"These Boots Were Made For Walking" - May Is 'National Walking Month'

We started our vCST session by remembering that May is 'National Walking Month'.

We asked members who likes to take a walk or hike? Have they a favourite footpath or route to walk?

Have they a favourite pair of shoes, now or in the past? What shoe sizes do members have? Who has the smallest and largest feet? What are the pros and cons?

We asked members what are some of the health benefits of walking? Here is our list:

- Improved well-being

- Improved cardiac health and fitness

- Improved strength and balance

- Stronger bones and muscles

- Reduced body weight.

We asked what people might take with them when walking?

- Good boots

- Waterproofs

- A hat and gloves

- Sunscreen and sunglasses maybe?

- An OS map. Maybe a compass?

- A mobile phone

- A GPS tracker

- A pedometer

- Binoculars

- A sandwich and flask of tea

- Kendall mint cake

- A friend or partner

- An iPod and earphones

- A camera

- A dog?

There's a good 'Walking For Health' Fact Sheet here - https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/healthyliving/walking-for-good-health


We completed these following idioms about walking together, by way of a shout out ...

- Within walking DISTANCE (Nearby)

- A stones THROW (Very close)

- He is a walking DISASTER or DICTIONARY (A clumsy or knowledgeable person)

- Walking on thin ICE (Pushing it)

- Walking on egg SHELLS (Being careful)

- Walking the tight ROPE (Trying to keep both sides happy)

- Give someone their marching ORDERS (Give someone the sack)

- Someone is walking over your GRAVE (Send shivers down your spine)

- A walk down memory LANE (Reminiscing together)

- Walking on sun SHINE (Very happy)

- Being made to walk the PLANK (Taking the blame)

- Walking WOUNDED (Injured)

- Walk the walk and talk the TALK (Be good at something)

- Walk a mile in someone's SHOES (Develop empathy)

- Walk on the wild SIDE (Take a risk)

- As tough as old BOOTS (Thick skinned)

- Organise something on a shoe STRING (On a budget)

- Goody two SHOES (Angelic)

- Down at HEEL (Depressed)

- Fill your BOOTS (Help yourself)

- Pull out the rug from under someone's FEET (Trip somebody up)

- The shoe is on the other FOOT (Things have changed)

- Put your foot in your MOUTH (Embarrass yourself)

- Stand on your own two FEET (Be independent)

- Keep both feet on the GROUND (Level headed)


Round 1. Famous People & Their Shoes

Identify the famous person ...

1. She was a model in the 60s?

And the shoe?

2. He was a rock star whose alter-ego was Ziggy Stardust?

And the shoe?

3. He was the lead singer with T-Rex?

What is under his feet?

4. They had a hit single in 1980 called 'Baggy Trousers'?

And the shoe?

5. Their first hit single in 1996 was 'Wannabe'?

And the shoe, worn by the girl kneeling down?

6. He played for Manchester United, making his debut at age 17?

And the shoe?

7. He has won 20 Grand Slam tennis titles?

And the shoe?

8. He starred in 'Baywatch'?

And the shoe?

9. He starred in the 1969 movie 'True Grit'?

And the shoe?

10. She rose to fame as a Supermodel in the 90s?

And the shoe?

11. SONG. 'These Boots Are Made For Walking', Nancy Sinatra - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbyAZQ45uww

Who were her parents?

12. This 513 mile walk is in North Spain. It takes about 35 days?

13. This 330 mile footpath wraps around the coast of Cornwall and beyond?

14. This climb is in Peru?

15. This climb is in London?

16. This climb is in New South Wales, Australia?

17. This 13,171 miles long wall can be seen from space?

18. This walk is near 'Alice Springs' in Australia?

19. This walk overlooks the 'Colorado River' in the USA?