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"Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow"

Just a fun music and picture quiz, for no particular reason!

Discuss best and worst hairstyles members ever had. Share photos if available.

Discuss going to the Barber and Hairdresser? Who enjoys it? Who hates it?

What was it like going without a haircut during COVID-19 lockdown?

Discuss make up and perfume. And shaving and aftershaves. List products and share favourites. If possible have a sniff test.


Complete these idoms with members, by way of a shout out.

Bad hair DAY

Gentlemen prefer BLONDES

By a hair's BREADTH

Hair of the DOG

Keep your hair ON

Let your hair DOWN

It'll put hair on your CHEST

Tear your hair OUT


A brush with the LAW

A close SHAVE



Rapunzel let down your HAIR

Goldie LOCKS

Barber Shop QUARTET

Hair today, gone TOMORROW

Who likes the new 'Hipster' look?


(Give first names if people get stuck)

Round 1. Identify The Baldies

1. Clue. 'Star Trek', Cpt Jean-Luc Picard

2. Clue. 'The King And I', 1956

3. Clue. 'Saturday Night Fever', 1977

4. Clue. 'Kojak' ("Who loves ya Baby?")

5. Clue. Our future King

6. Clue. Indian Hindu

7. Clue. Olympic Gold, Moscow 1980

8. Clue. 'Little Britain' (The swimmer above was his hero as a child, because he was a bald role model)

9. Clue. 'The Rock'

10. Clue. Female TV presenter

11. SONG. 'Long Haired Lover From Liverpool', Jimmy Osmond -

His brother Donny's first number 1 hit in 1972?

Round 2. Bad Hair Day

12. Clue. 'Theory Of Relativity'

13. Clue. 'Coronation Street' (Character's name)

14. Clue. 'Are You Being Served?' (Character's name)

15. Clue. 45th President Of The USA

16. Clue. The above person called him 'Little Rocket Man'

17. Clue. Number 10

18. Clue. Holds the record of the most simultaneous entries in the UK Top 40.

19. Clue. 'The Rolling Stones'

20. Clue. Footballer Man Utd

21. Clue. 'Britain's Got Talent'

22. SONG. 'The First Cut Is The Deepest', Rod Stewart -

Rod Stewart famously has a hobby. What does he collect and display?

Round 3. Famous Hair

23. Clue. 'Friends' (Character's name)

24. Clue. Desi Arnaz

25. Clue. 'Cleopatra', 1963

26. Clue. 'Star Wars', 1977 (Character's name)

27. Clue. 'The King Of Rock And Roll'

28. Clue. Cardiff born footballer

29. Clue. 'Charlie's Angels'

30. Clue. Number 2 UK hit with 'Valerie', 2007

31. Clue. 'Grease', 1978

32. Clue. 'The Princess Of People's Hearts'

33. SONG. 'Night Fever', The Bee Gees -

Name the three Gibb brothers?

Round 4. Shaggy Dog Story

34. Name the TV show?

35. Name the singer?

36. Name the football player & club?

37. Name the films & character?

38. Name the TV show & character?

39. Name the character & 1977 movie?

40. Name the pop star & 1982 album?

41. Who is the movie star & who (above) was he married to?

42. Name the movie star?

43. Name the TV cookery show?

44. SONG. 'One Love', Bob Marley -

What was the name of his backing group?

What do you call this hairstyle?

45. SONG. 'Fantastic Day', Haircut 100 -

Who was the lead singer?

46. 'Just What I Always Wanted', Mari Wilson -

What was her hairstyle?


(With permission)

Have a 'Pampering Session'

Comb or brush member's hair. Use hairspray or Brylcreme if they wish it.

Give them a nail trim and paint their nails with a colour of their choice.

Apply make up, guided by them.

Give them a shave.

Try out different (reminiscence based) perfumes and aftershaves -

Men: 'Brut', 'Old Spice', 'Denim', 'High Karate' & 'Blue Stratos'

Women: 'Anais Anais', 'Rive Gauche', 'Lily Of The Valley' & 'Rose Water'

A share current favourites ...


1. Patrick Stuart

2. Yul Brynher

3. John Travolta

4. Telly Savalas

5. Prince William

6. Mahatma Gandhi

7. Duncan Goodhew

8. Matt Lucas

9. Dwayne Johnson

10. Gail Porter

11. 'Puppy Love'

12. Albert Einstein

13. Hilda Ogden (Jean Alexander)

14. Mrs Slocombe (Molly Sugden)

15. Donald Trump

16. Kim Jon Un

17. Boris Johnson

18. Ed Sheeran

19. Keith Richards

20. David Beckham

21. Simon Cowell

22. Model railways

23. Rachel Greene (Jennifer Anniston)

24. Lucille Ball

25. Elizabeth Taylor

26. Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher)

27. Elvis Presley

28. Gareth Bale

29. Farah Fawcett-Majors

30. Amy Winehouse

31. Olivia Newton-John

32. Lady Diana Spencer

33. Barry, Maurice & Robin

34. 'Scooby Doo' (Shaggy)

35. Mick Jagger

36. Kevin Keegan / Newcastle United

37. 'Harry Potter' / Hagrid

38. 'The Adams Family' / Cousin It

39. Chewbacca / 'Star Wars'

40. Michael Jackson / 'Thriller'

41. Brad Pitt / Jennifer Aniston

42. Russell Crowe

43. 'The Hairy Bikers'

44. 'The Wailers' / Dreadlocks

45. Nicholas Heyward

46. Beehive


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