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'Summer of Love', 1967 ✌️ Music Quiz

Those of us of a certain age will remember the 1967 'Summer Of Love', the 'Hippy Movement', 'Flower Power' and 'Woodstock'. It was a time of great cultural change and new rights and freedoms, which were long fought for. People let their hair down, literally, and chilled out. Some recreational drugs might have been involved! The centre of the movement was the vibrant cosmopolitan city of San Fransisco, but the UK was definitely a big part of it too, especially the British music scene.

In this music based activities page we celebrate some of that music, the songs of 'The Beatles', 'Mamas & Papas', 'The Kinks' and many more groups and artists that filled our hearts with love and hope during that 'Summer Of Love'. All bar a couple of these songs are from 1967, which is just incredible when you think about it.

I really hope you enjoy this musical interlude, which will hopefully help everyone reminisce about life in the 60s.

Start the session by asking who remembers the 'Summer Of Love' in 1967?

Who remembers the 60s more generally?

What were members doing back then? What 'scene' and music were they into?

Discuss 60s fashions. What were members' 'looks'? What about their hairstyle?

Did anyone identify as a 'Hippy'?

You can either click on the first photo and a slide show will open, if you are broadcasting, or at the bottom of the page are four groups of nine photos (of 48 singles covers), if you want to screenshot them and print them off for the tables. (If you do this you could have a game of 'Name The Song' after playing just a few bars or you could ask members to discuss and agree their favourite song on their sheet.)


Here are some idioms about love and summer for your group to complete together ...

Catch someone’s EYE

Be my one and ONLY

Falling head over HEELS

A match made in HEAVEN

Have butterflies in your STOMACH

Birds and the BEES

Whisper sweet NOTHINGS

The apple of my EYE


Love is BLIND

Love makes the world go ROUND

Make love not WAR

Make hay while the sun SHINES

One swallow doesn’t make a SUMMER

Fair weather FRIEND

On cloud NINE

Like a cat on a hot tin ROOF


Come rain or SHINE

The sun has got his HAT ON




Summer of LOVE

1. 'San Fransisco', Scott McKenzie -

Which district in San Fransisco is said to be the place where the 'Hippy Movement' started?

2. 'Woodstock', Matthews Southern Comfort -

Who wrote this song?

(Who likes a shot of 'Southern Comfort'?)

3. 'Flowers In The Rain', The Move -

Which DJ launched Radio 1 with this song on 30th September 1967?

(What are members' favourite Summer flowers?)

4. 'Strawberry Fields Forever', The Beatles -

What kind of a place was 'Strawberry Fields'?

5. 'Love Is All Around', The Troggs -

Which Scottish band later re-recorded this song and had a massive hit with it?

(Think of some symbols of love?)

6. 'Waterloo Sunset', The Kinks -

Who was the lead singer-songwriter of 'The Kinks'?

(Complete the phrase "Red sky at night, ********'* *******; Red sky in the morning, ********'* ********.")

7. 'Nights In White Satin', The Moody Blues -

Who was the lead singer?

(Name some other fabrics?)

8. 'Aquarius, Let The Sunshine In', The 5th Dimension -

List the 12 signs of the zodiac? (What star sign are you?)

9. 'Itchycoo Park', Small Faces -

Is 'Itchycoo Park' a real place?

(Name some local parks where you would like to take a summer walk?)

10. 'Good Vibrations', The Beach Boys -

The Beach Boys are associated with which community?

(Does anyone enjoy being in or on the sea?)

11. 'The House Of The Rising Sun', The Animals -

In the lyrics, where was 'The House Of The Rising Sun'?

(Pick a letter of the alphabet. Name as many animals as you can beginning with that letter?)

12. 'Dedicated To The One I Love', The Mamas And Papas -

What was the name of the lead singer & how old was she when she died in 1974?

13. 'Up, Up and Away', The 5th Dimension -

Which bread did this song help advertise?

(Can anyone think of other forms of air travel in addition to a Hot Air Balloon?)

14. 'I Can't Let Maggie Go', The Honeybus -

Which insects make honey?

(Can anyone think of any famous Margarets?)

15. 'Can't Take My Eyes Off of You', Frank Valli -

What was Frankie Valli's backing group known as?

What is the stage show inspired by Frank Valli and his group called?

16. 'The Look Of Love', Dusty Springfield -

What is Dusty's original name?

Complete these other song titles:

- 'Son Of A ******** ***'

- 'You Don't Have To *** *** **** **'

- 'In Only Want ** ** **** ***'

- 'I Just Don't Know **** ** ** **** *******'

17. 'Let's Spend The Night Together', The Rolling Stones -

Which ex-wife of lead singer Mick Jagger is now married to the media mogul Rupert Murdock?

(Complete this well known phrase ... "A rolling stone ******* ** ****.")

18. 'Daydream Believer', The Monkees -

What were their names?

Complete the titles of their other hits?

- 'I'm A ********'

- 'Last Train To ***********'

- 'The ********'

19. 'Mellow Yellow', Donovan -

What flower does the spice Saffron come from?

(Can you name some other spices?)

20. 'Respect', Aretha Franklin -

What does TCB in the lyrics mean? "Taking Care Of ********"

What was her nickname?

21. 'A Whiter Shade Of Pale', Procol Harum -

What does 'Trip The Light Fantastic' refer to?

Any ideas what 'Procol Harum' means (it's Latin)?

22. 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds', The Beatles -

Which psychedelic drug is this song associated with?

Which album saw the 'Fab Four' dressed like this?

23. 'Brown Eyed Girl', Van Morrison -

Which part of the UK does Van Morrison come from?

(Take a straw poll. What is the most common eye colour in the room?)

24. 'Mr Tambourine Man', The Byrds -

Who wrote this song?

(Name some other musical instruments?)

25. 'Big Yellow Taxi', Joni Mitchell -

In which US city would you find big yellow taxis & what is it's nickname?

26. 'I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing', The New Seekers -

Which drink was this song used to advertise?

27. 'Something Stupid', Nancy & Frank Sinatra -

What was Frank Sinatra's nickname?

28. 'California Dreaming', The Mamas And Papas -

Which actor was governor of California?

29. 'God Only Knows', The Beach Boys -

What was the name of the album this song is from?

30. 'Green Green Grass Of Home', Tom Jones -

What nationality is Tom Jones?

31. 'Morningtown Ride', The New Seekers -

Which BBC Radio 4 quiz show had a round called 'Mornington Crescent'?

32. 'You Keep Me Hanging On', The Supremes -

Which singer went on to have a successful solo career?

33. 'What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted', Jimmy Ruffin -

Who had a hit single with the song 'D.I.V.O.R.C.E.' in 1968?

34. 'I'm A Believer', The Monkees -

What was the first line from their TV intro song 'The Monkees'?

(Name some other primates?)

35. 'Silence Is Golden', The Tremeloes -

Which duo had a hit with 'The Sound Of Silence' in 1964?

36. 'Baby, Now That I've Found You', The Foundations -

Which flower featured in the title of another of their hits in 1968?

37. 'Happy Together', The Turtles -

Which UK comedian hat a 1964 hit with the song 'Happiness'?

38. 'Blowin' In The Wind', Bob Dylan -

Which war was this song used to protest against?

39. 'The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Any More', The Walker Brothers -

Which group had a hit in 1969 with the song 'Here Comes The Sun'?

40. 'Light My Fire', The Doors -

Which 'Pop Idol' had a hit with a cover of this song in 2002?

41. 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough', Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell -

Complete these song titles:

- 'Sexual *******'

- 'What's Going **'

- 'I Heard It Through The *********'

- 'You're All I Need To *** **'

42. 'Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher And Higher', Jackie Wilson -

What was Jackie Wilson's nickname?

43. 'Sunshine Of Your Love', Cream -

At which summer sporting event might you eat strawberries and cream?

44. 'Pretty Flamingo', Manfred Mann -

What turns flamingos pink?

45. 'Georgie Girl', The Seekers -

Who starred in this 1966 movie?

46. 'Thank You Very Much', The Scaffold -

Which chocolates did this song help advertise?

47. 'Excerpt From A Teenage Opera', Keith West -

What was Jack's occupation?

48. 'All You Need Is Love', The Beatles -

Which county's national anthem can be heard at the start of this song?


Why not buy some cheap white t-shirts and dyes and make some tie-dye hippie tees. It's really easy. Here is an instructional video -


1. Haight Ashbury

2. Joni Mitchell

3. Tony Blackburn

4. A Salvation Army Home That John Lennon Used To Visit As A Child And Later Donated Money To

5. 'Wet Wet Wet'

6. Ray Davies / "Red sky at night, SHEPHERD'S DELIGHT; Red sky in the morning, SHEPHERD'S WARNING."

7. Justin Hayward / Velvet, Chiffon, Tartan, Lace, Muslin, Tweed, Denim etc

8. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces

9. Not Really. "Itchycoo" refers to stinging nettles in the park where Steve Marriott grew up and later visited for drug taking

10. Surfing

11. New Orleans

12. Mama Cass (Elliot) died age 32


13. 'Nimble' / Hang Glider, Parachute, Light Aircraft, Helicopter, Jumbo Jet, Concorde etc

14. Honey Bees / Margaret Thatcher, Dame Maggie Smith, Meg Ryan etc

15. 'The Four Seasons' / 'The Jersey Boys'

16. Mary O'Brien


- 'You Don't Have To SAY YOU LOVE ME'

- 'In Only Want TO BE WITH YOU'

- 'I Just Don't Know WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF'

17. Jerry Hall (Actually they just got a divorce!)

"A rolling stone GATHERS NO MOSS"

18. Micky Dolenz · Michael Nesmith · Peter Tork · Davy Jones


- 'Last Train To CLARKSVILLE'


19. Crocus / Garlic, Salt, Pepper, Chilli, Cinammon, Curry, Paprika, Cloves etc

20. "Taking care of BUSINESS" / 'The Queen Of Soul'

21. To dance lightly or nimbly / "Beyond these things"

22. LSD (Lucy. Sky. Diamonds.) / 'Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'

23. Belfast, Northern Ireland / (48% of the British population now have blue eyes. This is followed by green eyes at 30%, with a mere 22% of the British population having brown eyes.)

24. Bob Dylan / Cymbals, Triangle, Timpani, Snare Drum, Bass Drum


25. New York / 'The Big Apple'

26. 'Coca Cola'

27. 'Old Blue Eyes'

28. Arnold Schwarzenegger

29. 'Pet Sounds'

30. Welsh

31. 'I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue'

32. Diana Ross

33. Tammy Wynette

34. "Here we come, walking' down the street. We get the funniest looks from everyone we meet."

35. Simon & Garfunkel

36. 'Build Me Up Buttercup'


37. Ken Dodd

38. Vietnam

39. 'The Beatles'

40. Will Young

41. - 'Sexual HEALING'

- 'What's Going ON'

- 'I Heard It Through The GRAPEVINE'

- 'You're All I Need To GET BY'

42. 'Mr Excitement'

43. 'Wimbledon'

44. Shrimp

45. Lynn Redgrave

46. 'Cadbury's Roses'

47. Grocer

48. French

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