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☕️ Dementia Cafe 👷‍♀️ Jobs For The Boys (And Girls)

Here is a short CST 'Dementia Cafe' session, which should take about an hour or so to work through.

Begin by asking what members' jobs are or were?

What was their first job? What was the best job they ever had?

What was the one job they fancied doing, but never got a chance to?

Discuss responsibilities and contributions to society of:

- the emergency services

- the NHS and social care

- the financial sector

- education

- the high street &

- the hospitality sector.

What was retirement like? Was it a struggle to find new hobbies and pastimes, or was retirement a blessed relief?


Next, complete these well known phrases, by way of a shout out ...

- Rich man, poor man, beggar man, THIEF

- Tinker, tailor, soldier, SPY

- The Butcher, The Baker & Candlestick MAKER

- Show someone the ROPES

- All in a days WORK

- Job in HAND

- Nine to FIVE

- Above and beyond the call of DUTY

- Go the extra MILE

- Busman's HOLIDAY

- Eager BEAVER

- Pull your WEIGHT

- Too many chiefs, not enough INDIANS

- Tricks of the TRADE

- Work your fingers to the BONE

- Worth you SALT or WEIGHT IN GOLD

- All work and no play makes Jack a dull BOY

- Bite off more than you can CHEW

- Mix business with PLEASURE

- Nothing ventured, nothing GAINED

- Shape up or ship OUT

- Take someone under your WING

- Dead end JOB



Click on the first photo to open a slide show.

A playlist of featured TV themes, movie scores and songs can be found here -

Encourage discussion about jobs, TV shows and movies.

Go off at tangents and allow for reminiscence and story-telling.

Give prompts and first names etc to help members give right answers and feel a sense of achievement.

Simplify and shorten as necessary.

First song ...

Name the Seven Dwarfs?


Name the jobs?

What number would you have called to get the first person?

Does anyone have a father or mother who worked 'In Service'?

Who likes going to the cinema? What was the last movie you went to see?

Have you ever had a suit or dress fitted?

Who remembers steam trains and the thrill of being a passenger?

Remember the old ticket machines?

When setting a fire, what instruments would be needed?

Which two of the seven photos above are taken from TV shows?

First song ...

Name the two lead actors?

(Factoid. The one on the left apologised for his terrible Cockney accent in 2017.)


Identify the disappearing jobs?

Can anyone think of any more?

Who is eating more fish these days?

Who is eating less red meat? Has anyone made the move to vegetarianism or veganism?

What was the name of his vehicle?

What is the name of his lamp?

What was your favourite flavour? (Noting this was a very early recycling scheme.)

Who has a paper delivered these days?

What is your favourite bread or baked item?

Song break ...

What was the name of his horse?


Name the TV show?

Name the job?


​Clue. TV cop drama?


​Clue. TV transport comedy?


​Clue. TV comedy series about the Home Guard?


​Clue. TV comedy series set in a department store?

​Clue. TV shop based comedy?


​Clue. TV comedy series set in Yorkshire?

​​Clue. TV hospital drama?


​Clue. TV soap which had the pub as its focus?

​Clue. TV comedy series set in a hotel?

​Clue. TV comedy series set in a church?

Sketch break ...

From which TV comedy series does this sketch come from?

Song break ...

Which children's TV show is about a postman?

Here he is?

What was his cat called?


Name the movie?

Name the job?



















What is the name of her ranch?


Name the TV show?

Name the job?

​Clue. He could talk to the animals?


​Clue. It was set in a scrapyard?


​Clue. It was set in a motel?


​Clue. They gave up work to live off the land?

​Clue. He hated his job?


​Clue. It was an inside job?


​Clue. TV comedy series set in a holiday camp?

Clue. No. 10 Downing Street


​Clue. TV comedy series set in Slough?


​Clue. TV comedy series set in Port Wenn?

Name the children's TV show?

What were the 13 characters/episodes?


Identify the new jobs?

Can anyone think of any more?


Name the 'Fab Four'?

Which James Bond film song did she sing?

What is your favourite day of the week and why?

Name the pop group?

Identify the 6 characters?

Listen to the song and dance the moves ...



Now here's a little story To tell it is a must About an unsung hero That moves away your dust Some people make a fortune Others earn a mint My old man don't earn much In fact he's flippin' skint

Oh, my old man's a dustman He wears a dustman's hat He wears cor blimey trousers And he lives in a council flat He looks a proper narner In his great big hobnail boots He's got such a job to pull 'em up That he calls them daisy roots

Some folk give tips at Christmas And some of them forget So when he picks their bins up He spills some on the steps Now one old man got nasty And to the council wrote Next time my old man went 'round there He punched him up the throat

Oh, my old man's a dustman He wears a dustman's hat He wears cor blimey trousers And he lives in a council flat

I say, I say Les' (yeah?) I 'er, I found a police dog in my dust bin (How do you know he's a police dog?) He had a policeman with him

Though my old man's a dustman He's got an 'eart of gold He got married recently Though he's eighty-six years old We said "'ere, 'ang on dad you're getting past your prime" He said "well when you get to my age" "It helps to pass the time" (oi!)

My old man's a dustman He wears a dustman's hat He wears cor blimey trousers And he lives in a council flat

I say, I say, I say (huh?) My dustbin's full of lillies (Well, throw them away then!) I can't, Lilly's wearing them

Now, one day while in a hurry He missed a lady's bin He hadn't gone but a few yards When she chased after him "What game do you think you're playing" She cried right from the heart "You missed me, am I too late?" "No, jump up on the cart!"

My old man's a dustman He wears a dustman's hat He wears cor blimey trousers And he lives in a council flat

I say I say, I say (not you again!) My dustbin's absolutely full with toadstools How do you know it's full? 'Cause there's not mushroom inside!

He found a tiger's head one day Nailed to a piece of wood The tiger looked quite miserable But I suppose he should Just them from out the window A voice began to wail He said "oi, where's me tiger's head?" "Four foot from 'is tail!"

Oh, my old man's a dustman He wears a dustman's hat He wear cor blimey trousers And he lives in a council flat Next time you see a dustman Looking all pale and sad Don't kick him in the dustbin It might be my ole dad!

Seven Dwarfs - Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy & Sneezy

Seven Jobs - Telephone Operator, Cook & Butler ('Upstairs Downstairs'), Cinema Usher, Tailor, Station Master, Bus Conductor & Scullery Maid ('Downton Abbey')

Dick Van Dyke & Julie Andrews (Mr Dawes & Mary Poppins)

Seven Jobs - Fishmonger, Butcher, Milkman, Coal Miner, Pop Deliveryman ('Corona'), Newsboy & Baker

Horse - 'Trigger'

'Z Cars' / Policeman & Detective (Starring James Ellis as Sergeant Lynch)

'On The Buses' / Bus Driver & Conductor (Starring Reg Varney as Stan Butler)

'Dad's Army' / Soldiers (Captain Mainwaring/Arthur Lowe, Sergeant Wilson/John Le Mesurier, Corporal Jones/Clive Dunn, Private Frazer/John Laurie, Private Walker/James Beck. Private Godfrey/Arnold Ridley & Private Pike/Ian Lavender)

'Are You Being Served' / Shop Assistant & Sales Manager (Characters - Captain Peacock, Mr Humphries, Miss Brahms, Mrs Slocombe, Mr Rumbold & Mr Lucas)

'Open All Hours' / Greengrocer (Starring Ronnie Barker as Arkwright & David Jason as Granville)

'All Creatures Great And Small' / Veterinarian (Starring Christopher Timothy as James Herriot)

'Casualty' / Nurses (Main characters - Duffy, Charlie & Megan)

'Eastenders' / Landlady (Starring Peggy Mitchell/Barbara Windsor - "Get out of my pub!)

'Fawlty Towers' / Hotel Manager, Chambermaid & Waiter (Basil/John Cleese, Sybil/Prunella Scales, Polly/Connie Booth & Manuel/Andrew Sachs, from Barcelona)

'Vicar Of Dibley' / Vicar & Verger (Geraldine Grainger/Dawn French & Alice Tinker/Emma Chambers)

'The Two Ronnies' (Ronnie Barker & Ronnie Corbett)

'Postman Pat' (And his black and white cat Jess)

'Carry On Doctor' ('Carry On Matron' was earlier) (Starring Hattie Jaques, Kenneth Williams & Sid James)

'The Railway Children' / Albert Perks was the Station Master (Bernard Cribbins)

'Airplane' / Pilot (Starring Robert Hayes as Ted Striker)

'The Shining' / Caretaker (Starring Jack Nicholson & Shelley Duval)

'Educating Rita' / University Lecturer (Starring Julie Walters & Michael Caine)

'Backdraft' / Firemen (Starring Kurt Russell)

'Sister Act' / Nun & Club Singer (Starring Whoopi Goldberg)

'Apollo 13' / Astronaut (Starring Bill Paxton, Kevin Bacon & Tom Hanks)

'The Full Monty' / Unemployed Steel Workers (Starring Robert Carlyle as Gaz)

'Billy Elliot' / Ballet Dancer (& the film centred on the Miner's strikes of the 1970s) (Starring Jamie Bell & Julie Walters)


'Animal Magic' / Zookeeper (Starring Johnny Morris)

'Steptoe & Son' / Rag & Bone Men (Harry Corbett & William Bramble) (The horse's name was 'Hercules')

'Crossroads Motel' / Hotel Manager, Odd Job Man & Receptionist (Characters - Benny, Meg Richardson & Miss Diane)

'The Good Life' / Out Of Work & Becoming Self Sufficient (Tom & Barbara Good / Richard Briers & Felicity Kendall with Jerry & Margot Leadbetter / Paul Eddington & Penelope Keith)

'The Rise And Fall Of Reginald Perrin' / Sales Executive at 'Sunshine Deserts' (Starring Leonard Rossiter)

'Porridge' / Prisoner & ex Thief (Starring Norman Stanley Fletcher/Ronnie Barker & Lennie Godber/Richard Beckinsale) ('HMS 'Slade Prison')

'Hi Di Hi' / Holiday Camp Staff ('Red Coats') (Starring Ruth Madoc as Gladys Pugh in 'Maplins Holiday Camp')

'Yes Minister' / Cabinet Minister & Civil Servant (Starring Nigel Hawthorne, Paul Eddington & Derek Fowlds)

'The Office' / Office Manager (Starring Ricky Gervais as David Brent, Office Manager at 'Wernham Hogg Paper Merchants')

'Doc Martin' / Doctor (Starring Martin Clunes. Actually set in Port Isaac) (He developed a phobia of blood)

'Mr Benn' - Red Knight, Gig Game Hunter, Cook, Caveman, Balloonist, Zookeeper, Diver, Wizard, Cowboy, Clown, Magic Carpet Rider, Spaceman & Pirate

New Jobs - Call Centre, Grocery Delivery Person, Parcel Delivery Person, Fitness Trainer, IT Consultant, Smart Phone Repairer, Fast Food Delivery Person, Barrista & Working from home

'Fab Four' - Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison & Ringo Starr

James Bond Theme - 'For Your Eyes Only'

'Village People' - Ray Simpson (Policeman), Randy Jones (Cowboy), David Hodo (Construction Worker), Felipe Rose (Native American), Glenn Hughes (Leatherman) & Alex Briley (Soldier)


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