Great Feats Of Construction 👷‍♀️

Another picture quiz, just for fun.

You might like to start the proceedings by asking members what is the most impressive building or construction they ever saw?

As we are going to be talking about bridges and towers, ask if anyone has got a fear of heights (acrophobia)?

The quiz comes in 4 parts, 10 questions and a song each. You might want to run it over two CST sessions.

Take time to pause for story telling if members have visited any of these places.

Round 1. Bridges

1. Name the bridge?

Name the river?

2. Name the bridge?

Which two UK nations does it connect?

3. Name the bridge?

Name the river?

4. Name the bridge?

Which island prison is nearby?

5. Name the bridge?

Name the river?

6. Name the bridge?

Which body of water does it cross?

7. Name the bridge?

Name the boat?

8. Name the bridge?

Name the city?

9. Name the bridge?

What is the building on the left?

10. Name the bridge?

What is the nickname for this city?

DISCUSSION POINT. Who would cross the glass Zhangjiajie bridge in Hunan province in China?


'Galloping Gertie' - The 'Tacoma Narrows Bridge' bridge's main span finally collapsed in 40-mile-per-hour (64 km/h) winds on the morning of November 7, 1940.

SONG. 'Bridge Over Troubled Water', Simon And Garfunkel - (* LYRIC VIDEO *)

Round 2. Statues

11. Name the statue?

Which metal is it made from?

12. Name the sculpture?

Name the city?

13. Name the sculpture?

Which city is nearby?

14. Name this sculpture, erected in 2010 to mark the 50th anniversary of the 'Six Bells' mining disaster?

Which town does it overlook?

15. Name the statue?

And the artist?

16. Name the statue?

Where is it?

17. Name the statue?

Name the city?

18. Name the mount?

Name the four presidents?

19. Name the three comedians?

20. Who's 60th birthday memorial is this?

Name the two brothers?

DISCUSSION POINT. What do members think about 'Black Lives Matter' protestors chucking this statue of the slave trader Edward Colston into Bristol dock?

SONG. 'Molly Malone', The Dubliners - (* LYRIC VIDEO *)

Round 3. Towers

21. Name the clock?

Name the tower?

22. Name the tower?

How many steps to climb up it? (Nearest guess)

23. Name the tower?

How many degrees is it off kilter? (Nearest guess)

24. Name the tower?

What would you find at its base?

Here is a Blackpool Tower Wurlitzer music medley -

25. Name the tower?

How many stories are there? (Nearest guess)

26. Name the tower?

Name the memorial?

27. Name the tower?

Name the city?

28. Name the tower?

Name the city?

Being the tallest tower in the world, how many floors do you think it has (Nearest guess)

Who (really is) climbing it in the photo below?