Rise Like A PHOENIX, 2014

4. Fred Sirieix. Born 1972. At which restaurant is Fred Maitre D? FIRST DATES RESTAURANT

5. George Best. Lived 1946-2005. Which UK team did he spend most of his professional career in? - MANCHESTER UNITED. In which year was he named European Footballer Of The Year? - 1968

6. Peter Sellers. Lived 1925-1980. Who was he in The Goon Show with? - SPIKE MILLIGAN, HARRY SECOMBE & MICHAEL BENTINE

7. Robert Redford. Born 1936. Complete the names of some of his films? - Butch Cassidy And THE SUNDANCE KID, Out Of AFRICA, The Way We WERE, The Horse WHISPERER

8. Ricky Gervais. Born 1961. What was his character's name in The Office? - David BRENT. Where was it set? - SLOUGH

9. Mahatma Gandhi. Lived 1869-1948. What religion was he? - HINDU. What were the two pillars of his beliefs, referred to as Gandhisim? - TRUTH AND NON VIOLENCE

10. Johnny Depp. Born 1963. Complete the names of some of his best films? - Edward SCISSORHANDS, Pirates Of THE CARIBBEAN, Alice Through The LOOKING GLASS

11. Hulk Hogan. Born 1953. Complete the names of some of the most famous UK wrestlers? - Big DADDY, Giant HAYSTACKS & Mick MCMANUS

12. John Cleese. Born 1939. Complete the names of some of his most famous works? - Monty Python's FLYING CIRCUS, Fawlty TOWERS, A Fish Called WANDA, Life Of BRIAN & The Meaning OF LIFE

13. George Michael. Lived 1963-2016. Complete the names of some of his best singles? - Careless WHISPER, I Knew You Were WAITING, Club TROPICANA, Jesus To A CHILD, Last CHRISTMAS

14. Martin Luther King. Lived 1929-1968. What religion was he? - BAPTIST MINISTER. What was he fighting for? - AN END TO RACIAL DISCRIMINATION AND SEGREGATION

15. Simon Cowell. Born 1959. Complete the names of some of his shows? - Britain's Got TALENT, The X FACTOR & Pop IDOL

16. George Clooney. Born 1961. What American hospital drama did he star in from 1994-2009? - ER. As whom? - DOUG ROSS

17. Robbie Coltrane. Born 1950. What was his name in the Harry Potter movies? - RUBEUS HAGRID. Which UK crime drama did he star in from 1993-1996? - CRACKER

18. Donald Trump. Born 1946. Which reality TV show did he host from 2004-2017? - THE APPRENTICE (US). Who hosts the original UK version? - LORD ALAN SUGAR

19. Ned Flanders. His age is uncertain. Name all of Ned's neighbours? - HOMER, MARGE, BART, LISA & MAGGIE SIMPSON

20. Burt Reynolds. Lived 1936-2018. Complete the names of some of his best films? - Smokey And THE BANDIT, The Cannonball RUN, The Best Little Whorehouse IN TEXAS & Boogie NIGHTS

21. Freddie Mercury. Lived 1946-1991. Complete the names of some of his best singles? - Bohemian RHAPSODY, We Are The CHAMPIONS, Radio GA GA, Who Wants To Live FOREVER, Flash GORDON & Another One Bites THE DUST

22. Groucho Marks. Lived 1890-1977. Name his brothers? - CHICO, HARPO & ZEPPO. And complete some of their film titles? - Duck SOUP, Animal CRACKERS, A Day At THE RACES & A Night At THE OPERA

23. Salvador Dali. Lived 1904-1989. What film used his 'melting clocks' in a dream sequence? - SPELLBOUND. Name some other Hitchcock movies? - PSYCHO, THE BIRDS, REAR WINDOW, VERTIGO, STRANGERS ON A TRAIN & REBECCA

24. David Beckham. Born 1975. Name his family? - VICTORIA, BROOKLYN, ROMEO, HARPER & CRUZ

25. Adolf Hitler. Lived 1889-1945. He was the leader of which party? - THE NAZI PARTY. What was their geometric symbol called? - SWASTIKA. What are the three arms of the British Armed Forces which defeated him? - BRITISH ARMY, ROYAL AIR FORCE & ROYAL NAVY

26. Elvis Presley. Lived 1935-1977. Complete the names of some of his best singles? - Can't Help Falling IN LOVE, Jailhouse ROCK, Suspicious MINDS, Hound DOG, Blue Suede SHOES, Heartbreak HOTEL, Love Me TENDER, In The GHETTO & Return To SENDER

27. Charlie Chaplin. Lived 1889-1977. What type of dog did he have? - A JACK RUSSELL. What was his screen persona called? - THE TRAMP

28. Henry, Charles, Albert, David Mountbatten-Windsor (Prince Harry). Born 1984. What is the name of his son? - ARCHIE, HARRISON MOUNTBATTEN-WINDSOR. And wife? - MEGHAN MARKLE

29. Clark Gable. Lived 1901-1960. What was his nickname? - THE KING OF HOLLYWOOD. Who did he star alongside in 'Gone With The Wind'? - VIVIEN LEIGH (He was Rhett Butler, she was Scarlett O'Hara)

30. Bruce Forsyth. Lived 1928-2017. Complete the names of some of his TV shows? - Strictly COME DANCING, The Generation GAME, Play Your Cards RIGHT & Sunday Night At THE LONDON PALLADIUM

31. Albert Einstein. Lived 1879-1955. What theory did he develop? - THE THEORY OF RELATIVITY. What was his equation that showed that energy and mass are interchangeable? E=MC2

32. Jesus Christ (Robert Powell in 'Jesus Of Nazareth'). Name the four gospels? - MATHEW, MARK, LUKE & JOHN. Name the Seven Deadly Sins? - ENVY, GLUTTONY, GREED OR AVARICE, LUST, PRIDE, SLOTH & WRATH. What are the Two Great Commandments? - LOVE THE LORD THY GOD WITH ALL THY HEART, SOUL AND MIND & LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR AS THYSELF

33. Telly Savalas. Lived 1922-1994. What did Theo Kojak like to eat, between meals? - LOLLIPOPS. What was his catchphrase? - WHO LOVES YA BABY?

34. Richard Branson. Born 1950. How did The Virgin Group start in the 1970s? - WITH VIRGIN RECORDS (The first album was Mike Oldfield's 'Tubular Bells')

35. David Suchet. Born 1946. Who wrote the Hercule Poirot detective novels? - AGATHA CHRISTIE. Where was he said to have come from? - BELGIUM

36. Denis Healey. Lived 1917-2015. For which political party did he serve as Defence Secretary (1964-1970) and Chancellor Of The Exchequer (1974-79)? - LABOUR. Which three Prime Ministers did he serve under? - HAROLD WILSON, JIM CALLAGHAN & MICHAEL FOOT

37. Daniel Radcliffe. Born 1989. Complete the Harry Potter movie title? - Philosopher's STONE, Chamber Of SECRETS, Prisoner Of AZKABAN, Goblet Of FIRE, Order Of The PHOENIX, Half-Blood PRINCE & Deathly HALLOWS

38. Jimi Hendrix. Lived 1942-1970. His biggest selling single (number 3 in UK charts in 1969) was? - Purple HAZE

39. Tom Selleck. Born 1945. What was his hit TV detective series called? - MAGNUM P.I. What was his hit 1987 movie called? - THREE MEN AND A BABY

40. William Shakespeare. Lived 1564-1616. Where did he live? - STRATFORD ON AVON. Complete the names of some of his best works? - Romeo and JULIET, A Midsummer Night's DREAM, Twelfth NIGHT, The Merchant Of VENICE, Much Ado About NOTHING & The Comedy Of ERRORS

41. Jimmy Hill. Lived 1928-2015. From 1973-1988, which TV sports show did he host? - MATCH OF THE DAY

42. Santa Claus (David Attenborough played him in the 1994 Christmas movie 'Miracle On 34th Street') - What are his other names? FATHER CHRISTMAS, SAINT NICHOLAS & KRIS KRINGLE

43. Tom Hanks. Which movie is still still take from? Complete these movie titles? - Sleepless In SEATTLE, Forrest GUMP, The Da Vinci CODE, Saving Private RYAN & Cast AWAY

44. Abraham Lincoln. 16th President of the USA. In office 1861-1865. He led the nation through which war? - The American CIVIL WAR

45. Barry Gibb. The last remaining 'Bee Gee'. Complete some of their song titles (and play a couple)? - Stayin' ALIVE, How Deep Is Your LOVE, Too Much HEAVEN, More Than A WOMAN, To Love SOMEBODY