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๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒ“ The Sun & The Moon & The Stars

Here is an enjoyable CST activities page celebrating the place of the sun, moon and stars in our lives. It also touches on sci-fi TV shows & movies.

Hope your group enjoys it, please do let me know.

Discussion points:

What do the sun & moon provide us with ... ? (make a list)

Life itself, day & night, weather & seasons, fauna & flora, time & tide, warmth & health (vitamin D), disasters - especially increasing because of manmade global warming.

Who fancies travelling into space? Why or why not?

Round 1. Idioms & Sayings

Complete these sayings together ...

Space, the final FRONTIER

Out of this WORLD

Reach for the STARS

Once in a blue MOON

It's not rocket SCIENCE

A waste of SPACE

Living on another PLANET

Sunny side UP

The sun has got his HAT ON

Over the MOON

Love somebody to the moon and BACK

Many moons AGO

There is nothing new under the SUN

Make hay while the sun SHINES

Stars in their EYES

Everyone has their day in the SUN Little ray of SUNSHINE Somewhere over the RAINBOW

Honeymoon PERIOD

Thank your lucky STARS

Star crossed LOVERS

The eagle has LANDED

Come back down to EARTH

We have lift OFF

Splash DOWN

It's one small step for MAN

May the force be WITH YOU

Live long and PROSPER (Who can make the 'Vulcan Salute'?)

What rhymes do these pictures conjure up? Try and say them together ...

"Red sky at night ..."

"Hey diddle diddle ..."

"Twinkle twinkle ..."

What was his original name & who is he married to?

Round 2. Quiz

Which book of the Bible talks of God creating the earth and the heavens in seven days? Who painted this & where would you find it?

In which galaxy does our sun, earth and moon sit?

What are the names of the nine planets in our solar system?

Who composed 'The Planets Suite'? Here is a clip -

Which two gasses is the sun made up of? How old is the sun: a. 2.6bn years, b. 3.6bn years or c. 4.6bn? (bearing in mind humankind is 200,000yrs old)

What is the moon mostly made of: a. cheese, b. iron or c. limestone?

What are the four primary phases of the moon?

Which TV advert mentioned them? Are they cakes or biscuits? Here it is -

What is happening here & how does the phenomenom happen?

What was the name of the first satellite launched into space in 1957?

Who was the first man in space, orbiting the earth in 1961?

The 'Earthrise' photo taken by the crew of 'Apollo 8' in 1966 is said to have kick-started which movement?

Which mission first travelled to the moon & who was the first man to set foot onto it? Here is a clip -

Name the album & the band?

Clip - 'Us & Them' -

What is the name of this type of spacecraft? Six were built for space flight, how many of them can you name?

Name the spacecraft & how many can live on board?

What is the name of the only British astronaut to be part of the 'ISS' crew?

Who jumped from space (the stratosphere) to earth in 2012, from a height of 1.7m & how long did it take for him to fall back down to earth? Here it is -

Who is behind the spacecraft 'Virgin Galactic' & what are his other businesses?

When was the last total eclipse of the sun in the UK & ask members where they saw it?

Who had a hit in 1983 with 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart' & where is she from? Here it is -

What are the first and last sightings of the sun called each day? Where does the sun rise & set?

What are the four seasons & what is the difference in how Americans describe them?

Who composed 'The Four Seasons' in 1720? Here is Nigel Kennedy playing a part of it -

What are the shortest days of the year called?

What are the longest days of the year called?

What two time zones do we have in the UK? When do the clocks spring forward and fall back?

Reminiscence. Do members remember the BST experiment between 1968-1971? The clocks didn't go back to GMT so it was dark when we went to school. Flourescent armbands were needed.

What type of clock is this? How many others can you name?

What are lowest low tides and highest high tides called?

Which group had a hit in 1980 with the song 'The Tide Is High'? & Name the lead singer? Here it is -

What are the seven colours of a rainbow?

Who sang the song 'I Can Sing A Rainbow' in 1966? & What was her original name? Here it is -

Which mythical being might you find at the end of a rainbow? What is his job & what would he be holding?

What is the proper name for the 'Northern Lights'?

Which group had a hit in 1978 with the song 'Northern Lights'? Here it is -

Who presented 'The Sky At Night' for over 40 years?

What is the name of this constellation of stars?

What is the brightest star in the sky (It is part of 'Ursa Minor')?

What is a 'shooting star'?

What is the name of the comet that visits earth every 80 years or so?

Which 1969 musical movie featured the song 'I Was Born Under A Wandering Star' & who sang it? Here it is -

One of the biggest impact craters is Chicxulub in Mexico. What creatures did the nuclear winter that the impact caused 66m years ago make extinct?

What are the twelve signs of the zodiac? What is yours?

Name these two astrologers? Does anyone follow their horoscope?

Who painted 'The Starry Night' in 1889 & who sang a song about him in 1971? Here it is -

Where is 'Area 51'? What do the initials 'U.F.O.' stand for?

Factoid. The robot wasn't supposed to fall over onto its back, but it was kept in because it added to the humour.

So, who believes in U.F.O.s and aliens? What are the chances that we are not alone?


Round 3. TV & Movies

Simply name the TV show or movie?

Plus, here are some extra questions if members would like to try them ...

TV round

Can you name the puppets?

Can you name the characters?

What did the dragon like to eat?

Which island did 'Blue Peter' encourage us to make?

Who made most of these puppet based space shows?

What were the enemies called?

What was the name of the robot?

What was the name of the droid?

What planet was he from?

How much would he be worth today?

What are the detectives' names?

What was the answer to "life, the universe and everything" & the name of the robot? Name the characters & their spaceship?

Name the actors?

Name as many of the doctors as you can & what is the name of his time travelling maching?

Movie round

What was the name of the pub?

What was the relationship in real life of the actors?

Who wrote the book & what was the name of the detective?

Name the actors?

What was his catchphrase?

Can you make the five note alien call?

Name the characters?

What was his mortal name & where did he work?

Who wrote the book & how did they get killed in the end?

Name the actor? (I bet it really hurt!)

Where did they get the dino DNA from?

Name the characters?

Who wrote the book?

What was the name of the computer?

Name the James Bond actor?

Name the actors & what statue was on the beach at the end of the movie?

Name the actor & who was he was chasing?

Name the actor?

What date was this film set on?

What killed them in the end?

Who is narrating at the start of this song? -

Name the characters?

Round 4. Sun, Moon & Stars Photos

Asm members to choose their favourite & to guess at where the photo was taken.