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'World Photography Day' 📸 19th August

This CST activities page celebrates the art form of photography and its place in the world and in our lives.

You could begin the session (asking members and care partners in advance to bring in favourite or most meaningful photos) by sharing

- most memorable or meaningful photo each members has

- the best (funniest or most spectacular) photo they ever took

- a lovely family or friends photo.

Perhaps if these are copies, then a collage could be made.

Louis Daguerre's 1838 photograph of the Boulevard du Temple, Paris, is the first ever taken of a human being.

Factoid. The word 'Photography' comes from two latin words 'Photos' & 'Graphics', which translate as 'Light Drawing'.

​Who invented the 'Box Brownie' camera in 1900?

​Why didn't people smile in photos?

​What colour is the orangey tint in early photos called?

​What type of light can be used when developing photos in a 'dark room'?

​What is the reverse image of a photograph called?

​What is missing from this photo of an 'Instamatic Camera' (it would click onto the top)?

​What was this called & who had one?

​What was different about the 'Polaroid Land Camera'?

​What was it like sending photos away to be developed?

​When was the first iPhone introduced & who by?

​What new genre of photograph did the smartphone introduce?

​What type of photo is this?

Are you allowed to smile?

Song break 'Flash, Bang, Whallop What A Picture', Tommy Steele -

What word should you say when having your photo taken?

What type of movies did Charlie Chaplin star in?

Which 1952 musical movie was about the introduction of 'talking movies'?

Which 1939 musical movie went from black and white into colour when a new world was entered?

Which 1954 Hitchcock thriller had James Stewart photographing a murder? Who was his co-star?

Which 2003 movie was about the 'Women's Institute' raising funds for leukaemia? Who is the actress in the front?

Which 2021 movie was also about the introduction of 'talking movies'?

​What were the two video formats available in the 1970s and 80s?

What was it like to record & rewind videos?

​What year was the last VCR manufactured in Japan?

​What year did 'Blockbuster' close?

Who used to rent videos from this store?

​What year did we start buying DVDs?

What were the advantages over video?

​Who has live TV streaming via broadband?

Name some of the available channels?

​How much is the BBC TV Licence these days?

Who thinks it should be done away with?

Who still takes the 'Radio Times' or another TV listings magazine?

How much does a copy cost these days?

​When is the last time you went to the cinema & what film did you see?

In the good old days, who used to show you to your seat?

​Leo the lion introduced movies from which film studio?

What do the initials stand for?

​Who remembers going to Saturday morning children's cinema in the 'ABC'?

What do these initials stand for?

Does anyone remember this song?

​Name some cinema foods & drinks?

Song break. 'Video Killed The Radio Star', The Buggles -

Movie Music

'Classic FM' are announcing their brand new Top 100 'Movie Music' choices on Monday 28 August 2023 from 9am to 7pm.

Meanwhile, you could play a 'Guess The Movie' game with members by playing clips of music from this '47 Greatest Movie Soundtracks' Spotify playlist -

Practical Activity

You could buy a disposable camera for your group and take some happy, smiley shots to get printed and put them on display.

Or you could take members to a local park, lake or animal visiting centre and have them take some close up photos to print off and display or even enter into a photography competition.

Or better still you could send them in to the 'Simon Dementia CST Activities Blog' for them to be displayed in the 'Creative Arts Gallery'

Eastmann Kodak invented the 'Box Brownie' in 1900

Exposure could take up to a minute, so subjects had to hold still and couldn't change their posture or facial appearance

Early photos are sepia coloured

Infrared light is okay to use in the dark room and will not affect the developing process

The reverse image of a photograph is a negative

The flash bulb is missing

It is a 'View Finder'

It developed the photograph almost instantly and you had the photo in your hand

It took a couple of days or a week for photos to be returned from the printer and you didn't know the quality of the images until you opened the pack

Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone in 2007

The new genre of photo introduced was the 'Selfie'

This is a 'Passport Photo'. You are not allowed to smile

Charlie Chapline starred in 'Silent Movies'

'Singing In The Rain' was about the introduction of the 'Talkie' movie

'The Wizard Of Oz' went from sepia to colour when Dorothy open the door to the land of Oz

Factoid. They filmed this scene in one take, so Dorothy and the room she was in were painted in sepia tones and filmed in colour.

'Rear Window'. His co-star was Grace Kelly

'Calendar Girls'. Helen Mirren is up front

'Downton Abbey A New Era' was very close to the 'Singing In The Rain' story

'Betamax' & 'VHS' were the two types of video player/recorder. Tapes would degrade and get tight and twisted over time with repeated use

The last VCR was made in Japan in July 2016

'Blockbuster' closed in December 2013

DVDs were available from 1997 in the UK

Some streaming services are 'YouTube', 'Netflix', 'Apple TV', 'Now TV', 'Amazon Prime' etc

The 'BBC TV Licence' costs £159 a year

A copy of the 'Radio Times' costs £3.80

An Usher would show you to your seat

MGM 'Metro Goldwyn Mayer' was promoted by Leo the lion

The initials stand for 'Children's Film Foundation'

Some food & drink - popcorn, hot dog, nachos, ice cream, coke, orangeade, pick and mix sweets


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