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'World Baking Day' 🥐 🍰 🍪 17th May

This CST activities page is in celebration of 'World Baking Day', which is on 17th May. You could also use it to mark the start of the new 'Great British Bake Off' season in October.

Start by asking members to state their favourite cakes and biscuits.

Make a list.

Who likes to bake, either now or in the past?

What is/was your best bake?

List some ingredients you might use in baking a cake.

How do you get bread to rise?

How do you avoid a 'soggy bottom'?

Identify these people, who are all associated with 'Bake Off'.

Mary Berry & Paul Hollywood

Sue Perkins & Mel Giedroyc

Sandi Toksvig & Prue Leith

Noel Fielding & Matt Lucas

Nadia Hussein (2015 Winner)


Ask members to complete these well known phrases, by way of a shout out ...

  1. a piece of CAKE – very easy

  2. a slice of the PIE – a share of what’s available

  3. a smart COOKIE – a clever person

  4. as flat as a PANCAKE – very flat

  5. bread and BUTTER – the necessities

  6. shut your cake HOLE – mouth

  7. give us this day our daily BREAD – what one needs in order to survive

  8. half BAKED – not fully thought through

  9. pie in the SKY – fun to dream about but ultimately unrealistic/impossible

  10. selling like hot CAKES – selling quickly and in large quantities

  11. that’s the way the cookie CRUMBLES – a situation that must be accepted

  12. the best thing since SLICED BREAD – very good

  13. bread of HEAVEN – something that provides spiritual nourishment

  14. the cherry on the TOP – an additional benefit that improves an already very good situation

  15. the icing on the CAKE – an additional benefit/disaster that improves/worsens an already very good/bad situation

  16. to break BREAD – to share a meal/to celebrate the Eucharist

  17. to eat humble PIE – to apologise and accept humiliation

  18. to get caught with your hand in the BISCUIT BARREL – to get caught in the act of doing something wrong/naughty

  19. to have a finger in EVERY PIE – to be involved in (too) many things (usually resulting in not giving your full attention to any of them)

  20. to sort the wheat from the CHAFF – to separate the valuable from the worthless

  21. to take the BISCUIT – to be much better/worse than other comparable things

  22. to use your LOAF – to use your common sense

  23. to want your bread buttered on BOTH SIDES – to desire more than what is reasonable to expect

  24. you can’t have your cake and EAT IT – you can’t have something ‘both ways’/you can’t have the best of both worlds/you can’t have the two mutually exclusive things you desire at once


ROUND 1. Cakes

1. Name the cake?

What piece of kitchen equipment are they cooked on?

2. Name the cake?

Who makes "Exceedingly Good Cakes"?

3. Name the cake?

What is on the outside?

4. Name the cake?

What other common filling is there?

5. Name the cake?

In which English county is there a town with this name?

6. Name the cake?

What type of pastry is this?

7. Name the cake?

Which liqueur is an ingredient of this cake?

8. Name the cake?

Which vegetable and which nut are ingredients of this cake?

9. Name the cake?

Which biscuit provides a common base for this cake?

10. Name the cake?

Which monarch is this cake named after?

11. What was this character called?

12. SONG BREAK. 'MacArthur Park', Donna Summer -

Which actor originally sang this song?

(A bonus point for anyone who knows what the heck this song is all about??)

ROUND 2. Biscuits

13. Name the biscuit?

What favoured jam is in the middle?

14. Name the biscuit?

Which shape can you also get this biscuit in?

15. Name the biscuit?

Is there any real custard in the recipe?

16. Name the biscuit?

According to HMRC, is it a biscuit or cake?

17. Name the biscuit?

What type of fabric can be seen in this photo?

18. Name the biscuit?

Describe the meaning of the word 'Dunking'?

19. Name the biscuit?

True or False. This is the best selling biscuit in the UK?

20. Name the biscuit?

Which type of alcoholic beverage also has this name?

21. Name the biscuit?

Which country is this biscuit from?

22. Name the biscuit?

Are our hands bigger, or are they smaller?

24. SONG. 'Three Wheels On My Wagon', The New Christy Minstrels -

Which Native American is mentioned in the song?

ROUND 3. Bread

25. Name the bread?

Which country does this bread come from?

26. Name the bread?

What do you call one of these with chocolate inside it?

27. Name the bread?

Its ingredients include eggs and butter, so why is it called a bread?

28. Name the bread?

Which religion is it associated with?

29. Name the bread?

Which dish might you eat this with?

30. Name the bread?

Which country does it come from?

(Choose your favourite topping.)

31. Name the bread?

What is this word slang for?

32. Name the bread?

Which English city is this cake associated with?

33. Name the pastry?

Which country does it come from?

Name the bread?

Which music is being played?

35. SONG BREAK. 'She Flies Like A Bird', Honeybus -

Which loaf of bread did this song help advertise?

ROUND 4. A mixed bag

36. Name the cake?

Which religious festival is it associated with?

37. Name the pie?

Which US holiday is it associated with?

38. Name the cake?

What chocolate cake is also associated with this holiday?

39. Name the cake?

A slice of Prince Charles & Lady Diana Spencer's sold for how much at auction recently?

When was the wedding?

Here is that slice of cake. Would you eat it?

40. Name the cake?

What would you usually put on top of this cake, to mark the age being celebrated?

41. Name the cake?

Which country is it associated with?

42. Name the cake?

What pastry is it made from?

43. Name the cake? (How do you say it?)

Is this picture of a 'Cornish' or 'Devon' cream tea?

44. Name the pie?

Which US holiday is this associated with?

45.SONG. 'American Pie', Don McLean -

Who was he referring to when he sang 'the day THE MUSIC died"?

46. Which baking product did this man advertise?

Anyone remember which TV sitcom starred John Le Mesurier?

47. EXTRA SONG. 'Mouldy Old Dough', Lieutenant Pigeon' -

Singalong with the words "Mouldy Old Dough".

Which medicine was discovered from mould?


Get a few 'Gingerbread Men Kits', decorate them with the group. Then enjoy them with a nice brew.

Or you could ice and decorate a fruit cake with apricot jam, marzipan, icing, and seasonal shapes. Then eat it together!

Play some of 'Bread's' music during your practical activity -


1. Welsh Cakes

A Bakestone

2. French Fancies

Mr Kipling

3. Battenberg


4. Donut


5. Bakewell Tart


6. Eccles Cake


7. Black Forest Gateau


8. Carrot Cake

Carrot & Walnut

9. Cheesecake

Digestive Biscuits

10. Victoria Sandwich

Queen Victoria

11. Pilsbury Dough Boy (He used to giggle when tickled. Anyone ticklish in the room?)

12. Richard Harris

13. Jammy Dodger


14. Gingernut

Gingerbread Men

15. Custard Cream


16. Jaffa Cake


17. Shortbread


18. Rich Tea

Dipping your biscuit in a cup of tea or coffee

19. Chocolate Digestive


20. Bourbon


21. Oreo


22. Wagon Wheel

23. Burton's say they are the SAME SIZE!!!

24. Cherokees

25. Baguette


26. Croissant

Pain au chocolat

27. Brioche

It is yeast risen to give it a bread like interior

28. Bagel


29. Naan Bread


30. Pizza


31. Crumpet

An attractive person

32. Chelsea Bun


33. Danish Pastry


34. Hovis

Dvorak's 'New World Symphony'

35. Nimble

36. Simnel Cake


37. Pumpkin Pie


38. Christmas Cake

Yule Log

39. Wedding Cake


29th July 1981 (I wonder if it was still edible?)

40. Birthday Cake


41. Panettone

Italy (where it is traditionally eaten at Christmas)

42. Profiterole


43. Scone


44. Apple Pie

4th July 'Independence Day'

45. Buddy Holly

46. Homepride Flour / 'Dad's Army'

47. Penicillin (the mould accidentally grew in a Petri dish and Alexander Fleming discovered it killed certain bacteria)

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Jacquelyn Wood
Jacquelyn Wood
02 сент. 2021 г.

Fabulous content in all of these topics. Thanks for the great ideas Simon!


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