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National Brothers Day 🤝 24th May

Here is a straightforward 'Brothers & Sisters' CST music and picture quiz for 'National Brothers Day' on 24th May.

You could start by asking members to bring along a family photo, either of their younger selves or their family now. If naming family members might be difficult, ask a care partner to assist by writing down names on the back of the photo.

Ask members if they have or had bothers or sisters, or if they were an only child? What are the advantages or disadvantages of each?

Being one of six boys, and the youngest of them, I could say the good things were older siblings looking out for you and after you, hand me downs and knowing what you will be wearing next, rowdy family meals and parties and a wealth of music to choose from. There weren't many down sides I can think of, other than sharing a smallish bedroom and having one bath and toilet, but we made do. Mum and Dad were brilliant really, we never went hungry and I can't remember any fights or falling outs.

Everyone will have their own reminiscences. Just take care to know if any members had less happy childhoods so that that can be acknowledged properly.

As always, I love feedback, so do let me know if you and your members enjoyed this one. Also if I have missed anyone obvious out. And thanks for all your helpful suggestions.


We find that completing some well known phrases together is a nice warm up. It gets people thinking and builds confidence.

Ask members to complete the phrase by way of a shout out ...

Like father, like SON

Am I my brother's KEEPER

He ain't heavy he's my BROTHER

Sisters before MISTERS

A chip off the old BLOCK

The apple didn't fall far from the TREE

Blood is thicker than WATER

Runs in the FAMILY

Cut from the same CLOTH

Black sheep of the FAMILY

Follow in someone's FOOTSTEPS

Spitting IMAGE

Pride and JOY

Mummy's BOY

Kith and KIN

Born with a silver spoon in your MOUTH

There's no place like HOME

Home is where the HEART IS

Family of MAN

ROUND 1. Famous Sisters

1. Name the 19th century authors?

Name each of their most famous books?

- 'Jane ****'

- 'Wuthering *******'

- 'Agnes ****'

2. Name these sisters?

Complete this song title - 'Boogie Woogie ***** ***'

3. Name these sisters?

Complete this song title - 'I Saw Mommy ******* **** *****'

4. Name these sisters?

What was the age gap between them?

5. Name these sisters?

Which two books did the sister on the right write, which the sister on the left starred in when they were made into movies?

- 'The S***'

- 'The B****'

6. Name the sisters?

What was their 1987 number 1 hit? - 'R**********'

7. Name the sisters?

Which sister won the most 'Wimbledon Championships'?

8. Name the sisters?

Did they both star in 'Neighbours'?

9. Name the sisters?

What did the one on the right call the Queen?

10. Name the sisters?

Which fashion accessory did the sisters cause a stir with in 2011?

SONG BREAK. 'I'm In The Mood For Dancing', The Nolan Sisters -

11. Although they grew up in Dublin, they formed their singing act in which UK seaside town?

ROUND 2. Famous Brothers

12. Name the fairy tale writing brothers?

Complete the titles of some of their books -

- 'Hansel And ******'

- Rump**********'

- 'The Pied Piper Of ******'

- 'Snow White And *** ***** *******'

13. Name the brothers?

Name the world's first successful motor-operated airplane that they invented?

14. Name the brothers?

Complete the titles of some of their films:

- 'Duck ****'

- 'Animal ********'

- 'A Day At The *****'

- 'A Night At The *****'

15. Name the brothers?

Who assassinated the US President (on the left) on 22nd November 1963?

16. Name the brothers?

They were the first brothers to win which trophy in 1966?

Here is a highlights video for reminiscence -

17. Name the brothers?

Which 1984 movie did the brother on the left win 'Best Director' & 'Best Movie' win Oscars for?

The brother on the right was Knighted in the 2020 'Queen's Birthday Honours List' for services to what?

18. Name the brothers?

Have a heated debate. Which would have made the better Prime Minister?

19. Name the brothers?

Which band did they both feature in?

20. Name the brothers?

The one on the right won the 'Wimbledon Championship' in 2013 & 2016. It was the first time a Brit had won since who in 1936?

21. Name the brothers?

Name their children?

22. SONG BREAK. 'He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother', The Hollies -

Complete the title of this other hit of theirs -

- 'The Air **** * ******'

(If this doesn't make you blub, nothing will! 😭 )

ROUND 3a. Famous Brothers & Sisters

23. Name the famous brother and sister?

24. Name the famous brother and sister?

25. Name the famous brother and sister?

26. Name the famous brother and sister?

27. Name the famous brother and sister?

SONG BREAK. 'They Long To Be Close To You', The Carpenters -

28. What instruments did each of them play?

ROUND 3b. Famous Twins

29. Name the famous twins?

30. Name the famous twins?

31. Name the famous twins?

Name their group?

32. Name the famous twins?

Which Lib Dem politician were they associated with?

33. Name the famous twins?

Name their group?

SONG BREAK. 'How Deep Is Your Love', The Bee Gees -

34. Which of the brothers were identical twins?

ROUND 4. Music Round

35. Name the brothers?

Name the band?

36. Name the album?

Name the band?

37. Name the group?

With which song did they win the 1976 'Eurovision Song Contest'?

38. Name the brothers?

Complete this song title - 'All I Have To Do Is *****'

39. Name this group?

Complete these song titles:

- 'I Want *** ****'

- 'A**'

- 'I'll Be *****'

- 'Blame It On *** ******'

Here is one of those hits -

40. Name this group?

One of their biggest hits was 'Harvest For The World'. Who re-recorded it in 1988?

Here is the original version - (It starts proper at about 2 mins in)

41. Name this group?

Complete the titles of the solo hits of the younger members:

- 'Puppy ****'

- 'The Twelfth Of *****'

- 'Long Haired Lover From *********'

- 'Tweedle ***'

Here is one of their other main hits -

42. Name the group?

Complete some of their song titles:

- 'Good **********'

- 'Surfin' ***'

- 'I Get ******'

- 'Don't Worry ****'

Here is another one of their hits -

43. Name the brothers?

What was their other smash hit?

44. Before playing this song, name these two artists?

SONG BREAK. 'We Are Family', Sister Sledge -

45. Complete the titles of some of their other top 10 hits:

- 'Lost In *****'

- He's The Greatest ******'

- 'F******'



1. Charlotte, Emily & Anne Bronte

'Jane EYRE'

'Wuthering HEIGHTS'

'Agnes Gray'

2. Andrew Sisters

'Boogie Woogie BUGLE BOY'

3. Beverley Sisters


4. HRH Queen Elizabeth & Princess Margaret

4 years

5. Joan & Jackie Collins

'The STUD'


6. Mel & Kim Appleby


7. Serena & Venus Williams

Serena won 7 'Wimbledon Championships', Venus won 5

8. Dannii & Kylie Minogue

No. Dannii starred in 'Home And Away'

9. Philippa & Kate Middleton


10. Beatrice & Eugenie Mountbatten-Windsor (though Eugenie recently married)


11. Blackpool

12. The Brothers Grimm (Willhelm & Jacob)

- 'Hansel And GRETEL'


- 'The Pied Piper Of HAMLIN'

- 'Snow White And THE SEVEN DWARFS'

13. The Wright Brothers (Orville & Wilbur)

'Kitty Hawk'

14. Groucho, Chico, Zeppo & Harpo Marx

- 'Duck SOUP'

- 'Animal CRACKERS'

- 'A Day At The RACES'

- 'A Night At The OPERA'

15. John, Robert & Ted Kennedy

Lee Harvey Oswald

16. Jackie & Bobby Charlton

'The World Cup'

17. Richard & David Attenborough


Television Broadcasting & Conservation

18. Ed & David Milliband

* Vote

19. Martin & Gary Kemp

'Spandau Ballet'

20. Jamie & Andy Murray

Fred Perry

21. William & Harry Mountbatten-Windsor

George, Charlotte & Louis / Archie & Lillibet

22. 'The Air THAT I BREATHE'

23. Janice Long & Keith Chegwin

24. Laila Morse & Gary Oldman

25. Shirley MacLaine & Warren Beatty

26. Peter & Jane Fonda

27. Rachel & Boris Johnson

28. Drums & Piano

29. Ronnie & Reggie Kray

30. Norris & Ross McWhirter

31. Luke & Matt Goss / 'Bros'

32. 'The Cheeky Girls' / Lembit Opik

33. John & Edward Grimes / 'Jedward'

34. Maurice & Robin

35. Noel & Liam Gallagher / 'Oasis'

36. 'Brothers In Arms' / Dire Straits

37. 'Brotherhood Of Man' / 'Kisses For Me'

38. 'The Everly Brothers'

'All I Have To Do Is DREAM'

39. 'Jackson Five'

- 'I Want YOU BACK'

- 'ABC'

- 'I'll Be THERE'

- 'Blame It On THE BOOGIE'

40. 'The Isley Brothers' / 'The Christians'

41. 'The Osmonds'

- 'Puppy LOVE'

- 'The Twelfth Of NEVER'

- 'Long Haired Lover From LIVERPOOL'

- 'Tweedle DEE'

42. 'The Beach Boys'


- 'Surfin' USA'

- 'I Get AROUND'

- 'Don't Worry BABY'

43. 'The Righteous Brothers' / 'Unchained Melody'

44. Aretha Franklin & Annie Lennox

45. - 'Lost In MUSIC'

- He's The Greatest DANCER'



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