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Trophies & Medals 🥇🥈🥉

This is a CST activities page which aims to celebrate achievement, by focusing on awards and honours, or trophies and medals.

Begin the session by asking members what they excel or excelled at?

Ask them to bring a medal, trophy, certificate or any other signifier of achievement to the session. It could be swimming medals, gardening rosettes, signed memorabilia, their or their parents war medals or anything else. Another way of putting it is to bring something you are proud of having been given.

Take time to discuss the relevance and meaning of each object and encourage reminiscence and story telling.

Then have some fun completing this short picture quiz, which as usual is interspersed with some songs, this time to do with achievement.

Round 1. Sporting Medals & Trophies

​In cricket, what is 'The Ashes'?

​Which sporting trophy has a pineapple on top?

​Name this belt?

Which two teams compete for 'The Calcutta Cup'?

​With which sport is 'The Ryder Cup' associated?

​Name the games?

​With which sport is the 'Americas Cup' associated?

​In Rugby Union, what are 'The Six Nations'?

​With which Royal event is 'The Gold Cup' associated?

​Which trophy is this?

Video break -

Who is holding up the trophy?

Song break -

Which international song contest did ABBA win in 1974, and with which song?

Round 2. Arts

​Name the statue?

​Name the award, and the presenter?

​Name the award, and the recipient?

​Name the award, and the recipients?

​What does 'MBE' mean, and who is this holding one?

​What does 'OBE' mean, and who is this wearing one?

​What does 'CBE' mean, and who is this receiving one?

​What is happening in this photo, and who is kneeling before HM Queen Elizabeth 11?

​Who is this, and what Queen's honour is she holding?

​Who is this, receiving the 'Companion Of Honour', and who is presenting it to him?

Song break -

Which 1958 movie is this still taken from?

Round 3. TV

​Who has signed the cheque?

​What is this award called, and who awarded it?

​Who is this 'King Of The Jungle' winner, and for which show?

​Who is this winner, and for which show?

​For which TV quiz show is this the trophy?

​Name the quiz show, and name the presenter?

​Name the show, and the presenters?

​Who is this, and which award is he holding?

​Who is this, and which award is he holding?

​Who is this 'Glitter Ball' winner, and for which show?

Video break -

Song break -

Complete these top Queen hit song titles:

BOHEMIAN ********

UNDER ********

DON'T **** ** ***

CRAZY ****** ***** ****** ****

RADIO ** **

I WANT ** ***** ****

SOMEBODY ** ****

KILLER *****

A KIND ** *****

ANOTHER ONE ***** *** ****


Discuss with members what they are 'Simply The Best' at.

We all have unique skills and hidden talents. It might be having a nice singing voice, being a good Mum or Dad, having an arts or crafts background or telling a good story.

Even though we are all changing as we age, and some of us face more challenges than others, we need to keep reminding ourselves that we are the best and most authentic version of ourselves we can be at this time, and celebrate that.

So ... Have a go at helping members to make their Gold, Silver or Bronze medal for the thing that they are 'Simply The Best' at. It might just be "Being me!" and that is wonderful.

Here are a couple of medal templates to use for painting and drawing expressions of our best selves.

Or ... you could have a go at making 'real' medals out of salt dough and ribbon?

Final song -

Followed by a singalong (with lyrics)

'The Ashes' is a terracotta urn of the ashes of a burnt cricket bail. It is always played between England and Australia, usually every two years.

The 'Gentleman's Singles Trophy' at Wimbledon has a pineapple on top.

'The Lonsdale Belt' in Boxing.

'The Calcutta Cup' is played in Rugby Union between England and Scotland every year.

'The Ryder Cup' is associated with Golf.

'The Summer Olympic Games', which are held every four years.

'The Americas Cup' is associated with Sailing.

'The Six Nations' are Wales, Scotland, Ireland, England, France & Italy.

'The Gold Cup' is associated with 'Royal Ascot' (Horse Racing).

'The FIFA World Cup'

Bobby Moore

'The Eurovision Song Contest' / 'Waterloo'


'Brit Award' / Jack Whitehall

'Tony Award' / Angela Lansbury

'BAFTA Award' / Ant & Dec

'Member Of The British Empire' / Ed Sheeran

'Order Of The British Empire' / Eamonn Holmes

'Commander Of The British Empire' / Kate Bush

Bruce Forsyth is being Knighted

'Dame Of The British Empire' Mary Berry

David Attenborough / Prince Charles

'South Pacific'

Les Dawson

'Gotcha' / Noel Edmonds

Harry Redknapp / 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!'

Nadiya Hussein / 'Great British Bake Off'


'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?' / Chris Tarrant

'Masterchef' / John Torode & Greg Wallace

Michael Palin / 'National Television Award'

Mo Farah / 'Sports Personality Of The Year'

Rose Ayling-Ellis & Giovanni Pernice / 'Strictly Come Dancing'











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