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School Days 📚 "The best days of our life?"

School life is free of major responsibilities and is more about self-development, bonding with friends, and identifying your talents. It is said that good friends and healthy activities make school days the happiest days of our lives.

Ask members if they agree with that sentiment?

Do they have happy memories of school?

What is different between then and now in terms of schooling?

Think about ...

- Ink pen versus biro

- Learning how to write versus learning how to type

- Working it out versus calculators

- Chalk board versus powerpoint

- Walking to school versus the school run

- Playing outside versus sat in front of an x Box

As this is more of a discussion-based CST activities session, encourage members to reminiscence and story-tell as you work through these slides. For example, ask members how to play the games or describe how objects worked.

Take care though and know a little about your members' lives before proceeding. Some may have had less happy school days. They may have been bullied or abused or life at home may have been difficult.

PS If you are broadcasting, if you click on the first picture a slider show will open.

If you are doing handouts, for me taking screenshots works best.


Let's start with some idioms. Ask members to complete these well known phrases together, by way of a shout out ...

Put your thinking cap ON

Draw a BLANK

Back to BASICS

Pass with flying COLOURS

As easy as ABC



Show of HANDS

Learn something off by HEART



The school of hard KNOCKS



School of THOUGHT


Can't teach an old dog new TRICKS


Fill in the BLANKS

Learn the ROPES

Teach someone a LESSON


In one ear, out the OTHER

Make the GRADE

Eleven PLUS

Teacher's PET

In The Playground

Name these ten school ground games?

Can anyone think of any others (for an extra point)?

Remember warm milk at break time?

What alternative was sometimes provided?

School Items

Name these items?

Can anyone think of any others (for an extra point)?

What was your school 'Tuck Shop' like?

What were your 'go to' treats?

How much pocket money did you used to get?

Sports Day

Name the sport or the sporting equipment?

Can anyone think of any others (for an extra point)?

What was your favourite school dinner and pudding?

What was the one meal you hated?

In The Park

Name the playground ride?

Can anyone think of any others (for an extra point)?

What was your favourite comic? What was your favourite comic character?

Movies & TV

Complete the movie titles:

'Tom *****'* ****** ****' (1951)

'The Belles Of ** ********' (1954)

'To Sir **** ****' (1967) Song link -

'The Prime Of **** **** ******' (1969)

'K**' (1969)

'Goodbye ** *****' (1939)

'Billy ******' (2000)

'G*****' (1978) Song link -

'Harry ******' (2001)

Name the TV shows?

'G***** H***'

'B**** G****'

'The I*********'

Video Break

"Am I bovvered?" Lauren's French O'Level -

"Shut up!" Vicky's GCSE in History -


Complete the song titles and name the artists or bands?

'Wonderful *****' - S.C. -

'The L****** S***' - S. -

'Schools Out *** ******' - A.C. -

'Another ***** ** *** ****' - P.F. -

'I Don't **** *******' - B.R. -

'A**' - J.F. -

Can anyone think of any more?

Practical Activity

As this CST activities page is about a celebration of our younger selves, maybe wrap a tub of 'Celebrations' in layers of paper and play a game of 'Pass The Parcel'.

In The Playground


Hide and seek


Ring a ring of roses

Hula hoop

Blind man's bluff


Leap frog


Hop scotch

School Items

School bell

Pencil sharpener

Ink well

Chalk board

Daps or Pumps



Shorts (whatever the weather!)

Exercise book

NHS glasses

Sports Day


Wheelbarrow race

Sack race

Three legged race

Egg and spoon race


Gym bench



In The Park


Swings & See saw

Rocking horse


Climbing frame

Witches hat

Movies & TV

'Tom Brown's School Days' (1951)

'The Belles Of St Trinians' (1954)

'To Sir With Love' (1967)

'The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie' (1969)

'Kes' (1969)

'Goodbye Mr Chips' (1939)

'Billy Elliot' (2000)

'Grease' (1978)

'Grange Hil'

'Byker Grove'

'The Inbetweeners'


'Wonderful World', Sam Cooke

'The Logical Song', Supertramp

'Schools Out For Summer', Alice Cooper

'Another Brick In The Wall', Pink Floyd

'I Don't Like Mondays', Boomotwn Rats

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