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'Yorkshire Day' 💮 1st August

Here is a new CST activities page to celebrate 'Yorkshire Day', which takes place on 1st August. At 2.9m acres, t is the biggest county in the UK.

Begin by asking who was born or brought up in Yorkshire?

Who has visited or holidayed there?

What do members like about Yorkshire - the people, the places, the food and drink, the weather?

Has anyone a story to tell about Yorkshire?


Here are some well known and often said Yorkshire phrases. Discuss their meaning ...

- By 'eck (expression of surprise)

- Shut year cake ole (be quiet)

- Fancy a brew? (would you like a cup of tea?)

- I’ll tell thee that f’ nowt (I'll tell you something for nothing)

- Flippin ‘eck, ow much? (that's expensive)

- Where there’s muck, there’s brass (work hard for your money)

- Na’ then (calm down)

- Tha’sen (yourself)

- Nesh (someone who gets cold easily)

- Bobby dazzler (excellent)

- Cadge (borrow)

- Daft as a brush (silly)

- Was tha born in a barn (shut the door)

- Ee by gum (goodness!)

- Ay up (hello)

- Ow do (how are you?)

- Nowt (nothing)

- Mardy cow (you're unhappy)

- Do it for thissen (do it for yourself!)

- Ya little tyke (cheeky)

- Sarnie (sandwich)

- Chip butty wi' scraps, cheers (chip sandwich)

- Scran (food)

- Ta luv! (thanks)

- Chuffed as bits (pleased)

- Chuffing 'eck (gosh)

- Addled (drunk)

- Duck (friend)

- Ta'ra (goodbye)

Yorkshire man's motto

"Ear all, see all, say nowt;

Eat all, sup all, pay nowt;

And if ivver tha does owt fer nowt –

Allus do it fer thissen."

Complete the rhyme ...

"Oh, the grand old Duke of **** He had ten thousand *** He marched them up to the top of the **** And he marched them down *****

And when they were up, they were ** And when they were down, they were **** And when they were only half-way ** They were neither up nor ****."

You might want to discuss Andrew & Sarah Ferguson and their children Beatrice and Eugenie at this point, or not?


Round 1. About Yorkshire

1. What is the name of this cathedral?

2. What are the streets close to the cathedral called?

Which wizarding shop was inspired by this place?

3. Name this bay, which is associated with a folklore character who "robbed from the rich and gave to the poor"?

Here is a link to the TV theme -

(Song is about half way through the video)

4. Name this wall, which is about an hours drive North?

How long do you think it is? (It connected east to west coasts)

5. Name this Yorkshire seaside town, beginning with 'W'?

6. Which fictional (hopefully!) horror character is associated with this place?

Who wrote the book?

7. Name the vintage railway line, which runs from Pickering to Whitby (18 miles)?

8. Which 1970 children's movie was set here?

9. What is the name of the highest pub in Great Britain (1,732 feet / 528m above sea level)?

10. Which 1981 horror movie was set partly in the Yorkshire Moors?

What was the name of the pub?

11. What does BAHT'AT mean?

Round 2. People

Name these famous Yorkshire born and bred (or associated with) people and discuss what they are or were famous for ...






17. Name the two comedians?






23. Before listening, which four herbs are sung in the first line?

Round 3. Art & Literature

24. Who starred in the 1943 movie 'Jane Eyre'?

25. Where did the Brontë sisters live?

26. Which book is the TV series 'All Creatures Great And Small' based on?

Name the dog?

27. Name the TV series?

Name the actors?

28. What is the name of the pub in the TV series?

29. Name the TV comedy series?

Name the characters?

30. Name the TV cop series?

Name the actor?

31. What was the name of the 1969 Ken movie about a young lad who adopts a fledgling bird and trains it and himself in the art of falconry?

Who directed it?

32. What was the name of the 1996 movie about a local band from a former mining town completing in a national competition?

Who is pictured on the left?

33. Name the 1997 movie where a group of unemployed steel workers took up strip dancing to make ends meet?

Here is THAT dance (language warning) -

By the way, who is singing THAT song?

34. What was the name of the 2003 movie about a group of ladies fundraising for cancer support by having semi nude photos taken? (This is a real image of them.)

Who, pictured below, starred in that movie?


- Kate was the first British female artist to have a self-written number one hit, with 'Withering Heights'

- Kate was the first British female artist to have an album enter the UK charts at number one, with 'Never For Ever'

- Kate invented the hands-free radio microphone headset for her 1979 'Tour Of Life'

- Kate is the oldest female in the world ever to have a number one, with 'Running Up That Hill' (which gained favour after it featured in the Netflix series 'Stranger Things')

Did you know there is also a worldwide 'Red Dress Day' on her birthday 30th July?

35. So anyway, the question is: True or False. Kate Bush shares her birthday with Emily Bronte?

Round 4. Bits & Bobs

36. Name the food item?

37. Name the food item?

38. What is a 'Pontefract Cake' made out of?

39. What flavour is 'Parkin Cake'?

40. Which actor advertises Yorkshire Tea?

41. What is the name of the chap who advertised 'Halifax Bank'?

42. Name the tart?

43. Name the characters?

What is their favourite cheese?

44. What do people from this neck of the woods call Mushy Peas?

'Four Yorkshiremen Sketch' -

45. Name the four comedians?

46. Who was the lead singer (band from Sheffield)?

47. Who was the lead singer (band from Leeds)?

For this song, everyone could stand up and make a 'Caravan Of Love' - dance in a line or hold hands ...

48. What was the band that followed called?

Refreshments suggestions

Or a shandy ...

But, sadly, they're not for girls!!!


1. York Minster

2. The Shambles

3. Robin Hood's Bay

4. Hadrian's Wall / 73 miles

5. Whitby

6. Dracula / Bram Stoker

7. North Yorkshire Moors Railway

8. 'The Railway Children'

9. Tan Hill Inn

10. 'An American Werewolf In London' / 'The Slaughtered Lamb'

11. Without A Hat On

12. Thora Hird

13. Judi Dench

14. Victoria Wood

15. Jeremy Clarkson

16. Alan Bennett

17. Hale & Pace

18. John Noakes & Shep

19. James Martin

20. Ed Sheeran

21. Jane McDonald

22. Jodie Whittaker

23. Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme

24. Joan Fontaine & Orson Welles

25. 'Howarth Parsonage'

26. 'It Shouldn't Happen To A Vet', written by James Herriot

27. 'Open All Hours' / David Jason & Ronnie Corbett

28. 'The Woolpack'

29. 'Last Of The Summer Wine' / Compo, Clegg, Nora Batty & Foggy

30. 'Heartbeat' / Nick Berry

31. 'Kes' / Ken Loach

32. 'Brassed Off' / Ewan McGregor

33. 'The Full Monty' / Tom Jones

34. 'The Calendar Girls' / Helen Mirren

35. True

36. Yorkshire Pudding

37 Eccles Cake


39. Ginger

40. Sean Bean

41. Howard

42. Bakewell tart

43. Wallace & Gromit / Wensleydale

44. 'Yorkshire Caviar'

45. Tim Brooke-Taylor, John Cleese, Graham Chapman & Marty Feldman

46. Phil Oakey

47. Mark Almond

48. 'The Beautiful South'


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