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Great Feats Of Construction 👷‍♀️

Another picture quiz, just for fun.

You might like to start the proceedings by asking members what is the most impressive building or construction they ever saw?

As we are going to be talking about bridges and towers, ask if anyone has got a fear of heights (acrophobia)?

The quiz comes in 4 parts, 10 questions and a song each. You might want to run it over two CST sessions.

Take time to pause for story telling if members have visited any of these places.

Round 1. Bridges

1. Name the bridge?

Name the river?

2. Name the bridge?

Which two UK nations does it connect?

3. Name the bridge?

Name the river?

4. Name the bridge?

Which island prison is nearby?

5. Name the bridge?

Name the river?

6. Name the bridge?

Which body of water does it cross?

7. Name the bridge?

Name the boat?

8. Name the bridge?

Name the city?

9. Name the bridge?

What is the building on the left?

10. Name the bridge?

What is the nickname for this city?

DISCUSSION POINT. Who would cross the glass Zhangjiajie bridge in Hunan province in China?

'Galloping Gertie' - The 'Tacoma Narrows Bridge' bridge's main span finally collapsed in 40-mile-per-hour (64 km/h) winds on the morning of November 7, 1940.

SONG. 'Bridge Over Troubled Water', Simon And Garfunkel - (* LYRIC VIDEO *)

Round 2. Statues

11. Name the statue?

Which metal is it made from?

12. Name the sculpture?

Name the city?

13. Name the sculpture?

Which city is nearby?

14. Name this sculpture, erected in 2010 to mark the 50th anniversary of the 'Six Bells' mining disaster?

Which town does it overlook?

15. Name the statue?

And the artist?

16. Name the statue?

Where is it?

17. Name the statue?

Name the city?

18. Name the mount?

Name the four presidents?

19. Name the three comedians?

20. Who's 60th birthday memorial is this?

Name the two brothers?

DISCUSSION POINT. What do members think about 'Black Lives Matter' protestors chucking this statue of the slave trader Edward Colston into Bristol dock?

SONG. 'Molly Malone', The Dubliners - (* LYRIC VIDEO *)

Round 3. Towers

21. Name the clock?

Name the tower?

22. Name the tower?

How many steps to climb up it? (Nearest guess)

23. Name the tower?

How many degrees is it off kilter? (Nearest guess)

24. Name the tower?

What would you find at its base?

Here is a Blackpool Tower Wurlitzer music medley -

25. Name the tower?

How many stories are there? (Nearest guess)

26. Name the tower?

Name the memorial?

27. Name the tower?

Name the city?

28. Name the tower?

Name the city?

Being the tallest tower in the world, how many floors do you think it has (Nearest guess)

Who (really is) climbing it in the photo below?

29. Name the 1974 movie?

And the three stars pictured here?

30. Name the 1993 movie?

At the top of which tower did they meet?

DISCUSSION POINT. Who would fancy a go at abseiling this tower?

SONG. 'Stairway To Heaven', Led Zeppelin - (* LYRICS VIDEO *)

Round 4. Tunnels & Roads

31. Name this tunnel?

Which two countries does it connect?

32. Which two UK nations are connected by the 'Severn Tunnel'?

How many litres of water are pumped out of it every day (nearest guess)?

33. The 'Mont Blanc Tunnel' connects which two countries?

34. The 'Mersey Tunnel' connects Liverpool and where?

35. 'Woolwich Foot Tunnel' (the longest in the UK) is 498 metres or 0.3 of a mile long and crosses under which river?

36. The 'Standedge Tunnel' is the longest canal tunnel in the UK, running under part of the Pennines. How long is it (Nearest guess)?

How would have the boat been manoeuvred through the tunnel whilst the horses went over the top?

37. Name the street?

Name the city?

38. Name the street?

Name the monument?

39. Name this road?

Name the US state?

40. Name this road?

Running from Chicago in the East to Santa Monica in the West, how long is it? (Nearest guess)

DISCUSSION POINT. What is it like driving on the right?

SONG. 'Hotel California', The Eagles - (* LYRICS VIDEO *)


'If I Had A Hammer', Peter Paul and Mary -

'She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain', Ramblin' Tommy Scott -

'Hit The Road Jack', Ray Charles -

'The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feeling Groovy), Simon And Garfunkel -

'The Long And Winding Road', The Beatles -


1. 'Tower Bridge' / Thames

2. 'Severn Bridge' (renamed 'Prince Of Wales Bridge') / England & Wales

3. 'Clifton Suspension Bridge' / Avon

4. 'Golden Gate Bridge' / Alcatraz

5. 'Ha'penny Bridge' (Dublin) / Liffy

6. 'Forth Bridge' / Firth Of Forth

7. 'Rialto Bridge' (Venice) / Gondola

8. 'Ponte Vecchio' / Florence (River Amo)

9. 'Sydney Harbour Bridge' / 'Sydney Opera House'

10. 'Brooklyn Bridge' (New York) / 'The Big Apple'

11. 'Statue of Liberty' / Copper

12. 'Christ The Redeemer' / Rio De Janeiro

13. 'Angel Of The North' / Gateshead

14. 'The Guardian' / Abertillery

15. 'Michelangelo's David' / 'Accademia Gallery', Florence

16. 'Venus De Milo' / 'The Louvre', Paris

17. 'The Little Mermaid' / Copenhagen

18. 'Mount Rushmore' / George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln (Donald Trump wanted to be added!)

19. Victoria Wood, Tommy Cooper & Eric Morecombe

20. Princess Diana / Princes William & Harry

21. 'Big Ben' / 'Elizabeth Tower'

22. 'Eiffel Tower' (Paris) / 1665 steps

23. 'The Leaning Tower Of Pisa' / At its worst, it leaned 5.5 degrees (about 15 feet [4.5 metres]) from the perpendicular in the late 20th century. After substantial works to stabilise it, it now leans 3.99 degrees.

24. 'Blackpool Tower' / Ballroom (with a 'Wurlitzer' organ)

25. 'The Shard' / 87 floors

26. 'One World Trade Centre' or 'Freedom Tower' / 'Ground Zero' (a memorial to the 2,977 lives lost in the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001

27. 'The CN Tower' / Toronto

28. 'Burj Khalifa' / Dubai / 163 floors

Tom Cruise in 'Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol'

29. 'The Towering Inferno' / Steve McQueen, Faye Dunaway & Paul Newman

30. 'Sleepless In Seattle' / 'Empire State Building'

31. 'Channel Tunnel' / France & England

32. Wales & England / Abut 50 million litres (of fresh water) - equivalent to 20 size Olympic size swimming pools

33. France & Italy

34. Birkenhead

35. Thames

36. 3.5 miles / The bargemen would lie with their backs on top of the barge and 'walk' along the roof of the tunnel

37. 'Lombard Street' / San Fransisco

38. 'Champs Elysees' (Paris) / 'Arc De Triomphe'

39. 'The Big Sur' / California

40. 'Route 66' / 2,400 miles


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