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The Name Game 🧐

Here is a straightforward picture quiz. You could either print off screenshots for the tables or click on the first image to start a slide show.

Ask members to identify the products from the pictures (answers are below). Whilst going through them make time to discuss the product, how it was used, what it tasted like etc. You could also link to some YouTube adverts to make the session more interactive.

Round 1. Name The Household Product

Round 2. Name The Advert

Round 3. Name The Food Or Drink Product

Round 4. Name The Advert

Round 4. Name The Game

Round 1


'Green Shield Stamps'














Round 2



'Scotch Tape'


'Captain Birdseye'

'British Telecom'



'Ready Brek'

'Curly Wurly'


'Kia Ora'



'Jolly Green Giant' (Sweetcorn)

Round 3


'Angel Delight'

'Bird's Custard'

'Tate' (Or 'Tate & Lyle')


'Camp Coffee'










Round 4


'PG Tips'


'Charlie Says'

'Green Cross Code'

'Sugar Puffs'



'Call The Coastguard'

'Old Spice'




'Yellow Pages'

'Milk Tray'

Round 5






'Ker Plunk'


'Space Hopper'



'Etch A Sketch'

'Dinky Toys'


'Play Doh'



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