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'World Cocktail Day' 🍸 13th May

Here is a short quiz to help celebrate 'World Cocktail Day' on 13th May.

Ask members what their favourite tipple is, or was?

If they were to have a cocktail, what would they choose?

Have members a favourite pub or bar?

After the quiz and playing the music tracks, have members make and enjoy mocktails. Have some prepared ingredients ready to hand.

1. Name this actor who starred in the 1998 movie 'Cocktail'?

Name some of his other movies?

2. Which berry distinctively flavours gin?

What natural 'medicine' does tonic water contain?

3. Which ingredient is required to make a 'Pink Gin'?

It is made in Trinidad. Where is that?

4. Which cocktail is associated with 'Wimbledon'?

Which fruit is also enjoyed there?

5. Which cocktail do many of enjoy at Christmas?

What are the four natural ingredients of this drink (before it is mixed with lemonade)?

6. Name this creamy cocktail?

Which two fruits is it made from?

7. In which city was the 'Bellini' invented?

Which fruit is it made with?

8. Which country does 'Sangria' come from?

What does the word 'Sangria' mean?

9. What are the two ingredients of a 'Bucks Fizz'?

Which year did 'Buck's Fizz' win the 'Eurovision Song Contest' & with which song?

10. Name this cocktail which has a girl's name? (It has salt around its rim and a slice of lime is sucked after it.)

In which country did it originate?

11. What is the name of this 'Cuban Highball'?

Which herb is it strongly flavoured with?

12. How does James Bond like his 'Martini'?

Name the actor?

13. What makes a 'Dirty Martini'?

What are the olives stuffed with?

14. What is the name of this savoury cocktail?

Which two sauces does it contain as ingredients?

15. What is the name of this 'Old' Bourbon based cocktail?

In which US state did Bourbon originate?

16. What three ingredients make a 'Black Russian'?

What makes a 'White Russian'?

17. Which spirit makes an 'Irish Coffee'?

What other Irish cream alcoholic liquor might you enjoy "On the rocks"?

18. What was the Queen's favourite cocktail?

What is its other name?

19. What are non-alcoholic cocktails called?

20. This cocktail is called a (something) sunrise?

Which red fruit based liquid is added to give it the effect & what fruit is it made from?

21. Name the actors?

What were they drinking?

22. What is the name of the 1942 movie which contains the line "Of All The Gin Joints In All The Towns In All The World, She Walks Into Mine." ?

& Which actor is pictured here?

23. Name these two actors enjoying a 'Manhattan'?

Which 1959 movie is this still from?

24. Name this Hollywood actress drinking a 'White Angel'?

Which 1961 movie is this photo from? & What was her character's name?

25. Name the actor?

Name the 1981 movie? & Who starred as his butler?

26. Name the TV sitcom?

Name the bar manager and the actor who played him?

27. Name these two characters enjoying a 'Cosmopolitan'?

Name the TV series? & Name the actors?

28. Name this Hollywood actor?

Name the 2013 movie?

29. Name the TV sitcom?

Name the characters & actors?

30. Name this 1977 drama about a 'Party'?

Name the actress in the red dress?

31. Here are some cocktail foods they might have eaten in this 1970s party. Can you name them all?

Here are some additional songs?

32. What is the main ingredient of rum?

33. Where would you find Copacabana Beach?

34. In a pub or club, what are the usual times for 'Happy Hour'?

35. What is a 'Virgin Cocktail'?



1. Tom Cruise / 'Top Gun', 'Jerry McGuire', 'Mission Impossible', 'Jack Reacher', etc

2. Juniper / Quinine

3. Angostura Bitters / Caribbean

4. 'Pimms Cup' / Strawberries & cream

5. 'Snowball' (Advocat) / Brandy, egg yolks, vanilla essence & sugar

6. 'Pina Colada' / Coconut & Pineapple

7. Venice / Peach

8. Spain / 'Bloodletting'

9. Orange Juice & Champagne / 1981

10. 'Marguerita' / Created in Acapulco, Mexico

11. 'Mojito' / Mint

12. "Shaken not stirred!" / Daniel Craig

13. Olive Oil / Pimento

14. 'Bloody Mary' / Worcestershire & Tabasco sauces

15. 'Old Fashioned' / Kentucky

16. Vodka, Coffee liquor & Coke / Cream

17. Irish Whiskey / 'Bailey's Cream'

18. Gin & Dubonet (otherwise known as 'Gin & It')

19. Non-alcoholic cocktails

20. 'Tequila Sunrise' / Grenadine, which is made from pomegranate

21. Leonard Rossiter & Joan Collins / 'Cinzano Bianco'

22. 'Casablanca' / Humphry Bogart

23. Tony Curtis & Marilyn Monroe / 'Some Like It Hot'

24. Audrey Hepburn / 'Breakfast At Tiffany's' & Miss Holly Golightly

25. Dudley Moore / 'Arthur' & John Gielgud

26. 'Cheers' / Sam - Ted Danson

27. 'Sex In The City' / Carrie Bradshaw / Sarah Jessica-Parker & Samantha Jones / Kim Cattrell

28. 'The Great Gatsby' / Leonardo Di Caprio

29. 'Absolutely Fabulous' / Jennifer Saunders / Edina Monsoon & Joanna Lumley / Patsy Stone

30. 'Abigail's Party' / Alison Steadman

31. Prawn cocktail, cheese & pineapple on cocktail sticks, cocktail sausages

Bird's 'Angel Delight', fruit cocktail, sherry trifle

Sandwiches (which is your favourite), Vol au vents, 'Salt & Shake Crisps'

32. Sugar Cane

33. 4-6pm

34. Rio De Janero

35. Non alcoholic mocktails


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