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Muppets & Puppets

"Puppets can get away with saying things that human beings can't. Because they are cartoonish just to look at, they're not real, you can assign them insane things to feel and say." - Paul F Tompkins

Puppetry is a form of theatre or performance that involves the manipulation or animation of puppets – inanimate objects, often resembling some type of human or animal figure, by a human called a 'puppeteer'.

This is a shorter 'Dementia Cafe Quiz'. You could start the session by asking members who likes the entertainment genre of puppetry, or who finds it creepy?

Possible the most famous puppetry show ever is 'The Muppets'. The opening titles and theme song are a good place to start ...

"It's time to play the music It's time to light the lights It's time to meet the Muppets on the Muppet Show tonight.

It's time to put on make up It's time to dress up right It's time to raise the curtain on the Muppet Show tonight.

Why do we always come here I guess we'll never know It's like a kind of torture To have to watch the show

But now let's get things started Why don't you get things started It's time to get things started On the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, muppetational This is what we call the Muppet Show."

Name the characters from 'The Muppets'?

Who created them?

ROUND 1. Naughty

​Name the beach puppet act?

What did it come into disrepute?

​Name the puppets?

Name the underground living creature?

​Name the ventriloquist and his dummy?

Why was he naughty?

​Coming back to 'The Muppets', what was naughty about this pair?

​Name this chat show host?

Name the puppet and puppeteer who assaulted him?

​Name the puppet?

Name the ventriloquist?

He's not really naughty, but the song was unforgivable -

​Name the puppet and puppeteer?

What did he do that was naughty?

​Name the critics from 'The Muppets'?

​Name the TV puppet show?

Name the two politicians?

​Name the character?

Who created him?

Ad break ...

Before watching, what product is being advertised?

Factoid. The puppet that fell over was a mistake, but the producers thought it looked so funny they kept it in.

Song break ...

What was her first number 1 UK hit in 1964?

ROUND 2. Catchphrases & Associations

​Name the puppet & puppeteer?

What sauce might you have with this 'dish'?

​Name the TV show?

Name the presenter?

​Name the puppets?

What was the magician's catchphrase?

​Name the puppet?

What was his catchphrase?

​Name the puppet & the TV show?

What was his catchphrase?

​Name the puppet?

What was his catchphrase?

​Name the puppet?

Name the TV presenter?

​Name the puppet?

Name the TV presenter?

​Name the bear?

Which charity is he associated with?

​(Tricky one) Name the TV comedy show?

Clue. "You can have three bunny hops; I'm not Fatima-bloody-Whitbread."

(And for a bonus point) Can you name the Westward TV puppet that this sketch was based on?

Song break ...

Before watching, name the movie & the song?

ROUND 3. TV & Movies

​Name the puppet & his puppeteer? What made his nose grow?

Here is his song -

​Name the characters?

Name the TV show?

​Name the characters?

Name the TV show?

Here is her song -

​Name the plasticine model?

Name his creator?

​Name the character?

Who created this TV show (and several others in this round)?

​Name the character?

Who were his arch enemies?

​Name the TV show?

Name the characters?

Here are the opening titles -

​Name the TV show?

Name the characters?

Here are the opening titles -

​​Name these varmints?

What three things should you never do or the cuddly one becomes a monster?

​Name this pair?

What was their favourite cheese?

Here is a sketch from one of their movies -

Final songs ...

Who narrated 'The Wombles'?

What were 'The Wombles' concerned about?

Can you name any of 'The Wombles'?

Kermit The Frog

Rowlf The Dog

Miss Piggy

Fozzie Bear




Jim Henson

Round 1

Punch & Judy / Domestic Violence portrayed in a children's show was no longer politically correct

'The Clangers' / Soup Dragon

Ray Allen & Lord Charles / He was a dipsomaniac and tipsy most of the time, which helped with the ventriloquism

Miss Piggy used to attack Kermit when he rejected her amorous advances

Michael Parkinson / Rod Hull & Emu

Keith Harris & Orville The Duck

Bob Carolgees & Spit The Dog

Statler & Waldorf

'Spitting Image' / Margaret Thatcher & Ronald Regan

Mr Blobby / Noel Edmonds

Cadbury's 'Smash'

'Always Something There To Remind Me'

Round 2

Shari Lewis & Lamb Chop / Mint sauce (sorry!)

Rick Jones & 'The Fingerbobs'

Sooty & Sweep / "Izzy wizzy let's get busy!"

Basil Brush / "Boom boom!"

Big Bird / 'Sesame Street' / "Me want yam!"

Roland Rat / "Heeeee, rat fans!"

Gordon The Gopher / Philip Schofield (in the broom cupboard)

Edd The Duck / Andi Peters

Pudsey Bear / 'Children in Need'

'Victoria Wood As Seen On TV' (Susie Blake was the continuity announcer) / Gus Honeybun

'The Sound Of Music' / 'The Lonely Goatherd'

Round 3

Pinocchio & Geppetto

'Thunderbirds' / Lady Penelope & Parker

'Stingray' / Marina & Troy Tempest

Tony Hart ('Take Hart') / Morph

'Joe 90' / Gerry Anderson

'Captain Scarlet' / The Mysterons

'Rainbow' / Geoffrey, Bungle, Zippy & George

'Banana Splits' / Fleegle, Drooper, Snorky & Bingo

'Gremlins' / "But heed these three warnings: Don't ever get him wet. Keep him away from bright light. And the most important thing, the one thing you must never forget: no matter how much he cries, no matter how much he begs . . . never, never feed him after midnight."

Wallace & Gromit / Wensleydale

Bernard Cribbins

Cleaning up litter & recycling

Great Uncle Bulgaria · Tobermory · Madame Cholet · Orinoco · Bungo · Tomsk · Wellington & Alderney


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