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The Great Pretender 🎭

This week's virtual CST 'Friendship Group' had a theme of 'The Great Pretender'. It looked at actors and musicians who pretend or have pretended to be other people. In other words, celebrities with alter-egos.

After introductions we got straight into the picture and music quiz.

ROUND 1. Comedians

1. Name this character and the comedian who played her in his TV comedy series?

What was her catchphrase?

2. Name this character and the comedian who played her in his TV comedy series?

What was her catchphrase?

3. Name the chat show host character and actor?

What was her catchphrase?

What was her favourite flower?

4. Name this character and the male celebrity who played her?

Which TV series about animals did he host?

5. Name the TV comedy partners?

What two other comedy programmes did they star in individually?

6. Name the chat show host character and actor?

What TV comedy series did she co-write with Craig Cash?

7. Name the chat show host character and actor?

What was his catchphrase?

8. Name this character and the comedian who plays her in his TV comedy series?

What was her Christian name?

9. Name the TV comedy show?

Name the comedians?

10. Name the TV comedy 'soap'?

Name the characters and actors?

11. SONG. 'On Mother Kelly's Doorstep', sung by Danny La Rue. YouTube link here -

What road was Mother Kelly's doorstep on?

Name the two comedians pictured here?

ROUND 2. Movies

13. Name the 1954 movie?

Name the actor playing the headmistress?

14. Name the 1959 movie?

Name the three actors?

15. Name the 1960 movie?

Who played the title role and that of his mother?

16. Name the 1975 comedy horror musical movie?

Name the actor?

17. Name the 1979 comedy movie?

Name the actors?

18. Name the 1982 movie?

Name the actress?

19. Name the 1982 movie?

Name the male actor who played her?

What was the character's proper name?

20. Name the 1990 movie?

Name the two actors?

21. Name the 1993 movie?

Name the actor?

Can anyone remember her Christian name?

22. Name the 1994 movie?

Where was it set?

23. SONG. 'I Will Follow Him' -

Name the 1992 movie? Name the actor?

Who was playing the waitress?

ROUND 3. Some Other People

25. Name the comedy partners?

26. Name the actors who played Cissie and Ada?

27. Name the famous cross-dresser?

28. Name the famous cross-dresser?

29. Name the famous TV drag star?

30. Name the actor? ('The Birdcage', 1996)

31. Name the actor? ('To Wong Foo', 1995)

32. Name the actor? ('Hairspray', 2007)

33. Name the chat show host character and actor?

34. Name the interviewer and gorilla, as well as who played the gorilla?

What TV comedy series was this clip from?

Here is the classic comedy clip -

Name the members of 'Monty Python's Flying Circus'?

36. SONG. 'Brass In Pocket', by The Pretenders -

Who was the lead singer of The Pretenders?

37. SONG. 'Grandad', Clive Dunn -

Which role did Clive Dunn play in 'Dad's Army'?

38. SINGALONG. 'The Great Pretender', by The Platters -

Complete the titles of their 1959 hit - 'Smoke .... .. .... ....'

39. SONG. 'I Want To Break Free', Queen -

Name the members of the band 'Queen'?

40. And finally, SONG. 'Y.M.C.A.', The Village People -

Ask members, if they were invited to a fancy dress party which outfit would they choose?


1. Cupid Stunt / Kenny Everett

"It's all done in the best possible taste!"

2.. Mandy / Dick Emery

"Oh you are awful, but I like you!"

3. Dame Edna Everage / Barry Humphries

"Hello Possums!"


4. Lily Savage / Paul O'Grady

'For The Love Of Dogs'

5. Dawn French & Jennifer Saunders

'Vicar Of Dibley' & 'Absolutely Fabulous'

6. Mrs Merton / Caroline Aherne

'The Royale Family'

7. Alan Partridge / Steve Coogan

"Knowing me, knowing you. Aha!"

8. 'Mrs Brown's Boys' (Agnes) / Brendan O'Carroll

9. 'Little Britain' / Matt Lucas & David Walliams

10. 'Acorn Antiques' / Mrs Overall (Julie Walters) & Miss Berta (Victoria Wood)

11. 'Paradise Road'

12. Billy Connelly & Kenny Everett

13. 'The Belles Of St Trinian's' / Alistair Sim

14. 'Some Like It Hot' / Tony Curtis, Marilyn Monroe & Jack Lemmon

15. 'Psycho' / Anthony Perkins

16. 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' / Tim Curry

17. 'Life Of Brian' / Graham Chapman & Terry Gilliam

18. 'Victor Victoria' / Julie Andrews

19. 'Tootsie' (Dorothy Michaels) / Dustin Hoffman

20. 'Nuns on The Run' / Eric Idle & Robbie Coltrane

21. 'Mrs Doubtfire' (Euphegenia) / Robin Williams

22. 'Priscilla Queen Of The Desert/ Australian Outback

23. 'Sister Act' / Whoopi Goldberg

24. Julie Walters

25. Hinge & Bracket

26. Roy Barraclough & Les Dawson

27. Eddie Izzard

28. Grayson Perry

29. Ru Paul

30. Gene Hackman

31. Patrick Swayze

32. John Travolta

33. Ali G / Sacha Baron Cohen

34. Mel Smith & 'Gerald The Gorilla' (Played by Rowan Atkinson)

'Not The Nine O'Clock News'

35. Graham Chapman. John Cleese. Terry Gilliam. Eric Idle. Terry Jones & Michael Palin.

36. Chrissie Hynde

37. Lance Corporal Jones

38. 'Smoke Gets In Your Eyes'

39. Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon & Roger Taylor


Please like and share if you and your CST group enjoy this activity.

Comments and feedback gratefully received.


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