The Sites & Delights Of Cardiff City

As our 'Cariad Dementia Cafe' and 'Friendship Group' CST sessions are held in Cardiff and the Vale Of Glamorgan, this session focuses on Cardiff City. It aims to promote recollection and discussion with images and sounds that are held in long-term memory.

(This session presents the ideal opportunity for people to contribute their own 'Guest Blog' based on where their CST activities groups are based?)


We started the session by asking members;

- What is your favourite place in the city and why?

- Have you a favourite bar or restaurant?

- Have you a favourite park or view?

- How did you end up living in this neck of the woods?

Have members look at the 'Mind The Diff' Cardiff Underground Poster from and identify the nearest station to their home and other points of interest.

(HD copy for printing here - )

Also, ask members to identify the correct film names from this 'Taffywood Library'.

Both of the above pictures are on display in the 'Saint David's 2 Shopping Centre'.


We then moved on to our 'Pictures & Music Quiz'...

1. In which church would you find Jacob Epstein’s statue ‘Christ In Majesty’?

2. Who is the lighthouse monument in Roath Park dedicated to?

Interesting fact: His ill fated 1910-13 expedition to The Antarctic was on board The Terra Nova’. A replica of it lies atop of this monument.

Another interesting fact. Did you know the island in Roath Park lake is dedicated to Jimi Hendrix? He once swam over to the island!

3. What was the 150ft tower in Whitchurch Hospital used for?

4. In which park would you find a statue dedicated to 'Billy The Seal'?

5. Which hospital in South Cardiff used to be a ship?

6. Where would you find 'Wales's National War Memorial'?

7. In which year were the keys to Cardiff Castle given to the City of Cardiff by the 4th Marquis Of Bute?

* Video keys being given to the City * -

8. SONG. ‘Pie Jesu’, Charlotte Church -

What was she described as having?

Interesting fact. Jonathan Ross discovered her when her mother appeared on his show!

9. Thinking of Cardiff Castle, how many creatures (statues) are there on 'Animal Wall' and can you name any of them?

10. What was the name of the canal which used to run through The Hayes to the docks?

11. Can you name any of the seven Arcades in Cardiff? -

12. TRUE OR FALSE. The 'Alliance' sculpture outside 'St David's Shopping Centre' is also an 'organic clock'?

13. What year was the Cardiff Bay Barrage completed? -

14. What do locals call the ‘Wales Millennium Centre’ (it resembles a particular animal)? -

15. Which famous author was Christened in the ‘Norwegian Church’?

Name some of his books?

16. SONG. 'Pure Imagination', Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory -

Who was singing this song?

17. What is the name of the 'Welsh Assembly Government' building?

18. Who is the First Minister currently?

19. Which Cardiff record shop, established in 1894, is recognised as the oldest record shop in the world?

20. Which bitter named after a religious man does 'Cardiff Brains Brewery' make?

21. What is the maximum seating capacity of 'Wales Millennium Stadium'?

22. Where was the world’s first ever £1m deal sealed in 1904 and what was it for?

23. SONG. ‘Diamonds Are Forever’, Shirley Bassey -

Shirley is best known as being the girl from where?

24. Which father and daughter starred in the 1959 movie ‘Tiger Bay’ (Horst Buchhol is pictured here)?

25. Where is 'The Vulcan Inn' currently being rebuilt?