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Dementia Cafe ☕️ Voiceovers Quiz

This short dementia friendly quiz aims to celebrate the place of VoiceOvers in our TV and movies. Have you ever watched an animated television programme or movie and thought "I know that voice!", but then can't place it. Well that is (sort of) what we are doing here.

To begin with, there are two sets of pictures, i. the character and ii. the VoiceOver actor. The idea is to match them up, either by visual recognition or by name, or both. See how you get on.

As usual, this is just for fun and not intended to be competitive. Rather it's a tool for reminiscence and discussion, "Oh yes, I remember that." "What I liked about that show was ... ." And of course, musical memory comes into it as well. You'll see what I mean later on when it comes to the music round.

Round 1. Character Pictures

See how many of characters you can name ...

Round 2. VoiceOver Actors Pictures

See how many actors you can name ...

Then, link them to the characters above, i.e. those they did VoiceOvers for ...

Here is a great song break of a classic VoiceOver -

And another, a comedy video from social media -

And here are some classic Johnny Morris clips - the ultimate VoiceOver star of my generation -

Round 2. Music Round

The idea here is to play a music clip from the Spotify playlist and ask members to choose the right image to go with the song ...

Or you could link to YouTube music videos ...

Both playlists are below.

And finally, probably the best VoiceOver clip from the best VoiceOver movie you could ever see -

'The Wombles' - Bernard Cribbins

'Thomas The Tank Engine' - Ringo Starr

'Shrek' - Mike Myers

'Bugs Bunny' (& various others) - Mel Blanc

'Will O' The Wisp' - Kenneth Williams

'Dangermouse' - David Jason

Woody ('Toy Story') - Tom Hanks

Genie ('Aladdin') - Robin Williams

'The Adventures Of Tintin' - Jamie Bell

'Stuart Little' - Michael J Fox

Dory ('Finding Nemo') - Ellen DeGeneres

'Wallace And Gromit' - Peter Sallis

Bart ('The Simpsons') - Nancy Cartwright

Jessica ('Who Framed Roger Rabbit') - Kathleen Turner

'Fantastic Mr Fox' - George Clooney

Mufasa ('The Lion King') - James Earl Jones

'Puss In Boots' - Antonio Banderas

Donkey ('Shrek') - Eddie Murhpy

'Mr Men' - Arthur Lowe

Sorting Hat ('Harry Potter') - Leslie Phillips

'Rhoobarb And Custard' - Richard Briers


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