Then And Now Picture Quiz

The idea of this picture quiz is to print the photos off from the photo album - link here - then fold them in half and put them on the tables, asking members to identify and name each person. When they have guessed, then unfold the photo to show their other (usually) younger image.

To extend the quiz, ask members to guess at each person's current age and answer some of the questions provided below. Also, you could link to songs for a singalong at various points throughout the activity to make it more multi-sensory.

To help when members get stuck, give first names and first words, or initials, of songs.

Boy George (George O'Dowd)

Age? - 58

What 80s pop group did he front? - 'Culture Club'

Name one of their number 1 UK hits? - 'Do You Really Want To Hurt Me', 1982 & 'Karma Chameleon', 1983

Andrew Ridgeley

Age? - 57

What 80s pop group was he in with George Michael? - 'Wham'

Name their Christmas single which reached number 2 in the UK charts in 1982 and again in 2007? - 'Last Christmas'

Michael Jackson

Age when he died in 2009? - 50

Name his worldwide top selling 1982 album? - 'Thriller'

And his 1972 single about his pet rat? - 'Ben'

Clint Eastwood

Age? - 89

Name his 1971 thriller where he played a DJ stalked by a listener? - 'Play Misty For Me'

Aretha Franklin

Age when she died in 2018? - 76

What was her first UK top 10 hit in 1967? - 'Respect' (Reached Number 10)

'I Say A Little Prayer' reached Number 4 in 1968

Donny Osmond

Age? - 62

What was the name of his first UK number 1 hit in 1972? - 'Puppy Love'

His brother also had a number 1 hit in 1972, with what? 'Long Haired Lover From Liverpool'

Cher (Cherilyn Sarkisian)

Age? - 73

Her 1965 hit with her ex-husband Sony was called what? - 'I Got You Babe'

Her next hit in 1991 was 'The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)'

Elton John (Reginald Dwight)

Age? - 72

What was his first number 1 UK hit, with Kiki Dee, in 1976? - 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart'

Complete these song titles:

- Candle In THE WIND

- Goodbye Yellow BRICK ROAD

- Rocket MAN

- Your SONG

- Crocodile ROCK

- Don't Let The Sun GO DOWN ON ME


- Pinball WIZARD

Barry Manilow (Barry Alan Pincus)

Age? - 76

What was his first Top 20 hit in 1975 (Number 11)? - 'Mandy'

Which 1978 song did he sing about a beach? - 'Copacabana'

John Travolta

Age? - 66

Which 1978 film was he nominated 'Best Actor' for at The Academy Awards? - 'Saturday Night Fever'

Which UK group wrote the music for this movie? - 'The Bee Gees'

Tina Turner (Anna Mae Bullock)

Age? - 80

Her first top 10 UK hit with her husband Ike in 1966 was what? - 'River Deep Mountain High'

Her first top 10 solo UK hit without Ike in 1983 was what? - 'Let's Stay Together'

Sean Connery

Age? - 89

How many films did he star in as the same character? - 7 (as James Bond or 007)

'Dr. No' - 1962

'From Russia With Love' - 1963

'Goldfinger' - 1964

'Thunderball' - 1965

'You Only Live Twice' - 1967

'Diamonds Are Forever' - 1971

'Never Say Never Again' - 1983

Art Garfunkel

Age? - 78

What was his 1979 UK number 1 hit about a rabbit? - 'Bright Eyes'

His first number one hit with his partner Paul Simon in 1970 was what? - 'Bridge Over Troubled Water'

Bob Dylan (Robert Allen Zimmerman)

Age? - 78

What was his first top 10 UK hit in 1965? - 'The Times They Are A Changing'

Complete these song titles:

- 'Blowin' In THE WIND' (1963)

- 'Like A ROLLING STONE' (1965)

- 'Lay LADY LAY' (1969)

- 'Knockin' On HEAVEN'S DOOR' (1973)

Olivia Newton John

Age? - 71

What were the two number 1 UK hits she had in 1978 with John Travolta? - 'You're The One That I Want' & 'Summer Nights'

David Bowie (David Robert Jones)

Age when he died in 2016? - 69

Name any of his UK number 1 hits? - 'Space Oddity', 1975; 'Ashes To Ashes', 1980; 'Under Pressure', 1981 (with 'Queen'); 'Let's Dance', 1983 & 'Dancing In The Street', 1985 (with Mick Jagger)

Tom Jones (Thomas John Woodward)

Age? - 79

Name his two UK number 1 hits? - 'It's Not Unusual', 1965 & 'Green Green Grass Of Home', 1966

Harrison Ford

Age? - 77

Name any of the four Indiana Jones movies? - - Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981); Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984); Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) & Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)

Mel Gibson

Age? - 64

What was the name of his 1995 'Scottish' movie? - 'Braveheart'

Macaulay Culkin

Age? - 39

Which 1990 movie was 'Kevin' left behind in? - 'Home Alone'

Paul McCartney

Age? - 77

Complete these song titles?

- 'She Loves YOU' (1963)

- 'I Want To HOLD YOUR HAND' (1963)

- 'Can't Buy ME LOVE' (1964)

- 'Ticket TO RIDE' (1965)

- 'Paperback WRITER' (1966)

- 'Yellow SUBMARINE' (1966)

- 'Eleanor RIGBY' (1966)

- 'Penny LANE' (1967)

- 'Strawberry FIELDS FOREVER' (1967)

- 'All You Need IS LOVE' (1967)

- 'Lucy In The Sky WITH DIAMONDS' (1967)

- 'Let IT BE' (1970)

- 'Hey JUDE' (1976)

- 'Sgt Pepper's LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND' (1978)

Leonard Nimoy

Age when he died in 2016? - 83

What was the name of his alter-ego and where did he come from? - Doctor Spock & Vulcan

Donald Trump

Age? - 73

What was the name of his US reality TV series? - 'The Apprentice'

Who hosted the UK version? - Lord Alan Sugar

Tom Hanks

Age? - 63

Complete these Tom Hanks movie titles:

- 'Turner AND HOOCH' (1989)

- 'Sleepless In SEATTLE' (1993)

- 'Forrest GUMP' (1994)

- 'Apollo 13' (1995)

- 'Toy STORY' (1995)

- 'Saving PRIVATE RYAN' (1998)

- 'CastAWAY' (2000)

- 'The Da VINCI CODE' (2006)

Kate Bush

Age? - 61

Name her 1978 UK number one hit single? - 'Wuthering Heights'

And her first album? - 'The Kick Inside'

Robert De Niro

Age? - 76

What was the name of his 1981 movie about a boxer, which he won 'Best Actor' Oscar for? - 'Raging Bull'

In which 1977 movie did he play the part of a cabbie? - 'Taxi Driver'

Simon Le Bon

Age? - 61

Which 80s group was he lead singer with? - 'Duran Duran'

Which 1985 James Bond movie did they perform the title song for? - 'A View To A Kill'

James Taylor

Age? - 71

With which Carol King song did he have a top ten UK hit in 1977? - 'You've Got A Friend'

Just for fun. These last two are mock ups of how Elvis and John Lennon would have looked today, had they lived.

Complete these Elvis Presley song titles:

- 'Heartbreak HOTEL' (1956)

- 'Blue SUEDE SHOES' (1956)

- 'Hound DOG' (1956)

- 'Love Me TENDER' (1956)

- 'Jailhouse ROCK' (1958)

- 'It's Now OR NEVER' (1960)

- 'Are You LONESOME TONIGHT' (1961)

- 'Wooden HEART' (1961)

- 'Can't Help Falling IN LOVE' (1962)

- 'Return To SENDER' (1962)

- 'In The GHETTO' (1969)

- Suspicious MINDS' (1969)

John Lennon

Age when he died in 1980? - 40

What was the name of his wife? - Yoko Ono

Who shot him? - Mark David Chapman

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