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Name That Tune 🎯

I was given the idea of making a series of 'Name That Tune' short sessions, after the TV show. Well, a version of it anyway. (Thanks Heather)

Play in two teams.

Have a tin of sweets available as a prize to share among the whole group.

Finish by singing some of the songs and linking to YouTube videos.

Round 1. Belters

Play the intro and the first line of lyrics of these twelve songs.

Print off the pictures of these artists and ask members to hold up the image associated with each song for one point. If they can shout out the correct name of the song as well, that's two points. If they can name the artist as well, that's three points.

Here is your playlist ...

Round 2. Autumn

Play the intro and the first line of each of these autumn themed songs.

You could do this by sound only, or again print the pictures off for the tables.

Same rules as above ...

Here is your second playlist ...

Round 3. Golden Medley

This round has some visual clues and therefore is a bit more cryptic.

There are two visual clues for each of the ten songs ...

Here is your final playlist ...

Please let me know what you think of this one. I'd love to know how it works in practice.

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