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'World Poetry Day', 21st March

It is 'World Poetry Day' on 21st March. This brief CST activity aims to celebrate some of the best poets and poems that have elevated our cultural lives in the same way as other creative art forms such as music, dance, theatre and art.

Many older people, including me, will have learned several of the most famous poems in school by rote and they may still be held in long-term memory. Others may enjoy listening to poems well read and be able to follow the printed text. For those with more language difficulties, some of the video links with visual depictions may be more enjoyable.

Please remember to first ask members if they have a favourite poem and include those.

Please do let me know if this activity succeeds in engaging your members.

PS. Choose carefully, some of these pack a punch.

Also, if you wish to suggest another poem, please use the comments box below.

'The Crown', by Carol Ann Duffy (I could not find a video version)


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