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'Christmas Jumper Day' 🦌 7th December

There is a 'History Of The Christmas Jumper' information page here -

But suffice it to say, from simple beginnings - the gaudy knitwear we know today is descended from the jumpers worn by Scandinavian fishermen in the 1890s, the Christmas jumper has gone from hideously misjudged gift from a well-meaning relative to a desirable festive season fashion. In 2019, charity 'Hubbub' predicted that 12 million Christmas jumpers would be sold in the UK in the lead up to and during the festive period

Such is the popularity of the Christmas jumper nowadays, the charity 'Save The Children' has adopted it as a fundraiser and dedicated a day to wearing them, the 8th of December. Here is more information about 'Save The Children' and a place to donate if you so wish -

So this short CST activities page aims to celebrate the Christmas jumper and knitwear generally. We will look at some famous Christmas jumper wearers, one or two famous knitters and sewers and enjoy some loosely associated music and video clips.

Begin the session by asking ...

- Who can knit, sew or crochet?

- What other 'making' skills do members have?

- What is the best thing you ever made or created?

- Or were given?

Ask members to list types of jumper? - v.neck, tank top, polo neck, turtle neck, cardigan, Aran, etc


Next, complete these well known phrases together ...

- Like finding a needle in a HAYSTACK

- Someone pulling the wool over your EYES

- Like a sheep in wolf's CLOTHING

- Black sheep of the FAMILY

- Might as well be hanged for a sheep as a LAMB

- By hook or by CROOK

- Act the giddy GOAT

- Ba Ba black sheep have you any WOOL

- Counting SHEEP

- In two shakes of a lamb's TAIL

- Like lambs to the SLAUGHTER

- Mary had a little lamb, it's fleece was white as SNOW

- Little Bo Peep has lost her SHEEP

- Mutton dressed as LAMB

- Bless his cotton SOCKS

- Cotton on to SOMETHING

- Wrap someone up in cotton WOOL

- Hanging by a THREAD

- How long is a piece of STRING

- Just a cotton picking MINUTE


Who remembers having (or seeing their mother with one of these old knitting patterns?

Can anyone describe how to follow a knitting pattern, because I haven't got a clue!

"Knit one, purl one etc"

Did anyone have one of these embroideries in their house, or better still did anyone make one in school?


​Name this iconic knitwear wearing actress?

Name some of her movies?

Name this 1960s jumper wearing model?

What is her real name?

​Name this turtleneck wearing actor?

Name the 1970 movie?

​Name the famous monologue joke teller?

Name the TV comedy series?

​Which Dr Who was famous for his knitted scarf?

What was his dog's name?

​Name these jumper wearing actors?

Name the 1989 movie?

​Name this famous black polo neck jumper wearer?

What year did he launch the iPhone?

(Who has got one?)

​Name the famous Olympic knitter?

What is his sport?

​Name the sewing comedian?

Which TV 'making' series does he host?

​Name this famous cross-dressing creative artist?

What does he specialise in making?

Name the jumper wearing and rocking chair sitting Irish singer?

Take your pick ....

Christmas song:

Other songs:


​Name this famous jumper wearer and his dog? Name the comic they were in?

Name the detective and the TV show she was in?

Name the bear and the newspaper he appeared in?

Name the hard man and the comic he appeared in?

Name the naughty girl and the comic she appeared in?

Name the bear? Who created him?


In the good old days, we ...

- Darned socks

- Knitted tea cosies

- Sewed patches on to save jumper sleeves

- Knitted bobble hats

Can anyone describe how to make a bobble? Here is a video -

- Wore hand-me-downs

- Wore jumpers indoors (before we had central heating)

- & Knitted or crocheted our own blankets & scarves ...

According to the '2013 Guinness Book Of Records', how long is the longest scarf ever knitted?

a. 1/2 mile

b. 1.15 miles

c. 2.15 miles


​​Name the bobble hat wearer?

Name the 1990 movie?

​​Name the Christmas jumper wearer?

Name the 2001 movie?

Name the jumper wearing character?

Name the actor?

​What do the 'R' & 'H' stand for?

​Name the TV vicar and her parishioner?

​Name the reluctant Christmas jumper wearing actor?

What thrilling movie series did he star in?

​Name the Aran jumper wearing actor with his dog?

Which 'Captain' did he star as?

​Name the Christmas jumper wearing actor?

Which musical movie did he dance in in 2016?

​Name the Christmas jumper wearing broadcaster & author?

Which words and numbers game was he a big part of?

​Name the ex 'Hear'Say' singer?

What radio station does she now present on?

His nickname was 'Mr Christmas', but was was his real name?

Take your pick ...

Christmas song:

'It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year' -

Other songs:

'Music to Watch Girls By' -

'Can't Get Used to Losing You' -

'Can't Take My Eyes Off You' -


Name these Christmas Jumper wearing celebrities?

Which three of them have Chistmassy names?

Name this cardigan-wearing 'Old Crooner'?

Take your pick from some of his Christmas songs ...

'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas' -

'The Christmas Song' (with Nat King Cole) -

'I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm' -


Name the 'celebrities'?

This jumper has been trending this year. Did anyone manage to get one?

What 'Sound Of Music' song was associated with Maria making new clothes for the children out of old curtains? "A needle pulling thread" indeed.

& where was this scene (and much of the movie) filmed ? -

And as this song related to "a female deer", let's finish with a song about a male deer ...

What were the names of the other reindeer who "used to laugh and call him names"?

And finally, 'Mr Christmas' Bing Crosby, who himself features on many a Christmas jumper ...

Have a wonderfully Happy Christmas everyone 🎅

See you on the other side 🥳

Marilyn Monroe / 'Some Like It Hot', 'The Seven Year Itch', 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' etc

Twiggy / Lesley Lawson (nee Hornby)

Ali MacGraw / 'Love Story'

Ronnie Corbett / 'The Two Ronnies'

Tom Baker /K9

Meg Ryan & Billie Crystal / 'When Harry Met Sally' ("I'll have some of what she's having!")

Steve Jobs / 2007

Tom Daley / Diving

Joe Lycett / 'The Great British Sewing Bee'

Grayson Perry / Ceramics & Tapestries

Val Doonican

'Denis The Menace & Gnasher / 'The Beano'

Thelma / 'Scooby Do'

'Rupert The Bear' / 'The Express'

'Desperate Dan' / 'The Dandy'

'Minnie The Minx' / 'The Beano'

'Winnie the Pooh' / A.A. Milne

c. 2.15 miles / 11,363 ft 11 in

Kevin McAllister (Macaulay Culkin) / 'Home Alone'

Mark Darcy / 'Bridget Jones's Diary'

Alan Partridge (Note the Christmas link?) / Steve Coogan

Ron Weasley & Harry Potter

Geraldine Granger & Jim Trott

Matt Damon / 'Bourne Identity'

Chris Evans / 'Captain America'

Ryan Gosling / 'LA LA Land'

Giles Brandreth / 'Countdown'

Mylene Class / 'Classic FM'

Andy Williams

Holly Willoughby & Philip Schofield

Ant McPartlin & Declan Donnelly

Andy Murray (What a smiler!)

Paul Hollywood & Mary Berry

Chris Evans

Noel Edmonds

Noel Fielding

Idris Elba

David Beckham

Frank Sinatra

Edina Monsoon & Patsy Stone ('Absolutely Fabulous')

Sean Connery as 007 ('James Bond')

Captain Kirk & Spock ('Star Trek')

Snoopy & Woodstock ('Peanuts')

Jesus (Apologies if this offended anyone!)

Donald Trump

Boris Johnson


'The Chuckle Brothers'

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph


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