'National Superhero Day', 28th April

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” Christopher Reeve

The Queen's 95th Birthday was on Wednesday 21st April. Happy Birthday Mam! (Mam as in ham, not Marm as in smarm, according to the 2006 film ‘The Queen’, starring Helen Mirren.) Unfortunately, she was still mourning the death of her late beloved husband Prince Philip, Duke Of Edninburgh, who she described as "My strength and stay!" It was Earth Day on 22nd April and David Attenborough suggested the world had just 11 years left before irreparable damage was done and called on governments to declare a 'Climate Emergency'.

Greta Thunberg, a Swedish teenager, very impressively addressed politicians and media (again!), urging them to do more to protect future generations from climate change impacts.

Some things for members to think about, in making the world a better place (ask them to comment): - Eating less red meat / becoming vegan - Planting trees / keeping a nature friendly garden - Eating locally produced food / buying from local farm shops - Growing your own / keeping an allotment - Avoiding single use plastics / use a ‘bag for life’ - Recycling / reducing rubbish sent to landfill sites - Picking up litter / taking part in beach clean ups - Investing in solar / using less power generally - Riding a bike or walking / using the car less, or not having one - Using public transport / over 60s bus pass (in Wales) - Fewer air miles / UK holidays (staycations) - Reducing carbon footprint generally / turning down the central heating to 19c.

There are also things that we can do that are not directly related to the planet.

- Being kind

- Being more compassionate

- Donating to charities

- Rescuing an animal

- Sponsoring a third world child

- Enjoying nature and leaving only footprints!

HEROES Getting on to this week's CST session theme, it was the 81st anniversary of the first 'Superman' Marvel comic on 18th April. Also, it is ‘National Superhero Day’ on 28th April. However, we decided to start our discussions focusing on real life heroes and heroines. People that generally enrich society and who should be honoured for it. We asked, who are members’ heroes or heroines? It could be someone famous, or somebody that they know personally and hold in the highest regard. It could be somebody that they would like to meet and get their autograph or have a selfie taken with. Or somebody they would like to invite round for dinner or buy a drink for down the pub to say "Thank. You!". Has anyone met anyone famous? Take this opportunity to encourage story telling. What type of heroes can people think of. Here's a list: - War heroes - Olympians & Paralympians - Sporting heroes - Firefighters - Police - Ambulance - RNLI - NHS heroes - Mountain rescue - Armed forces - Army, Navy, RAF

We discussed how heroes are honoured in the UK? It could be on the news or in media print, with heroes welcomes and open top bus tours of cities, being given the keys of the city, having a golden letterbox in your honour, or being awarded a Queen’s medal. We noted the ‘Honours System’ and the various ranks of honours awarded by Government and HM Queen. The main ones are ... MBE - Member Of The British Empire OBE - Order Of The British Empire CBE - Commander Of The British Empire KBE - Knight Commander DBE - Dame Commander We asked if anyone knew any person who has been awarded a Queen's Honour for their public service and if so, for what particular reasons.

IDIOMS Ask members to complete the following phrases together (shout out) ...

Go from zero to - HERO Courage of your - CONVICTIONS Dutch - COURAGE Put on a brave - FACE Fortune favours the - BRAVE Famous for fifteen - MINUTES Become famous - OVERNIGHT One in a - MILLION

Folk - HERO

A trail - BLAZER Claim to - FAME Stand out from the - CROWD In the public - EYE A household - NAME Super - STAR

Knight in shining - ARMOUR

As proud as - PUNCH (Or a PEACOCK) Unsung - HERO

Salt of the - EARTH

Bask in - GLORY

A giant of the silver - SCREEN



With great power comes great - RESPONSIBILITY

SONG BREAK. 'Simply The Best', Tina Turner - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GC5E8ie2pdM

What is her real name? - ANNA MAE BULLOCK

Ask members what they are 'simply the best' at (or suggest their greatest gift or asset based on biographical assessment). Give a round of applause for each person as they are mentioned their skill.

If members were to be gifted with a super power which would they choose and why? Here's a list of possibilities: - Invisibility - Ability to fly - Time travel - X ray vision - Amplified hearing - Super strength - Mind reading - Telepathy - Levitation - Powers of healing - Longevity Ask members to discuss pros and cons of each.


ROUND 1. Superheroes

1. Who starred as Superman in the 1978 movie?

What was Superman's earthly name?

2. Who starred as Wonder Woman in the 1970s TV series?

How did she change into her superhero outfit?

3. What was Spiderman's earthly name?

How did he become Spiderman?

4. What made Dr David Banner turn into 'The Incredible Hulk'?

5. Name these two superheroes?

In this TV clip, who played 'Cat Woman'? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kK4H-LkrQjQ&t=6s

6. Name this superhero?

What was his day job?

7. What were the names of the four 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'?

8. Name this superhero and his arch enemy?

Here's a clip of the song by 'Queen' - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfmrHTdXgK4

9. Name these three wizards?

10. Name this wizard and the actor who plays him?

11. SONG. 'Hero', Enrique Iglesias - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koJlIGDImiU

What was his singing father's name and nationality?

ROUND 2. Other Heroes In Fiction

12. Who wrote the 1719 book 'Robinson Crusoe'?

TV music score clip - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQHB1zd1f5M

13. Who, pictured here, starred in the 1998 movie 'The Mask Of Zorro'?