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'World Oceans Day' 🌊🐬🐳🧜‍♀️ 8th June

"The ocean's power of regeneration is remarkable - if we just offer it the chance, We are in reach of a whole new relationship with the ocean, a wiser, more sustainable relationship. The choice lies with us." - David Attenborough


The theme for this weeks CST activities page is 'World Oceans Day', which is on 8th June.

"'World Ocean Day' is a United Nations' recognized day of awareness aimed at encouraging people to come together towards restoring and protecting the oceans and ultimately the planet. It began as a concept in 1992 and is held annually on June 8. The 2023 theme is “Planet Ocean: Tides Are Changing.” One Ocean, One Climate, One Future - Together

We started by asking members to say whether they like visiting the sea? Has anyone a favourite beach, either in the UK or overseas? Does anyone like to swim in the sea?

Has anyone been on an ocean cruise or a river trip? What about a ferry journey?

Encourage story telling and find images of places mentioned.

Thinking more about the beach, we listed things you might take or find there. Our lists included ...

- Bathers / Bikini & towel

- Sun hat & Sun cream

- Sunglasses

- Flip flops

- A jumper

- A picnic

- Sand & pebbles & seashells

- Deckchairs & wind breaks

- Donkey rides (thankfully mostly a thing of the past)

- Chip shops

- Ice cream parlours

- Seagulls & crabs

Maybe list some other creatures you might find in the sea? There's a separate quiz about that here -


Next we completed the following idioms together ...

Between the devil and the DEEP BLUE SEA

Having a whale of a TIME

The coast is CLEAR

A drop in the OCEAN

Swim against the TIDE

Big fish in a small POND

Like a fish out of WATER

he world is your OYSTER

Keep something at BAY

Get your sea LEGS

An old sea DOG

Worse things happen at SEA


The tides have TURNED

Keep your head above WATER

A life on the ocean WAVE

Beach BUM


Like a beached WHALE

Swim against the TIDE

Bury your head in the SAND

Come out of your SHELL

Dip your toes in the WATER

Round 1. Sea Creatures

Name the sea creature?

Can you think of any others?

What were the other 'Beatles' sea based songs?

Round 2. Flags

What is the name of this flag, which you might see at the beach? What does it mean?

What do the initials 'R.N.L.I' stand for?

What does this flag mean (there are usually two of them flying)?

How about this flag (again, there are usually two of them)?

What ships would you see this flag flying on and what is it called?

Which environmental charity had a ship with this symbol on it? (It was sunk by French foreign intelligence on 10th July 1985.) What was the ship called?

How about this flag? What is it called? On which ships would you have found it?

What countries are represented on the 'Celtic Flag', which is often seen on yachts?

Factoid. This 'Walker's Crisps' bag was found on Treyarnon beach in Cornwall and is 50 years old! Hence the need to keep our beaches and oceans clean and massively reduce our consumption of plastics.

Which footballer advertises 'Walker's Crisps'?

Round 3. Sea food

Name this Cornish pie & which fish is it made from?

Name this lobster dish?

Name this deep fried dish?

Name this Spanish rice dish?

Name this French fish stew?

Name this savoury treat & how much is an ounce of it on Amazon?

Name as many shellfish as you can?

Name as many sea fish as you can?

Before playing the song, as what her name was and where she set up her fish stall?

Round 4. Movies

Name the 1956 movie / book? Name the author? Name the character & actor?

Name the 1963 movie? Name the god?

Name the 1978 movie? Name the actors?

Name the 1972 movie? Name the two actors in the centre?

Name the 1975 movie / book? Name the author? Name the character & actor?

Name the 1982 movie / book? Name the author? Name the character & actor?

Name the 1984 movie? Name the creature & the actor?

Name the 2000 movie? Name the actor & his 'friend'?

Name the 2003 movie? Who played the part of Dory?

Name the 2000 movie? Name the actor?

Name the 1971 movie?

Name the adult actors?

Round 5. Adverts

Play the adverts for reminiscence, after asking the questions ...

Name the advert? Name the character? Ad link -

Name the advert? What product is it advertising?

Name the advert? What piece of classical music was used? (Does anyone still use it?) Ad link -

Name the advert? What was the slogan? Ad link -

Name the advert? What was it used for? Ad link -

Name the advert? Where was it set? Ad link -

Name the advert? What is the filling made from?

Name the advert? Name the building?

Does anyone listen to the 'Shipping Forecast'?

Here is the relaxing classic 'Sailing By', which introduces it on BBC Radio 4.

Ask members to find their shipping area?

Comedy sketch - 'Swim The Channel' -

Before watching, name the comedian?

How many miles is the swim?

Round 6. TV

Name the TV series? Who wrote the book? Music link -

Name the TV series? What type of ship was it? Music link -

Name the TV series? Name the character? Song link -

Name the TV series? Name the sea creature?

Name the TV series? Name the submarine?

Name the TV series? Name the actor?

Name the TV series? Name the island? - Music link -

Name the TV series? What type of ship was it?

Name the TV series? Name the characters?

Name the TV series? What was the little man called?

Name the TV series? Who were the two lead actors?

Name the TV sitcom & the lead actor? Where was it set?

Name the TV presenters?


What was the name of his ship?

What type of holidays does she most enjoy?

Name his TV show?

Name the seaside town where he shot to fame?

Name the TV show where he first came to fame?

Name the TV chefs & their TV series?

Song break - 'Drunken Sailor'

What type of song is this?

For a singalong ...

Round 7. More Movies

Name the 1977 movie? Name the author? Name the actor? - Song link

Name the 1955 movie? Name the actor?

Name the 1962 movie? Name the actors?

Name the 1967 movie? Name the lead actor?

Name the 1§989 movie? Name the character?

Name the 1993 movie? Name the sea creature?

Name the 1954 movie? Name the character & actor?

Name the 1958 movie? What song are they singing? -

Name the 2003 movie? Name the character & actor?

Name the 1950 movie? Name the author? Name the character & actor?

Song break - 'My Heart Will Go On', Celine Dione -

Name the 1997 movie? Name the characters & actors?

Round 8. Songs

Guess the artist/s or group?

Guess the song?

(You could play the opening notes from these links.)

Practical Activity

Collect and paint some beach pebbles.

Make a collage with sand and shells.

Paint a seascape.


We enjoyed a takeaway together ...

Whale, Killer Whale (Orca), Turtle

Seal, Seahorse, Walrus

Octopus, Dolphin, Shark

Starfish, Coral, Crab

'I Am The Walrus' & 'Yellow Submarine'

'Blue Flag' - A European award for beaches, based on cleanliness and safety.

'Royal National Lifeboat Institution' (A volunteer based charity)

Lifeguard on duty - Swim between flags

Lifeguard on duty - Surf between flags

'White Ensign' - Royal Navy ships

'Greenpeace' - 'Rainbow Warrior'

'Jolly Roger' - Pirate Ship

Brittany, Scotland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Cornwall and Wales

Gary Lineker

Stargazey Pie - Pilchards

Lobster Thermidor - Cognac

Calamari - Squid

Paella - Spain

Bouillabaisse - France

£45 ('Beluga Caviar)

Jellied Eels - East End Of London

Clams, Prawns, Shrimp, Crab, Lobster, Whelks, Langoustine, Oysters, Scallop, Lavabread , Cockles, Mussels etc Bass, Cod, Dover Sole, Haddock, Hake, Mackerel, John Dory, Swordfish, Tuna, Whiting etc

'Moby Dick' - Herman Melville - Captain Ahab / Gregory Peck

'Jason And The Argonauts' - Neptune

'From Here To Eternity' - Burt Lancaster & Deborah Kerr

'The Poseidon Adventure' - Gene Hackman & Shelley Winters

'Death On The Nile' - Agatha Christie - Hercule Poirot / Peter Ustinov

'Jaws' - Peter Benchley - Mayor Brody / Roy Scheider

'Splash' - Daryl Hannah - Mermaid

'Castaway' - Tom Hanks - Wilson

'Finding Nemo' - Ellen DeGeneres

'The Beach' - Leonardo DeCaprio

'Bedknobs And Broomsticks' - Angela Lansbury & David Tomlinson

'Call The Coastguard' - Petunia

'Captain Birdseye' - Fishfingers

'Old Spice' - 'Carmina Burana' by Carl Orff

'Milk Tray' - "And all because the lady loves Milk Tray."

'Matey' - Bubblebath

'Cornetto' - Venice

'Bounty' - Coconut

'Sandtex' - Lighthouse

Victoria Wood - About 21 miles (It varies according to the tides)

'Robinson Crusoe' - Daniel Defoe

'The Onedin Line' - Schooner

'Stingray' - Aquamarina

'Flipper' - Bottlenose Dolphin

'Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea' - 'Seaview'

'Man From Atlantis' - Patrick Duffy

'Thunderbirds' - Tracy Island

'The Love Boat' - Cruise ship

'Poldark' - Ross & Demelza

'Fantasy Island' - Tattoo

'Doc Martin' - Martin Clunes - Port Wenn (Port Isaac)

Jacques Cousteau - 'The Undersea World Of ...'

Jane McDonald - 'Cruising With ...'

David Attenborough - 'Blue Planet'

Rick Stein - Padstow

Ben Fogle - 'Castaway' (Set on the island of Taransay)

Dick & James Strawbridge - 'The Hungry Sailors'

A sea shanty

'The Spy Who Loved Me' - Ian Fleming - Roger Moore

'Doctor At Sea' - Dirk Bogarde

'Carry On Cruising' - Kenneth Williams & Kenneth Connor

'Dr Doolittle' - Rex Harrison

'Little Mermaid' - Ariel

'Free Willy - Orca / Killer Whale

'2000 Leagues Under The Sea' - Captain Nemo / James Mason

'Pirates Of The Caribbean' - Jack Sparrow / Johnny Depp

'Treasure Island' - Robert Louis Stephenson - Long John Silver / Robert Newton

'Titanic' - Rose DeWitt Bukater / Kate Winslet & Jack Dawson / Leonardo De Caprio

'Yellow Submarine' - The Beatles

'Orinoco Flow' - Enya

'Sailing' - Rod Stewart

'Somewhere Beyond The Sea' - Bobby Darin

'Surfin' USA' - The Beach Boys

'Under The Boardwalk' - The Drifters

'The Dock Of The Bay' - Otis Reading

'Islands In The Stream' - Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers

'Bermuda Triangle' - Barry Manilow

'In The Navy' - The Village People


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